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  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. R

    Triton Eden Concentric Mixer doesn't turn to cold

    Hi, Hopefully someone can shine a light on this! I have a Triton Eden Concentric Mixer Shower (shown below). For some reason the temperature control becomes increasingly stiff as you turn to the cold range, and I need to "flick" it around with a bit of force to get colder water. This has been...
  3. A

    How to access the filters on this bath/shower mixer

    I need to take out the filters to descale them, however they are behind the brass discs with the slots, but i cant unscrew them for love nor money, is there a special tool or magic trick
  4. P

    bath mixer stuck bonnet

    One of the cassettes/valves in my bath mixer tap has gone, so I'm trying to get it out. I can remove the handle but am unable to unscrew the bonnet (see photo). I'm using grips but it's not made any easier by it being a sloping surface. I've tried spraying WD-40 and descaler around the base and...
  5. T

    Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  6. Bogart

    Mixer tap fastening into worktop

    Trying to fit a mixer tap with this sort of fastening. Bit that goes up inside the tap is like a threaded running nipple but when fully screwed in only 40mm produdes and worktop is 40mm thick so no thread to screw nut onto. I am not even sure of the thread size. Across the flats on the nut...
  7. L

    Non-return valves for mixer tap

    Hi all, I'm planning on fitting my new sink which has a mixer tap. I'm using an unvented system, will this still require non-return valves fitted to the taps connections?
  8. J

    3in1 boiling water mixer tap, filters advice

    Hi I've been given a 3in1 boiling mixer tap without the filter and filter fittings. Do I need to buy the filter and fittings for the same brand, or are different brand filters interchangeable? It's a caple VAP3IN1 if that's helpful. Cheers Jon
  9. T

    Mixer tap flexible hose being cut

    Hi, I have a mixer tap with flexible hose which have been cut on the bottom. Can they be reconnected? what type of connector I need?
  10. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  11. A

    22mm flexi pipe to 3/4 copper pipe.

    I am fitting a new mixer tap system. Because of the layout I have had to use flexi hose/pipe. The tap size is 22m. Each tap,respectively, connects to different sized copper pipes. The cold is 15mm copper pipe. So I used a 22mm to 15mm flexi. No problem there. The hot, however, is an old 3/4...
  12. J

    Shower cartridge replacement

    I am replacing a new shower cartridge on a Alterna Amala concentric thermostatic mixer valve I was sent the wrong part , so i am awaiting the replacement .However when i reassembled the old one i was unable to move the shower lever ..So my question is when i fit the new one is the cartridge...
  13. I

    Mixer Cold Tap Leaking from Top

    Hi, I have a Tre Mercati Bridge Sink Mixer Tap. The taps are screw down. The cold water tap leaks from the top when turned on (the water wells up around the top). When off it then still tends to leak a little. I've taken it apart but the O rings all appear to be OK. I've taken some photos and...
  14. M

    Shower mixer 'pipe interrupter'

    Hi there, I have a 'Kospel S.A. PPE2 electronic LCD 18/21/24 kW (110788)' instantaneous water heater, and I am getting a concealed shower mixer to feed to a head and hose, so on the mixer has a diverter 'pull' button. The shower mixer comes with two options: with a 'pipe interrupter' and...
  15. E

    Kitchen mixer doesn't fit pipe

    Hello, I recently purchased this mixer, as I'm in one of those homes where my taps are all separate hot and cold without mixers (it boggles the mind as to why this is still a thing). I foolishly did so without measuring the size of the brass pipes attached to the tap. Long story short; my...
  16. smodkins

    Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Hi all, I’ve just removed a Triton mixer bar shower I had fitted ten years ago to replace it with a Mira shower. The instructions suggest I should have 25mm of pipes sticking out so that I can put the wall brackets over them, then the olives and then the nipples. I don’t have this setup. If...
  17. J

    Why is my hot water cutting out on waterfall tap mixer shower?

    Hey. Thanks in advance for any help. We have a set of waterfall mixer taps on our bath with a shower connection. Occasionally the boiler would cut out when we were showering. Now, of we have just hot water on, the shower is fine. If we add the slightest amount of cold water, the boiler cuts off...
  18. N

    Fitting a new mixer shower,Is my cylinder suitable?

    Hi,I am refitting my bathroom and decided to replace my old triton electrical shower with a Mira mixer shower.I know I need a pump,probably a twin impeller and positive head as I have about 3ft below the bottom of the tank to where the pump will be fitted which in turn will be about 2 ft above...
  19. A

    Mixer taps working loose

    Our mixer taps (bathroom sink) keeps working loose, I'm able to slightly tighten the nut (see image) however not tight enough, basically using pilers. Is there a correct tool or method, like a box screw etc ?
  20. F

    Changing shower controls to mixer

    Hello. I have a shower with twin (hot and cold) taps which feed pipes hidden in the wall which go up to the shower outlet from where the hose is attached. Now I want to change those taps and replace them with a mixer having just the one control for temperature and water pressure. However...
  21. D

    Thermostatic bath/shower mixer - water temperature fluctuates hot-cold

    Hi there, We've got a problem that I'm hoping someone has some thoughts on. We have a Grohe thermostatic bath/shower mixer in a first-floor bathroom which is fed by a combination boiler. The intsallation has worked fine for around 8 years without problem. Around 2 months ago the hot water in...
  22. L

    No cold water from mixer tap

    Hardly any cold water coming from mixer tap in bathroom, only hot. All other taps are fine. Does this need replacing/fixer? How do know where to turn mains water off in property?
  23. L

    Bristan thermostatic mixer

    Hi all, just installing a Bristan mixing valve. On the hot and cold inputs it has non return valves that have a fibre washer between the NRV and the body of the valve. Do I need to ptfe the threads as well of is the fibre washer enough? Tried to upload a photo but there seems to be a problem...
  24. G

    Shower Mixer not pulling hot water

    We have a standard bar mixer for the shower, recently installed (6 months) Due to having a gravity fed hot water cylinder in a bungalow we have a hot water pump which works well, however... The shower really struggles to pull hot water and get the pump to kick in. The cold water pressure is...
  25. WornBadly

    Which tool would remove this mixer tap cartridge?

    I have a shower mixer tap that will no longer go hot, so I assume I need a new cartridge. But what tool would I need to use to get this thing out? I'm guessing I need a spanner that can grab and turn it where I've drawn the lines, so would a correctly sized basin spanner work? Or is there some...
  26. M

    Thermostatic mixer shower drilling spindle

    Hi I have a concealed thermostatic mixer shower with three control knobs. The one that changes the temperature of the water (middle knob) just slips around and around and having removed it I can see there is no grip on the spindle and it's just created a groove all around. I'm aiming to drill...
  27. Lumen

    How to connect this thermostatic shower mixer

    Hey guys, I’m looking to replace my thermostatic shower mixer valve with the one attached. How would you connect water pipes to it for a tight seal? I bought 15mm 1/2” elbows, but when tighten all the way, it goes to around 8 o’clock position, but I need it facing straight down to 6 o’clock...
  28. M

    Bar mixer shower - unable to adjust temperature

    I have a concealed 3 valve thermostat mixer shower which is around one year old. I realised that the middle mixer that sets the temporary is just going around and not changing the temperature. I’ve removed the knob and found the grub screw has created a groove all around the spindle and the...
  29. M

    Fixing bath tap shower mixer to wall

    If have the below shower/bath tap mixer to fit. The finish wall won't be tiles but plastic sheeting. That isn't too strong. So I want a way of fixing the shower to the wall before it's sheeted. Do I use the offset connectors supplied and a back plate elbow or buy shower mounting kit? It's on to...
  30. J

    Bar mixer replacement. No pipe??

    Hi forum, I've been trying to replace a knackered shower and run into a problem. I took the old bar off the wall and there are no pipes protruding from the tiles. Instead there is just a thread behind the tile. The new shower fixings expect a pipe to push over and then secure to the wall and...
  31. S

    bristan 1901 exposed dual mixer

    Come across a Bristan 1901 exposed dual mixer that has had its day by the looks of it. Customer has inherited the shower in their new home and don't want a like for like replacement with it being a costly shower! Trouble is pipe centres are 158mm not the standard 150mm for most mixers! Anyone...
  32. D

    Astracast Targa Mixer Cartidge.

    Hi all you guys and gals out there in plumbing world. I'm just a regular DIY'er and need your help please. This is my first post on a problem I've had for ages and have stumbled on this very useful forum. We have an Astracast Targa mixer and I need to replace the hot cartridge. From what I can...
  33. P

    Leaking bathroom Waterfall mixer tap with shower attachment

    Hi to everyone, newbie here. I have a waterfall mixer tap with a shower attachment which has started leaking. I have replaced both the ceramic disc cartridges, ensuring that everything was clean before hand but its still leaking. To enable the shower, you lift a knob which is situated in the...
  34. S

    Combi boiler/shower mixer problem

    Hi. I have a Baxi Combi Instant 105e boiler. The problem is that the shower ran cold. So I called Brit Gas and they came and changed the DHW diaphragm and a temp sensor. The Hot water to all the taps is fine and constant but the hot water to the shower mixer goes cold more or less as soon as...
  35. A

    Bath Mixer Tap connector for shower hose

    Hi, i need to connect a shower hose to my bath mixer tap but have no idea what parts i need. Not an experienced DIYer so appreciate any advice. Will attach a pic but the tap doesnt have thread. The inside of the tap has vertical teeth.
  36. M

    How do I remove the mixer catridge?

    Hi All I have a leaky cartridge on a bath mixer, its a 4 hole deck arrangement. I have the handle off and can see the cartridge but cannot for the life of me see how it dismantles. I cannot see the top cap seam, or any join. If it is joined what tool fits into there? I would appreciate any...
  37. H

    Canal boat shower mixer

    Hi, Need some help, Currently fitting a new shower mixer into my shower on my boat. The walls are un even ( not surprised) but this means that with the shower mixer central piece pushed flat the washers of the in out pipes do not lie flat on the wall, See picture attached. Is there a smart way...
  38. B

    cartridge for Kronos mixer tap

    I have a Kronos mixer tap from Wren kitchens: Kronos Tap Chrome - High/Low Pressure | Wren Kitchens - https://www.wrenkitchens.com/kronos-tap-chrome-high-low-pressure/79856 I need to replace the cartridge but am having trouble finding the part I need - the brand isn't listed on any of the sites...
  39. D

    Make mixer shower hotter

    Hello, My mixer shower is not giving out water that is hot enough despite turning the nozzle to the max. How can i remove the fitting to make it hotter? Thanks
  40. Stefromthewirral

    Identify the mixer shower (cartridge needed)

    Hi everyone, Can anyone please identify this mixer shower?
  41. J

    Does anybody know what this is called? Mixer Valves/Taps?

    I bought these 'shower taps' as part of my bathroom upgrade, but my plumber ended up using a different set. I bought them in a showroom closing down sale so can't take them back, but they were quite upmarket. I was going to sell them on eBay but wasn't sure what to call them. 'Shower taps'...
  42. C

    Adjust pressure on mixer tap

    Hi I had new a new mixer tap installed a few months ago and at the time of install thought the pressure was too strong. So my plumber made adjustment it to reduce it (or the flow rate?!). I've since decided i would like this increased. Would you be able to explain how i am able to do this as...
  43. T

    Thermostatic mixer failure and leak following new boiler installation

    Hi, We had a new combi boiler fitted this week, changing from a system boiler and water tank. The work did not touch the bathroom area. The first shower with the new boiler the concealed mixer failed and caused water to flow through the ceiling below. The mixer failed when I activated the stop...
  44. H

    Mixer tap weaker flow when tap turned to maximum

    I have a kitchen mixer tap with one simple lever controlling temperature and flow. The street water was cut off for a few hours. After that, the hot water flow worked as before, but the cold water flow was very weak. With the tap set to cold, if I open the tap about half way, the flow is the...
  45. L

    Thermostatic Shower mixer bar

    Hi all... Want to fit a thermostatic shower mixer bar with bottom 1/2" fitting. However hot n cold have been fitted wrong way round. Is there a simple solution? I was thinking to get one with a top 1/2"fitting and turn it round. Would this work? Thanks legepe
  46. M

    Replacing mixer shower

    Good Afternoon All, Sorry if I have posted this into the wrong section. I am looking for a little bit of help. I had a mixer shower installed some years ago we live in a hard water area and it seems every 3-4 years we are having a new shower fitted. My wife has MS and can’t turn the shower...
  47. P

    How to change cartridge on unusual mixer tap without removable cap

    Any idea how to get into the cartridge on this tap. I can remove the spout and also unscrew the sleeve on both hot and cold. No idea if there is a cap for the levers to remove. Thought for a while that it was an anti clockwise unscrew, but that doesn't work either :-(
  48. C

    Which tap is leaking in our kitchen mixer tap?

    I have a mixer tap on our kitchen sink and it's started to drip. I c an see how it comes apart but how will I know which one is leaking once I open them up or should I just change both washers to be on the safe side? Thank you.
  49. A

    Advice - Shower shutting off and pulsing Combi / Mixer

    Guys, I’m turning myself inside out here – Please help! There are many similar discussions posted, but none with my exact symptoms. Original shower / boiler combo working fine for 10 years, however recently when taking a shower, the water will shut off with a thud and pulse with significantly...
  50. L

    Leaking Basin Mono Mixer Tap & Valves

    My basin mono mixer (model No: ME00101) is 10 years old & leaks at the bottom base of the mixer stand & underneath the hand lever. Water is running down the LHS hose pipe as a drip. I closed the ball valve on the hose but water still leaks. (A) What is wrong with the mixer? (B) Is the mixer...