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new boiler

  1. J

    New boiler installation

    New boiler installation costs may be difficult to calculate as there are several specific considerations involved with the procurement and implementation of a gas boiler Installation and repair is carried out by some plumbing firms and other HVAC firms-you may need to look for recommendations...
  2. J

    New boiler setup - hot and cold water cycles repeatedly

    Hello - I recently got a new Worcester Greenstar 30i 30kW Combi Boiler 7733600005 installed in my property. Previously I had a 37KW combi boiler but that was 10 years old. But my plumber said that 30KW combi boiler should be more than enoguh. The day this was installed, I also had my water...
  3. Richard Logan

    Could you take a look at pics and advice

    Ime getting a new boiler fitted Worcester bosh, by EON Contractor treason for new boiler its 12 yes old and knackered, as I get DLA and pension credit guaranteed, but my main concern is the state of existing pipework, please have a look @ pics and your advise please Richard
  4. A

    Liverpool New boiler and pressurised cylinder replace exist boiler in new location.

    I need a G3 qualified Heating Engineer to supply and install a new Vaillant 32kw ecotec central heating boiler with Green iQ system Vaillant smart heating control. Building has two bathrooms and one shower room and I want to increase ensuite facilities to four other rooms at a later date...
  5. E

    Fitting new boiler to old Elson tank

    Can anyone tell me if its OK to connect a new heat only Vaillant to an old Elson tank. Not seen the job so not sure where the feed goes into the system. They currently have an old Apollo boiler working with it
  6. R

    What to do about new boiler?

    I installed my central heating 40 years ago as a DIY project and it has worked well. I have a Potterton NeataHeat 16/22 with a Y plan control. A week ago I had a leak onto my kitchen ceiling (new ceiling a year ago) which needed me to cut a 6 foot long slot in it to replace a length of copper...
  7. O

    Heat Exchanger for new Boiler

    Hi all, 25 year old boiler need replacing. Existing boiler, 220 kW doing Aged Care Facility. I want to install a condensing boiler, but are worried about not being able to clean the system efficiently to not cause damage to the new boiler and void warranty. The best option I can see is to have...
  8. F

    Recomendation for new boiler

    Which regular gas boiler to replace the existing Potterton Suprima 60L ? We live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 13 radiator detached house with a Accolade plus (SP) unvented mains pressure cylinder upstairs. We would like to replace our existing Potterton 60L (19 years old). Which is the best in...
  9. R

    New boiler required advice please

    I have an Ecotec 615 system boiler fitted in 2007. Recently fault code 75 has appeared and the boiler won't ignite. It goes through 5 cycles trying to turn on before the fault code appears. An engineer has been out three times and has tried fitting a new pressure sensor switch, a new pump and...
  10. C

    Help new boiler installation not registered at gas safe

    Hi all My boiler installation was done by a gas safe registered installer but he didn’t register it (May 18). What should I do? I can’t get him to respond to me at the moment. I need a gas safe certificate and can’t get it if it’s not registered is that right? Thanks
  11. M

    New boiler location - shared drive

    Hi, I am changing my kitchen and thinking of moving the boiler to the garage on a side wall, the flue would vent out to a shared driveway with 4 other houses, the closest house is a few meters away. The side wall of the garage ends straight onto the shared drive, there is no grass or border or...
  12. T

    Thermostatic mixer failure and leak following new boiler installation

    Hi, We had a new combi boiler fitted this week, changing from a system boiler and water tank. The work did not touch the bathroom area. The first shower with the new boiler the concealed mixer failed and caused water to flow through the ceiling below. The mixer failed when I activated the stop...
  13. N

    New boiler; heating working but hot water in shower going off in 10 mins

    Hi, Just replaced my 20 years old Vaillant boiler with a Alpha E-tec 20S; all went smooth with chemical flush etc on the day. Didn't have any issues with heating but when taking shower first time water started to get luckwarm and cold at the end of 20 mins or so. Also another issue I have...
  14. N

    New boiler Installer/ finance company partnership

    Does anybody work with a company offering finance for the customer with regard to new boiler / central heating installation ?
  15. A

    Is my gas engineer a quack? Should I trust the new boiler installation?

    Hi all, I am in the process of refurbishing a storey semi-detached house in London, UK. This is a complete refurb, including new pipes chased into walls, under the floors, installing a new boiler and new unvented cylinder. When I started the work, my builder assured me that he has a gas...
  16. Pizzaboy

    New boiler location and ultimate setup recommendation please

    Thanks anyone for reading Looking for peoples views of best setup, location and any points to consider that I don’t mention please 2000 built home, 4 bed, family bathroom, en-suite, downstairs toilet, radiators Currently set up with gravity fed system. Showers are a terrible. Want to rip out...
  17. gingalig

    Vokera lpg, new boiler no benchmark

    I'm looking for clarification if possible. I was asked to service a vokera combi, turned up and clocked that it seemed brand new, socket was actually covered by the casing, 3md drop in 2 mins , flue to close to plastic soffits, 15mm gas supply pipework, no chain on cylinders, no secure base for...
  18. R


    I have a new boiler that is set at 75C. I am able to heat sufficient hot water for a day if I set the controls for hot water only for half an hour. If I set my controls for the heating alone to come on immediately after the water for a further half hour, I find that all the radiators in the...
  19. C

    New Boiler Heat only

    Good afternoon, After a bit of advice, I am looking at replacing my boiler which is an ideal mexico super 3 floor standing which is 33kw. I want to look for rough costs online before calling someone out and wasting there time if I can't afford it 1) would the kw be the same? 2) do any other...
  20. C

    New Boiler - Pressurised System or Combi Boiler?

    Good evening, We are having issues with our current system, mainly around the water pressure being low and having to rely on shower pumps to get enough pressure for our showers - our second pump in so many months has just died so I'm sick of it and figured It's probably worth it in the long...
  21. S

    New boiler fitted - Bath taps now not working

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have joined as I've recently experienced an issue. In short, our traditional boiler packed up, so we decided to replace this with a combi boiler. A company came in looked at our system and gave us a quote, which we went with. The work took a couple of days...
  22. A

    Advice on flow to radiators after new boiler

    Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am not a plumber, just a DIYer who has been doing his own plumbing for more than 40 years. I understand how central heating works with flow and return but have a bit of a potential issue which I want to discuss. Bit of background first. I had a...
  23. M

    Boiler service, quote for new and gas cooker fitting

    Hi, we have just moved in to a new house and the boiler seems questionable so we would like it servicing and a quote for a replacement. I have also bought a second hand (12 month old) gas cooker to see us through until we get the kitchen done so we need this fitting and checking over as well...
  24. B

    Powerflush Required following new Boiler Install and Chemical Flush

    Good evening, Please can I ask for some brief advice. Last month I had installed a new boiler (Ideal 18kw) by a national firm. It's a townhouse with 4 floors, 10 heaters, a hot water cylinder and also a tank in the attic. The heaters look in good condition and have been retained from the...
  25. M

    Issues on New Boiler Install

    I'm hoping for a bit of advice. We are in the process of renovating an old house and as part of that work we are upgrading the old 1980s boiler and gravity fed system with a new boiler and unvented cylinder. I got a load of quotes, went for a guy we thought seemed ok and checked that he was...
  26. P

    New boiler installation position

    Just starting the refurb and extension and plan to put a new boiler under the stairs with a vented door directly to the outside. Thinking of putting a large hot water tank upstairs. Wanted to keep the boiler away from bedrooms if possible. What regs are there regards position?
  27. S

    New boiler with option of ASHP later?

    Hello Hoping for a bit of advice on how to upgrade my central heating. I've currently got a conventional LPG boiler which I think must be about 20 years old (aprox age of house) which I'm planning on upgrading when our kitchen is done. Where I get confused is what to replace it with. I would...
  28. Inverness

    Replacing a new boiler but using the same flue hole..

    hi guys, I'll be doing a boiler replacement with a glow worm betcom4 but customer insists I use the same hole.. I've looked at the manual for the terminal positioning and the only way round would be having the terminal extending passed the soffit and guttering with a flue clip. Opposite ge...
  29. L

    New boiler documentation

    I'm back again after what is turning out to be abit of a headache, i had a boiler fitted recently and I was assured any necessary documentation would be provided, I was under the impression I would receive a gas safety cert along with a building compliance cert, What I have been sent is a...
  30. J

    New boiler central heating system

    I'm curently speaking with a plumber regarding installing a new boiler and central heating system in my house. The person I'm speaking with has said the certification forms part of EPC. I wanted to double check what qualifications and certification is needed to install a gas boiler. Any advice...
  31. T

    Flue placement on new boiler installation

    I've just had a new Vaillant boiler installed yesterday to replace a 30+ year old Glow Worm boiler and I'm wondering if anyone could comment on the placement of the flue.
  32. Richard Lindsay

    New boiler flow rate not improved

    Just had a new 35kw boiler installed. Everything working well except that I expected the hot water flow rate to be improved. I had a 20 year old 28kw boiler replaced. The new boiler is rated for 14 litres per min of hot water. I measured the outside tap and get 20 litres per min at 2 bar. The...
  33. P

    Recommend a new gas boiler

    I have a micromat EC31 system gas boiler (30kW heating 36kW DHW) and spares are getting scarce, boilers not manufactured any more. The existing boiler is weather compensated, separate Ch and DHW circuits within the boiler (so new boiler would require a diverter valve) and the DHW (200l Gemini...
  34. D

    New boiler new system

    Hi all, Ive got a 40kw Ideal Vogue combination boiler going into a new 4 floor Georgia terrace, with big ceiling heights and subsequent flow and return runs. The boiler is being installed at basement level so I want to understand the heating requirements and pipe sizing for the flow and...
  35. C

    Best new boiler - Replace Ideal Classic RS40 1995

    What kind of boiler would be best to replace IDEAL classic RS40 (1995) piezo ignition type. It's fine at moment but being old alone and ill a lot I like to be aware of what I need if it should fail. I wish they still did this one as lived here 14 years, only had one fault, blocked pilot jet 8...
  36. N

    Help! Do I really need a new boiler?

    Hi all, I am in need of some help asap, so any comments will be much appreciated. I've also attached a couple of photos. Warning: this might be a little long but here it comes... I have been living in a flat for the past two years. It has a Vaillant Turbomax (VUW GB 242/2-5 R2) which has not...
  37. A

    Do I need a new boiler

    I just aquired a place with a boiler which seemed to be working, but has now been declared unsafe by the gas safety man. I'm wondering if I should try to have it repaired or if it's not worth it. On the plus side it's an 8 years old Worcester-Bosch Greenstar Junior 24i On the minus side: Some...
  38. K

    British Gas powerflush and new boiler advice

    Morning, We have a Vokera Boiler which is roughly 14 years old. In the past year it has failed nearly every month and the last engineer from British Gas said that nearly every part had been replaced including a new board etc... Last week we had to keep resetting the boiler as we had no water...
  39. S

    General New boiler advice

    Hi there Just some general advice regarding a new boiler We have a 4bed detached house upside down Main bathroom with walk in shower Ensure with walk in shower Both showers mixers fed from boiler What boiler recommendations For this layout If it could run both showers without losing too much...
  40. G

    New Boiler Brand Advice

    Hi I have a 2 bed house with 1 bathroom and 6 rads. The boiler is dead so am on the lookout for a decent boiler. What do people recommend for the best branded reliable combi boiler? Was looking at worcester bosch online but not sure people still rate them. Can anyone recommend anything? Many Thanks
  41. T

    New boiler Quotes, advice please

    Please can anyone help me, been quoted for 2 boilers to replace my 15 year old Potterton Promax HE, I have a unvented system with a hot water cylinder The boilers are vokera mynute or Potterton titanium I think that’s same as the Baxi eco blue My system is rated at 18kw, there’s around £300...
  42. B

    Where to locate new boiler in old house?

    We have just moved in to a 1950's house which has a central heating system previously heated by a coal fired Rayburn which has been removed. We need to have a new boiler installed, but this may have to be in a temporary location as we hope to have the whole house remodelled and extended. It...
  43. M

    Height of new boiler ..........

    Chaps, I'm a spark and working on a refit ..... the GSE is going to put the new boiler on the wall very close to the floor - is this OK? Never seen one low on a floor before. Thanks
  44. C

    Where to start when buying a boiler?

    Since buying our house in Leeds, It's become apparent that we are having more hassle than its worth with out boiler and have agreed to put some of our savings aside to buy a new one. We know we need a Combi Boiler but have no idea what brands we need to be looking at in regards to how expensive...
  45. M

    Advice Needed on New Boiler Quote

    I've received a quote for 3 different boilers and would like some advice on which one I should go for please. The current boiler is in an upstairs bedroom and the flu vents through the roof via the loft space. 1, Baxi Duo-tec 28kw combi £2145 (fully installed) 2, Ideal Logic + 30kw combi £2195...
  46. B

    Can a new boiler be fitted entirely from the inside?

    I'm having scaffolding go up at the rear of the property where I live this Summer for redecorating works and a heating engineer from British Gas suggested that I have a new boiler fitted in my flat at the same time (even though the existing Vaillant one is fine) because he says that if the...
  47. M

    New boiler, what's the average?

    Hi, hope I've posted in t he right area. I have an old potterton conventional boiler that I am looking to get replaced. (HWC CWST etc..) our aim was to look in to getting a combi, just as the impression is they're more efficient etc.. We had a BG rep round recently to quote, he suggested...
  48. J

    replacement open vent boiler

    Hi I have to get a new boiler.Old one is potterton profile 60 open vent. What the best boilers to replace it.Should I stick to potterton. Many thanks Joe
  49. R

    New Boiler install - holes left in brick work?

    Hello Questions about finishing. Mother-in-law, in late 60's had a new boiler fitted replacing 1970's one. generally seems a good install, but where old boiler fle existed at knee height there is now a big hole, with the condensate pipe running through it balanced on a few bricks. Also there...
  50. S

    new boiler for old system

    Do I need to replace a copper cylinder when installing a new system boiler, I am reluctant to do this because it is fitted with an immersion heater connected to a solar electric booster? Any thought?