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mixer shower

  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. T

    Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  3. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  4. J

    Shower cartridge replacement

    I am replacing a new shower cartridge on a Alterna Amala concentric thermostatic mixer valve I was sent the wrong part , so i am awaiting the replacement .However when i reassembled the old one i was unable to move the shower lever ..So my question is when i fit the new one is the cartridge...
  5. smodkins

    Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Hi all, I’ve just removed a Triton mixer bar shower I had fitted ten years ago to replace it with a Mira shower. The instructions suggest I should have 25mm of pipes sticking out so that I can put the wall brackets over them, then the olives and then the nipples. I don’t have this setup. If...
  6. J

    Why is my hot water cutting out on waterfall tap mixer shower?

    Hey. Thanks in advance for any help. We have a set of waterfall mixer taps on our bath with a shower connection. Occasionally the boiler would cut out when we were showering. Now, of we have just hot water on, the shower is fine. If we add the slightest amount of cold water, the boiler cuts off...
  7. M

    Thermostatic mixer shower drilling spindle

    Hi I have a concealed thermostatic mixer shower with three control knobs. The one that changes the temperature of the water (middle knob) just slips around and around and having removed it I can see there is no grip on the spindle and it's just created a groove all around. I'm aiming to drill...
  8. M

    Bar mixer shower - unable to adjust temperature

    I have a concealed 3 valve thermostat mixer shower which is around one year old. I realised that the middle mixer that sets the temporary is just going around and not changing the temperature. I’ve removed the knob and found the grub screw has created a groove all around the spindle and the...
  9. D

    Make mixer shower hotter

    Hello, My mixer shower is not giving out water that is hot enough despite turning the nozzle to the max. How can i remove the fitting to make it hotter? Thanks
  10. Stefromthewirral

    Identify the mixer shower (cartridge needed)

    Hi everyone, Can anyone please identify this mixer shower?
  11. M

    Replacing mixer shower

    Good Afternoon All, Sorry if I have posted this into the wrong section. I am looking for a little bit of help. I had a mixer shower installed some years ago we live in a hard water area and it seems every 3-4 years we are having a new shower fitted. My wife has MS and can’t turn the shower...
  12. L

    Mixer shower supply ( plastic pipes)

    I am in the process of changing my bath and installing a mixer shower aswell. Currently, there is a copper pipe that goes to the sink and then from the sink to the bath taps its plastic pipe. Would it be best to t-off from the bath tap supply using plastic pipe up to the mixer shower? If the...
  13. B

    Mixer shower flow cartridge

    Evening all, hope this is in the right forum. I’ve got a triton bar mixer shower which is about 4 years old. Recently it has started to drip when turned off. I noticed yesterday if I push in on the end of the flow cartridge, the dripping stops completely. However it starts again once I let...
  14. Z

    Thermostatic mixer shower problems

    Hi folks Firstly apologies if this has been covered before. I have just put in a new bathroom in my house. I have installed a thermostatic mixer shower and have a combi boiler system. When showering the boiler switches off and the shower goes cold, the boiler will then come back on but only...
  15. H

    Mixer shower pipe sizes

    Hi, We have a mains shower mixer. It used to be a Mira but I replaced the mixer tap some years ago. Just recently I thought I'd replace the shower head too because it's getting long in the tooth and the swivel ball joint is rather corroded and has lost some of its chrome plate. So I purchased a...
  16. T

    New Mixer Shower

    My mixer shower has given up the ghost after 7 years so not too bad but a new cartridge is £140 so looking at buying either just a new mixer valve or the complete kit. Present mixer shower is the normal exposed type not the bar mixer variety. It seems the exposed bar fitting kit/brackets make...
  17. D

    Backfiling Mystery - Mixer Shower Likely Culprit

    I had a leaking overflow pipe a few weeks ago and not only was the water running from my overflow pipe but the actual pipe (from the large tank in the loft) to outside needed replacing as it had several holes in it. I was rudely awoken in the night as water started seeping through my ceiling...
  18. P

    Whale Pump and Mixer Shower

    Hi I live in Housing Association property and 10 years ago, they installed a wet room for me. They installed an electric shower and there is a water sensor on my cold feed, to kick in the shower waste pump. Over the years, the water flow on the shower has deteriorated, and they would not...
  19. J

    Thermostatic mixer shower

    When it reads 'run from the boiler' does that mean thermostatic shower mixer needs its own pipework running from as close to the boiler as you can get it or is it fine to connect into pipework feeding the basin and toilet already in the bathroom as the shower valve is thermostatic?
  20. N

    Mixer Shower Replacement

    Existing mixer shower replacement, hot water is currently fed from hot water cistern on 1st floor between floor and ground floor ceiling and then up to the shower valve. Cold water is fed from tank in loft across the ceiling and down to existing shower valve. Low pressure system so wish to...
  21. P

    Mixer shower feed through heater

    Hi all.Could I feed an en suite mixer shower from a loft cold tank through an inline instant electric heater and twin impeller pump.If so would the pump go before the heater or after.I would appreciate any other idea's if mine is not feasible.
  22. R

    Mixer shower covers

    Hi there, Is there a name for the chrome (usually) covers that sit the bar flush against the wall? The disks that screw in. Need some replacement gold / brass ones and failing to find any. Also after replacement 25mm nuts to attach the bar to the wall having managed to shear one. Ta Ross
  23. C

    Mixer shower only works in evening, not in morning

    In the middle of a total refurb and having some weird bathroom plumbing issues. Context: it's a new combi boiler, new mixer shower and bath tap. No other taps currently plumbed in. The shower only kicks the boiler on in the evening, not in the morning. In the morning I can get hot water for a...
  24. M

    Replacing Mixer Shower help

    I'm trying to replace this old shower with a new Triton Excellente Thermostatic Mixer which I've bought. I think it's like for like swap. However when taking this old shower off, I can remove everything except for the part circled in red (and the one on other side). It's just a bracket with a...
  25. J

    Problematic thermostatic mixer shower

    Hi all, I hope you are well. We bought our first property in the middle of last year and as such, this has been my one of my first experiences of having to do anything remotely DIY related (we have previously lived in rented properties where the landlord sorted out the DIY, via their...
  26. M

    Mixer shower for unvented cylinder

    Looking for some advice please, I have just had a new megaflo 210 litre installed, I'm looking for advice on the best mixer shower for an unvented cylinder. I would like something that feels like a your having a jet wash whilst using it lol. Have brilliant flow at my kitchen tap, with 30...
  27. Andyh

    Single impeller pump ( mixer shower)

    hiya fellas , Been given a bathroom spec and it includes a universal single impelled pump to run a ( hot side)mixer shower valve... and been toto connect cold side into mains...? Is that asking for problems.. i.e. Unbalanced supplies
  28. R

    What is wrong with using a manual mixer shower with TMV?

    Given that cartridges are so b----y expensive, is there a very good reason, when the shower has proper independent feeds (such as a pumped shower) not to use a manual mixer with a TMV on the hot, thus limiting the maximum temperature to a safe level. Disadvantages I can think of: 1. Not...
  29. C

    Help with Rio Mixer Shower Head Removal

    Im trying to service the Cartridge on my Bristan Rio Mixer, and I’m stuck! The instructions from Bristan don’t make sense when compared to the unit. I’ve taken off the tap head part from the thermostat control. I can’t find any grub screw under any where to expose the Cartridge. Might it be...
  30. W

    Aspirante mixer shower

    hi all, does anyone know who makes this mixer it has aspirante written on it. I have fifty flats to work in that all have this model. Any ideas? Thanks
  31. S

    Mixer shower not getting hot

    Hi all. Recently moved into a house and having a problem with no hot water in the shower. We do get Luke warm water if we flush the toilet. A friend has said he thinks the water supply to the shower is the wrong way round (inc a picture showing) Thanks for any help
  32. M

    Mira mode mixer shower issue...maybe....

    Anyone had one o these (mira mode thermo mixer) getting crossflow from cold into the hot? Tia
  33. R

    Thermostatic mixer shower

    Hi there, Looking to install a thermostatic mixer shower in a flat with night rate unvented cylinder. It's an almost like-for like replacement for a thermostatic bath fill/shower diverter which has a broken thermostatic cartridge. During the day, hot water temperatures can fall to 45°C, or...
  34. C

    Some advice about a Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Hi all I need some help, I'm really hoping you guys can give me some advice! I'm a 2nd year plumbing apprentice so feel stupid having to ask, but because this is so important I'm worrying I may make mistakes and I need to get this right! My Dad has End stage cancer and is at home. My...
  35. G

    Architeckt Shower, ST pump, 15mm pipe work, low pressure

    Hi I have had a new Architeckt thermostatic mixer shower with round drench along with a Stuart Turner Techflo 2 bar twin shower pump fitted. My friends son who is a trainee plumber has fitted it. He done a very tidy job but the shower isn't as powerful as I expected. It's not very powerful at...
  36. B

    Bristan Mixer Shower Keeps Going Cold

    I have a Bristan mixer shower that keeps going cold, it goes cold for a minute or so and then comes back hot before going cold again. I have replaced the cartridge in the shower and also replaced the shower hose, there was a slight improvement for a week or so but it is now back to what it was...
  37. moonlight

    Aqualisa quartz digital Shower mixer replacement unit

    Just wondering if anyone knows what sort of guarantee a replacement mixer has? I installed a new combi boiler 18 months ago and also had to change the shower pump to a mixer. It seems the mixer is not working correctly. The customer purchased the mixer direct from Aqualisa their self. I...
  38. L

    Replace thermostatic mixer shower where surface pipes are only 3.5cm apart

    Hi I need to replace a thermostatic mixer shower, but the surface water pipes are only 3.5 cm apart - I believe they are mainly 150 mm apart nowadays? I would like to do this with minimal disruption - does anyone know if anyone manufactures a shower with such a clearance? If not, what would...
  39. M

    Mira Miniduo flow problems

    Hi all, I have just installed a Mira Miniduo EV mixer shower and have encountered the following issue: 1. When you first turn on the water flow, it starts fine and then within 3 seconds, all water flow ceases. 2. You then have to turn the shower off and on again and then the water flow...
  40. M

    Pitfalls of a concealed thermostatic mixer shower?

    Hi all, I've now decided to go with a thermostatic mixer shower, very likely a Lefroy Brooks Gololphin. Originally I was planning on an exposed valve/riser but am now seriously considering a concealed valve for aesthetic reasons. The only drawback to this which is making me slightly nervous...
  41. A

    Boiler Hot Water Temperature Fluctuation

    I have an issue with a plumbed in mains pressure mixer shower. When running the shower the boiler will cycle to a very nice warm temperature around 56degC(?) and then switches off (as it is up to temperature?). The shower will then use up its reserve of warm water then start to refill it...
  42. A

    Choice of Boiler? Please Advise!

    Hello Everyone, I have been looking through the forum and need some help in making the right choice of boiler. I have tried to read the older posts, but still feel unsure of the best choice. I have a standard 3bed house 7 rads 1 Mixer bar thermo combi shower Current Boiler: Halstead Finest...
  43. I

    No Hot Water Upstairs (Bathroom)

    Hi All, I could really do with some help! Woke up this morning and there is no hot water in the bathroom, first thing I thought it's probably a frozen pipe somewhere. Cold water is available without any problem. Downstairs however the hot water is working. :confused: So this is what...
  44. P

    Question re. Pipe Inlet Centres

    Hi, I've got a Sirrus Mixer Shower with 140mm pipe inlet centres which is not working so I want to get a new shower. It seems 150mm or 110mm are standard and I just wanted some advice. I've spoken to 2 manufacturers, Triton and Mira, both of whom said use their dogleg connectors/adjustable...
  45. M

    mixer shower with mains cold water supply

    Is there a thermostatic mixer shower which can take cold water off the main and hot water from the cylinder? Any suggestions appreciated Thanks Graham:confused:
  46. @

    Mixer shower in bathroom

    hi there, any recommendations for a mixer shower that has to sit above a bath? cheers
  47. M

    wet rooms and level access

    now i havent fitted wet rooms or a level access shower - but the opportunity may arise for me to get into the disabled market, now before i take on any work im a firm believer of researching everything twice haha, thing is this i have a proffesional tiler who does work for me so tiled floors are...
  48. F

    Help needed re: hot water and boiler issues!!!

    Hi folks. I need a bit of advice! I have a Baxi 105e Combi (installed 5 and a half years ago - brand new central heating system - small house/7 radiators). About 12 months ago we started having problems with our mixer shower (installed same time as central heating). In order to get hot water to...
  49. M

    thermostatic mixer shower

    any recommenations for a cheaper alternative to a mira excel- cheers
  50. E

    Concealed mixer shower

    Have a cube concealed dual control shower valve to fit (from better bathrooms) no instalation instructions, told comes from china. Prob is that cold and hot inlets are 3/4 inch (requiring male connectors) and my pipework is 15mm, cannot find any male 15mm x 3/4" connectors or male reducing...