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  1. W

    squealing noise in bathroom mix tap and how to open up the tap

    The bathroom mix tap has developed a loud squealing noise. We suspect it's the problem with the washer by checking the related threads in this forum. But we need to open up the tap. Anyone knows how to open up the tap (the image attached), for which we don't have a clue yet. Many thanks.
  2. D

    Potterton promax he loud noise

    Help my boiler is like a broken washing machine spinning at night. Have emptied condensate pipe under boiler nothing seems to work loud banging had to turn off at mains.
  3. M

    Weird noise coming from wall

    Have had this vibrating noise coming from the wall, it’s not electric related can anyone help?
  4. J

    Worcester 30cdi loud rumble after hot tap turned off

    Hi. Our Worcester 30cdi makes a very loud rumbling noise after the hot tap is turned off. It seems to be worse if the hot tap is only run for a short time. The noise is getting worse since this video was done. Any advice gratefully received.
  5. J

    Tapping noise under bath - a leak???

    Not a bath fitted by myself (I'd never tile it in for a start)... Customer: "We think we may have a leak under the bath. When the bath is emptying from full to half full we can hear a tapping sound- but that’s the only time. If the bath is only full to a shallow amount, or using the shower...
  6. A

    Combi boiler making a whooshing noise

    Hello, Today a technician came round to check a radiator that wasn't working and turned off all the radiators which fixed the issue. Now the combi boiler is making a continuous noise that seems to be coming from the pipes underneath it. I've turned the boiler off and it's still making the...
  7. A

    Boiler Pressure and Cylinder Noise Issue

    Hi all, Any help with this one would be much appreciated as I have no knowledge of plumbing. I have a Potterton boiler and a Megaflo cylinder system. I have noticed that when the boiler fires up to heat the water that sometimes at the end of the cycle the boiler pressure drops on the gauge and...
  8. K

    Vaillant ecotec 937 noise

    Hello all, My 1st post, here goes My boiler has developed a funny noise that can only be described as like when you finish a drink through a straw and suck up the last bit from the bottom.. that noise? The noise is coming from underneath the boiler and only does this when the hot water tap is...
  9. Y

    Ideal Isar HE35 Making Clicking and Clunking noise on Startup

    Hi, I have kept this piece of rubbish going for quite a long time and I don't like the idea of getting defeated by it! Every year there is something new to tackle and replace. I will eventually replace it for a real one! I have now got a problem that I can't work out and was wondering if some...
  10. R

    Banging noise from megaflow system

    Hi First time post, looking for some advice please. My hot water system has started making a clunk clunk noise it's quite frequent and "clunk's twice ". It seems to be coming from where the red valve ( in pic ) . I think it's a release valve ( not sure) . Also the guage seems quite high not...
  11. P

    Hissing noise from pipes, how to minimize/stop?

    Hello everyone. I live on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Whenever the neighbours on the other side of the wall wash their dishes/open their faucet I heard this loud, annoying, hissing water noise. Any idea what's causing it to be so loud? Anything that can be done to fix it or, at...
  12. R

    Boiler mate tank grinding noise

    Hi everyone Had a new boiler fitted a few years ago all fine. we have a boiler mate big tank however in the airing cupboard and also a tank on the third upper floor / loft. the boiler mate however is in the en-suite and is now very frequently making a grinding noise for a few seconds but...
  13. Ryooo

    Boiler Vibrating Noise

    Hi troops, just had the 2nd call of the weekend with vibration noise when the boiler lights. One customer described it as engine trying to start. Once it starts/light no vibration noise. Has anyone else had this? Just wondering if it a considence.
  14. T

    Heating System Noise

    I have a standard open vented system. I recently replaced a radiator and took the opportunity to drain the system and refill with fresh Fernox (something I have done before). The water was pretty clear and there was no indication of any problems when I drained the system. I had a few problems...
  15. H

    Noise in Radiators & wall where pipes come in

    Rushing water noise between hall & bathroom rads When hot water tap is turned on it stops for 3-4 mins. Doing my head in!! Recently had a new boiler
  16. S

    Dripping noise after running bath or sink taps

    Hi I live on the ground floor of a small block of flats that has a soil pipe running within the walls. This is boxed in with plywood & plasterboard which is then tiled. So not the best soundproofing (my bedroom is also on the other side of the bathroom wall) so I can hear when the flat above...
  17. T

    Dripping noise after flushing toilet

    Hi All I am new to the forum and plumbing issue as we have just moved in to a house. Details of the house and problem We have a 2 story house with the on suite upstairs with toilet. When I flush the toilet and after the water has finished filling up I can hear a drip sound up to about 30sec...
  18. N

    Quiet electric shower recommendations

    Hi All, I'm looking for a recommendation for an electric shower. Having installed a gravity fed Mira Elite ST I want to change to a mains fed (very easy as I can go off feed to tank) electric shower as the Mira Elite sounds like a plane taking off. With the bathroom next to one of the kids...
  19. D

    Why is my shower making this weird noise?

    Watch this first: View: https://youtu.be/cEcJ1zlc88M This has been happening since I moved into my house around a year ago and it’s only keep getting worse. All day and night it does this, and sometimes the noise is so loud it wakes me up. I started to get a leak from our kitchen ceiling...
  20. K

    Another mysterious plumbing noise question

    Recently, my ground floor toilet has been making a periodic noise that sounds a lot like a pump is rapidly pumping water into the tank in little squirts. It is always the same length of time, about 15 seconds. The toilet is on the ground floor near the line in pipes and I can hear the noise...
  21. D

    Why is my Vitocell 200 boiler and Joules cyclone cylinder making whining noise?

    I’ve had a Viessmann ASHP fitted. Fan noise outside is v low- we do not notice it. Inside though, the joules cyclone unvented cylinder seems to be making a constant whine. At first I thought it was the Vitocal 200 boiler beside it but I am pretty sure it is the tank? It is all new ( April) and...
  22. K

    Vaillant ecotect pro 28 boiler droning noise - video

    recently the boiler has started the noise as in the videos. No idea where to start from. The boiler is used rarely, but for a while the top up valves where open which meant the pressure was always high when the boiler was on, this was fixed but the has started a while after the valve was turned...
  23. swebb99uk

    Opening upstairs rad reduces noise in downstairs rads !

    Hi, a bit of advice required. I've been getting a lot of fast water flowing sounds from three radiators downstairs but not all and upstairs they are quiet, well most of the time. I've bled the system 3 times and also played around with the locks and balancing the system. I can make small...
  24. milleniumaire

    Loud, scary boiler noise!

    Having unblocked the central heating pipes and radiators and got them working again, today I started the process of giving my CH a good clean. It is a sealed system and I emptied the water, cleaned out the magnaclean, added a couple of bottles of Fernox F5 cleaner via the magnaclean and a towel...
  25. M

    Radiator water flow noise - Can anyone help, please?!

    Hi, Since having some house renovations 2 years ago, which included adding two extra rads, replacing others and re-plumbing the boiler , I have suffered from quite loud, (but variable) 'water flowing' hissing noise, which is especially noticable from the first two rads on the system (which...
  26. P

    Vaillant boiler noise

    Got a vaillant ecotec boiler and it makes an awful noise sometimes which stops when the hot water tap is turned on, boiler is fully serviced and clean, couldn’t get it to replicate for the last service so the engineer couldn’t find anything wrong!
  27. B

    Secondary Return Pump Noise / Air ?

    Hi, Recently I noticed that we were running out of HW more than expected, perhaps it’s people are taking more baths but I wanted to check out if the pair of Vaillant uniSTOR’s were both heating, thinking that maybe I had a problem with one of the Zone Valves were not heating one of the tanks...
  28. C

    New Worcester green Star 24ri noise

    Hi all just joined ? Last month I had a Worcester Bosch 24ri fitted on my own place it's all registered now and commissioned by a friend of mine (gas Safe) Was all ok until I removed the towel rail in upstairs bathroom which is on the flow and return. This was off for a few weeks while fitting...
  29. H

    Help please - LOUD thumping/banging noise coming from boiler pipes

    Hi Guys For quite some time I have noticed loud thumping and banging noises coming from the boiler. Before I have a professional to come and have a look at it. I was wondering if you guys could tell me the cause of the noise as shown in the video by following the link below. View...
  30. D

    Vibrating Noise from pipes

    My cold water pipe that sits next to my emersion heater upstairs in the cupboard, makes a very loud vibrating noise, is this because of low or high pressure and is there an easy way to fix it? I have a gravity feed system, the noise happens when we run the taps in bathroom, downstairs tap and...
  31. L

    Strange noise coming from lever tap

    Downstairs wc wash hand basin has started making a high pitched whining noise. Also water running through when it is closed. Noise doesn’t go off when tap opened on either hot or cold. Have turned off the water just now, which has stopped the noise, but obviously now no water Do I need a new tap?
  32. H

    How much will it cost to stop the noise?

    Hi, When all my appliances and taps are turned off, my pipes seem to be making random "hammer" or sudden "stop" noises every now and then. After a bit they do stop. They don't make any noise when taps are turned on and running though. They only start to make frequent noises after the taps are...
  33. W

    Strange noise coming from lpg tank

    We recently had our LPG gas regulator replaced in our home as the old one was faulty and today i have noticed since its been replaced and the heating has been turned on this morning i am getting a strange whining noise coming from the gas tanks. Can anyone please advise what this noise is please
  34. P

    Hot water cylinder making squeaking and running water noise.

    Hello, I am in South Devon and have a Daikin monobloc air source heat pump with HW cylinder which provides CH & HW. Currently CH off and just supplying HW. Once a week (SAT) the system heats up to 70c for sterlistion etc. It has been doing this in almost silence for 3 1/2 years until today...
  35. R

    PRV whining noise

    I know that there are some posts already on this subject but our situation is slightly different. Most other posts indicate that the whine occurs when a tap is turned on but our noise is present at all times even when there is no flow of water through any taps etc. We have two PRVs fitted one...
  36. E

    fog horn noise from cold water pipes into toilet after flushing

    Hi When I flush my toilet the cold water pipe feeding into the toilet has a very loud noise sounding like a fog horn which you can hear in other rooms an I can feel the pipe vibrating. It I push on the pipe slightly it stops but as soon as I let go it starts again. Anyone know what this might...
  37. A

    Bathroom Mixer Tap - Tapping Noise

    I have a Roca bathroom mixer tap, when hot water drains through the trap there is a high pitch tapping noise which sounds like it’s coming from within the mixer or trap itself. It’s not a knocking noise like the pipe rubbing on stud wall as it’s very a high pitch noise. Sometimes it can be...
  38. N

    My shower is making noise

    Hello everyone, Over the last couple of days, my shower of only 3 years has been making a loud noise in the morning. It will happen before and during the shower. What can it be and can I fix it myself? I have tried turning off the water to the house, but the sound continues. I am not a...
  39. M

    worcester 42cdi erp continuous humming noise

    I have a 2 year old 42cdi located in my garage which has been fine up to now. my wife pointed out recently that there is a continuous humming noise coming from it even when not heating. I tried switching eco off and on but no change when I switched it on to summer mode recently it goes away i...
  40. M

    Vaillant EcoTec Plus boiler whines until hot water is turned on and then stops

    So for a while, our boiler a Vaillant EcoTec Plus has made a whining noise, usually in the morning when it first comes on but can happen any time of the day (when on). The first time it happened I turned on a hot tap and it stopped. I have been doing this ever since, but actually, it is annoying...
  41. S

    Boiler making noise and not staying on

    Hi. I have an Ideal ICOS boiler in my house for HW and CH. It has been working fine but I have noticed that upstarts in my immersion heater cupboard that it has been a little noisy and hear water running, haven't really noticed it before. Anyway, last few days I have noticed some bangs coming...
  42. A

    Caleffi Pressure reduction valve causing noise

    OK I have recently installed a Caleffi PRV to a 28mm pipe. Incoming pressure I am informed by local plumber is 7 bar and I have reduced this to 3 bar. The trouble is that the prv is causing a nasty vibration/humming noise when using any of the taps or shower down stream of the unit. Any ideas
  43. Abby King

    I can hear water in my pipes

    Hi I wonder if anyone can give some some advice. Moved into my house 3 weeks ago and over the last week I have noticed I can hear water running in the cold water pipes in the bathroom, airing cupboard and down by the stopcock in the kitchen. We have changed the float in the tank in the loft...
  44. A

    Combi boiler firing noise

    My combi makes a noise when firing up, rather like a "whoof"sound, and a but louder than it used to. Can anyone other any advice as to what the problem is of if there is one? Thanks in advance
  45. J

    Shower making loud banging noise

    I am going to a job tommorow and the customer says there is a loud noise coming when using shower in morning and seems to change when opening a tap and stops after a few minutes. The 2 showers are on a pump that are no way connected to taps, although both are teed into hot and cold rather then...
  46. J

    new house boiler noise

    Recently moved house and I have a ideal logic 24 combi boiler, it fires up perfectly fine, but when the central heating gets up to temperature it makes a whining noise which can be heard inside but is very loud from the flue terminal. It only lasts maybe 20 seconds or so and comes and goes...
  47. P

    Water hammer noise from various appliances/taps around the house.

    A bit of background...house was built in 2000. Fitted with screw turn style taps, and washing appliances as new. During our time here, improvements have been made to the house, but these improvements have caused banging issues. The first was the washing machine when stopping water flowing in...
  48. C

    Noise in radiators (closed system) when hot water run

    Worcester Bosch 37 combi boiler on a closed, two zone heating system which in itself works fine - all radiators hot, quiet etc. However, whenever there is a hot tap or shower run there is a small "gurgle" from one radiator when the tap is turned on, and another much louder "gurgle" around a...
  49. R

    Boiler Grinding noise on start-up from cold.

    I have a BaxiFS601 that has been running fine for many years, recently began to make grinding/whiring noise at start-up in the morning lasting for around 15mins until it gets hot. I think it may be air in the boiler but all rads are hot and no air in them.
  50. M

    Worcester boiler droning/rumbling noise

    We've been pleased with our Worcester 36cdi installed in 2013. Over the past few years we noticed a low droning or rumbling noise which gradually increased to the extent that it woke us up in the mornings and pervaded the house whenever the heating was on. Worcester were very helpful and sent...