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  1. Dan

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?
  2. Dan

    Why we have a 5 word per post minimum now in place

    I thought explaining why we have the system in place will help you guys get over it. It's to do with our search engine rankings, and how much traffic we get. So a thread could have a nice long first post, a customer asking about a bath or whatever. Then one person replies to it, a few...
  3. B

    Fixing hot/cold shower feed in place

    hello, I’m new here so apologies if this is a basic question. I’m redoing the shower and replacing the mixer in the process. Current (old) can be seen in picture. It attached with the help of those pipe brackets keeping pipes in place (the things that are set into that plywood) and then covered...
  4. Crooksy88

    The correct order in which to place seals?

    I have a shower tray waste I'm putting together. Unfortunately the waste came with no instructions as to which seal goes where and as my first attempt resulted in a leak I thought I would get some professional advice ;). A is the drain slot in the shower tray. B is a rubber seal with grooves C...
  5. N

    Conceala 2 in awkward place

    Hi All, I have a conceala 2 that is only accessible from the dual flush entry. I have a slow drip and so I've turned off the water to have a look. I have taken off the arm/cup and the seal on it is fine. The leak is actually coming from the main body of the conceala 2 so I am guessing the seal...
  6. M

    Wall Mounted Electric Fire Under Boiler

    Hi, I've converted half my out-house into a small office. It's getting rather cold in there now the temperature is starting to drop. I want to wall mount an electric fire but the only space available is underneath my boiler. I'm concerned this could be dangerous. Any advice is welcome...
  7. R

    Where to place a magentic cleaner on this set up?

    Hi all, I'm a newbie poster who has found the website very helpful for general advice and was hoping someone could offer some advice. I'd like to add a Magnaclean type filter to the current set up, I appreciate the best place to add these is on the return to the boiler, however, my pipework is...
  8. N

    Best place for end feed or capillary fittings

    I am looking for a good place to buy in bulk end feed and capillary fittings, I have looked at BES but don't think they are very cheap can anyone recommend anywhere please.
  9. cr0ft

    Thermal Balancing Valves - Where to Place Them?

    Hi all, Where should these be placed on a commercial hot water system? As close as possible to the end of the return leg closest to the outlet? Which is the correct way to do it on a commercial installation, option 1 or option 2 in the link? Please explain why so I can understand...
  10. T

    Best place for a plumbing course in north west?

    I'm 35 and have been a labourer on site for a few years and I was looking in to getting a trade, with plumbing one of the ones I was looking at. Where are the best places in the north west that offer courses? (Obviously not fast track).
  11. D

    Best place for bunded plastic tanks

    Hi What's the best place to buy bunded plastic tanks?? Cheers Dave
  12. R

    Plastic tee fittings near boiler

    Hi, i'm installing a bathroom and need to install tee fittings into existing hot/colds. The best place to do this is near the boiler, however someone told me you cant use plastic pipe/fittings within a certain distance of the boiler. The best place for the tee would be about 2 feet away from the...
  13. Dom Perkins

    Alpha InTec C Gas valve / controls Q

    Good Evening, Where could I ask some questions or 'who' could I ask some questions about controls with boilers?
  14. W

    Gas books

    I am going to do my gas course after Christmas but was just wondering what books are good to start learning. As I want to start reading up now to give it time to sink on. Where is a good place to book your gas course in south wales?
  15. S

    Central heating pipes in attic - Advice

    Hi, I am in the process of putting in central heating into a 70s bungalow and I am going to do some of the work myself as my mate who's a plumber is finding hard to start on the job due to personal problems. Anyway, I was just wandering if the feed and return pipes that will run in the attic...
  16. T

    Thermostat replacement

    Hi guys, Looking at replacing a standard honeywell thermostat, can anyone recommend a programmable thermostat to take it's place and use the existing wiring, the boiler has a timer on but would prefer to have it all in one place. Much love
  17. F

    Plumber wants to do shower Pipework after tiling done ?? Eh

    Getting bathroom suite done and used the heating guy that installed full central heating systems. Does bathroom suites also fitting a thermostatic exposed shower and the water pipes will come thru from the cupboard wall rear of shower ( brick wall) he he says better to tile first and he will...
  18. T

    Bodge-it & Scarper, are still going strong, I see.

    Went to a friends flat, the other week. Nearly had a dicky fit! Private Landlord,(I'm not allowed to touch anything). Could you guys have a look at the pics and tell me if there are ANY rules that haven't been broken? You might need to download the pics, rotate right and zoom in.You will need a...
  19. M

    Boiler controls ??

    Hi all. Do any of you guys fit boilers without a temp stat in place? 3 people I know have had fairly new boilers without any temp controls fitted just mechanical clocks.
  20. W

    Clifton tiles and bathrooms

    Hi chaps new place opened up by us there is eight stores in total over the North west. has anybody used them or had any dealings with them the price of there pottery is good been to meet them today and they have a good selection in showroom. They have Laufen and vitre at good prices. I'm just...
  21. S

    Replacement Combi hot water cylinder

    Evening guys, Need to replace a 1200x450 combi hot water tank which has had its day. Any idea the best place on getting one? Standard tank with two elements. thanks guys
  22. Robert Tyrrell

    E r g

    ERG Has anyone done any work for this company? I have attended 3 different jobs for them and although I was eventually paid for the first one (around two months after doing the work) I have still not been paid for the other two jobs despite several reminders being sent. I just get emails...
  23. B

    a good reason why you should get your gas appliances serviced

    and only use competent gas engineers ,flue liners also perforated water coming in
  24. M

    Check valve on cold to in body mixer tap

    Hi, does any one fit a check valve on the cold feed to an in-body mixer tap? Heard water regs states you should?
  25. C

    best place to ask? parents need a new "reliable" combi boiler. best choice?

    I was leaning towards an intergas combi. my parents are getting on now and my mum isn't well, she cant have loads of stress/people traipsing through the house. one thing that's putting my dad off replacing the boiler is if a plumber when he fits it needs to go in every room power flushing the...
  26. M

    Fitting basin and ped advice?

    Hi all. I'm fitting a basin and ped and I'm having a bit of bother. It's a roca basin with a high lip at the back that swoops down the sides. Thera no ridge on the base of the basin for it to sit on the ped but when I put it on flush the whole basin is out of level. If I put the back of the...
  27. J

    Wireless Digital Themostat and where best to place

    Boiler is an Vailant 837 Ecotec Gas Combi etc. Never quite worked out where best to place the wireless digital thermostat, had conflicting comments over the years so thought i may as well ask here and see what others say. 14 Rads in the house, boiler is in a utility room, no rad in there...
  28. B

    Changing a 5ft direct cylinder for a smaller one

    basically what I want to know is do I need to raise it up>? Currently the one in place is 5ft high by 500 mm wide with 2 immersion heaters but is only feeding the sink and whb so not suitable If I put a new smaller one in place will it still work if I sit it on the ground off some 3 x 2? Or...
  29. B

    Tape measure needed!

    Alright guys, still a few more posts (I don't wanna post willie- nilly) until croppie let's me talk dirty;-) but look at this! I'm not sure who is worse.... The bloke who fitted the new boiler downstairs and can't read a tape measure or the 3 blokes who quoted to replace the old boiler, in the...
  30. P

    Awkward Tap Washer Relacement

    Hello, can anybody advise how I can get to the tap washer on the attached tap? See picture. Thanks, Paul
  31. M

    Toilet parts/workings help

    I changed the syphon on my toilet a while ago when the diaphragm split. The syphon I got is a 2 part one that allows access to the diaphragm without removing the cistern. The toilet has a side paddle type handle that only has one hole to link to the flush mechanism. Because of this it seemed to...
  32. A

    Cast Iron Soil Stack - Toilet Move!

    Hello All, I am about to start installing a bathroom. Only sensible place to put the toilet is in the worst place for joining to the soil stack. Easiest way to see this is with a photo. Red circle shows where the new soil pipe would ideally come out of the wall. Would be good to have people's...
  33. B

    prices for fitting

    I know we all watch how much others charge even if it doesn't influence us I saw this on fleabay boiler fitted from £650 inc the boiler I know it says from but they also fit supplied boilers for £200 I think I will put my normal prices in and get him to fit it
  34. P

    starting off trading

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to start doing plumbing and heating work and wanted to set up properly. What things do i need to have in place before i can start trading as self employed plumber? - Public Liability Insurance or trade insurance? - Business name? - Contract in place before starting...
  35. A

    Potterton Performa 24i HE Secondary Heat exchanger

    Hi guys. Changed a secondary heat exchanger in the above mentioned boiler today. Got it all put back together then when I filled up again water was leaking from one of the points where the pipes enter it. I have pushed them in as far as they go and clipped them but still no luck. There is O...
  36. M

    Gsr in or near Thatcham, nr Newbury Berks?

    My niece is moving to the area, buying a little place, will have a lodger so needs a Landlord Inspection report and what ever other plumbing problems the place throws at her. Be good if i could recommend someone in that area to her? She is a young newly qualified teacher, so don't get excited...
  37. M

    Short deep baths

    Does anyone know a supplier of short deep baths? I can only fit a 1200 long bath in the space, so ideally my customer would like it to be a fair bit deeper than standard.
  38. G

    Forum name change

    Showers and Wetrooms has been changed to Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms so that we can include all these related subjects in the one place. This will make it less confusing for posters and will make this part of the forum a very popular place to post, ask questions and get help about anything...
  39. B

    bloody apprentice

    BBC News - Drills break through into busy London rail tunnel
  40. M

    valor seattle

    I fitted this fire a month back now, the tenant has the fire on constantly, its probably on more than 8 hours a day, the coals are in the right place and you cant alter the aeration setting. I'm going to go back and check pressures and gas rate it but if they check out OK, I guess I'll ring...
  41. O

    Solar certification??

    Hi Everyone I'm working on a big job and we've got a solar system built into the hot water supply. We've had an outrageous quote and they've said they only connect the last meter of pipe work and we must do everything else. I'm wondering why we can't do it all ourselves and if it needs...
  42. 8

    Any Gas safe engineers in the Manchester area?

    Ive got an electric oven and Gas hob and i need the Gas distribution pipe conecting im not Gas safe.The pipe i have is to big on the end connection i think i need 3/8.If anyone can help me let me no with a price.Im gonna ask around the college as well to see if anyone can help
  43. R

    Slip Coupling

    Hi I need to solder on a copper slip couple on a rigid vertical pipe. Are there any tips for holding it in place whilst I solder it. The problem is, without a method/trick to hold it, the bloody thing slips down when I heat it up. Any help/tips mega - gratefully received!:crazy:
  44. D

    Solid fuel back boilers

    I have an elderly female customer who is in the middle of a house restoration. She is intending to have an old fire place removed and a period style one installed, and wishes to retain the existing (50 year old) back boiler is possible. She is panicking because she's been told by her builder...
  45. M

    NO Gas No oil small house everything electric Need advise

    Good day I have just joined this forum. I have a small cottage in Wales. There is no gas supply. I do not have much space to install an outside oil or gas tank and do not want the expense. The property is well insulated. I intend to run everything electric. Heating: My desire is to have...
  46. G

    Kane 455

    Does anyone use one of these I used to use the Anton spint but now have the Kane 455. Had to use it for a tightness test as needed to leave proof of a passed test but when I did it the gauge was all over the place then once i finally got the gauge set and started the test it went ballistic! I...
  47. J

    heating a home

    I am looking for wacky ways to heat a room without too much expense (this is in my own home so no issues with customer agreeing i.e.) I have looked at 1. enlarging radiators (boring and probably the thing I will do but want to see all options) 2. Taking skirting off and placing pipes behind...
  48. M

    viessman pump

    Hi my veissman 100 pump is leaking from the bottom slot so bearing going. Its a willo, has anyone used an off the shelf wilo head as a replacement, or is it a special made for veissman. Advice welcome, thanks in advice Ian.
  49. G

    The reason I don't use flexis...

    .....I've seen too many of them burst especially the cheap imported ones to place any confidence in them at all. One was on the counter in PTS today being returned as it had burst and had a quarter inch gash down the middle of it. I've seen perfectly installed ones with no kinks, twists or...
  50. A

    Get Rateed!!!

    Have any of you guys out there looked at any of these rate sites?? do you put down a advertising? I don't like the idea of paying£--- per year for a subscribtion, (don't really like pay to join the GSR club but thats another story!!) then every time you want to look at a job you can buy it...