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  1. K

    What makes a great boiler?

    A little survey of what feature you guys think makes a gas boiler stand out from the rest. Is it: brand (WB anyone?) flow rate hex material no Plate hex (intergas, Ferroli) efficiency (93.47% better than 93.43%) price anything else To me it's the modulation factor. No point having a 100%...
  2. G

    Who makes the quietest pumps

    I want a pump to give at least 15 litres and no more than 2.5bar to pump from a cold water tank. Its next to several bedrooms and the customer is really worried about the noise. Im told 50db is quiet but some spec don't even give noise ratings.. Please any advice.
  3. Dan

    Most Installed Boiler Makes?

    Name a bunch of boiler makes for me and I'll make a poll so we can see which ones get installed the most.
  4. Dan

    TA: ShaunCorbs Makes Trusted Advisor!

    @ShaunCorbs has earned the Trusted Advisor status. :) Thanks for your input pal. There's only moderator above you now. :D :D
  5. Dan

    TA: townfanjon Makes Trusted Advisor! :-D

    @townfanjon makes Trusted Advisor! Well done pal! Thanks for your input here. Keep up the good work! Need to find a few more of you helpful guys on here. :)
  6. T

    Advice needed : Boiler safe to use in short term?

    Hi, So I've got a Valiant boiler less than 12 months old that seems to be dripping at a very slow rate (I've put a bucket there and it will take many days to fill at current rate). It only leaks when the heating is on, the pressure is normal and the heating works fine. I've got Valiant...
  7. R

    Raising a shower tray on an upstairs floor

    Hi I am planning to install a shower tray in our en-suite. It needs to be raised because the waste pipe cannot be sunk into the floor. I have heard many ways to raise it and now am confused as which to go for. Its upstairs on a wooden floor. The floor has been levelled off with Marine ply and...
  8. B

    High pressure BUT very little water coming out of tap/shower?

    Hi, having some problems with our boiler/shower etc- any advice very, very gratefully received! Basically the pressure dropped to about 0.4 bar the other day so the shower stopped working- we put the pressure back up to 1.5 and it worked fine for a couple of days no problem. but for the...
  9. T

    Sealant application course

    Does anyone know of a course on sealant application. Not interested in a nvq just want to tidy up my silicone work as its far from the best lol
  10. A

    Tiny corner bath wanted

    Anyone know if anyone makes a curved corner bath 900mm wide and no longer than 1200mm? I can find one 1050x1050 but thats to big. cheers
  11. gassafe

    Honeywell 3 ports!!!

    What's the crack with Honeywell 3 port valves... I put two together and the whole in the centre of the valve is pretty much the same on both 28 & 22 valves!!! Seems like a scam to me... Why run 28 all the way if there just gonna throttle it down like that!
  12. Hobo128

    ferroli boiler, no central heating.

    Sorry guys this is abit limited but thought I may aswell post it all the same. Was called to a job tonight, no central heating on a Ferroli condensing boiler( not sure of model). After fiddling about with it I managed to get it going. But something isn't right with it.Has anyone had any...
  13. martind

    Which specific MODEL from these 3 makes please?

    I’ve got British Gas coming this week to do a boiler survey under the grant scheme. Apparently the surveyor decides on which specific boiler is going to be installed. I’ve been told that it will be one of 3 makes-Vaillant, Potterton and Ideal. I am aware that the Ideal boiler from a couple of...
  14. M

    just studying s plan wiring diagrams...

    With different programmers. I see in the honeywell wiring guide, using the honeywell wiring centre it has in the back a list of programmers to connect into this circut, and where to connect the terminals into the wiring centre. With the horstmann 2 channel programmer, it says put the hw off...
  15. C

    pump issues

    went to a house today , was on a solid fuel log burner, with a indirect cylinder , piped from log burner to cylinder in 28mm , but splitting from that in 22mm to do the central heating, you had to turn the room stat on to switch the pump on the central heating on. the customer was complaining...
  16. Jock Spanners

    De-sludging central heating systems

    Has anyone out there got a practical, affordable method of de-sludging central heating systems? I've tried everything. I've hired four different makes of powerflush machines, I've tried all the makes of detergent, I've fitted three different types of magnetic filter but I always come back to...
  17. C

    Water Preesure and rattling pipes

    Any tap I turn on makes the pipes rumble. Also got water hammer from toilets. Had a new pressure relief valve installed and turned down the pressure, but makes no difference and low pressure makes the shower run slowly. Driving me nuts Any other ideas? Thanks JOhn
  18. S

    pump overrun

    Hi I have a worcester bosch greenstar 24ri condensing boiler,and was wondering what actually makes the pump overrun when the boiler shuts down.I know it has to do this to get rid of heat in the boiler but what makes it then switch off after a given ammount of time.I realise that it is wired to...
  19. C

    boiler heat shields

    Hi all (gas engineers) Im a gas engineer, and am currently servicing numerous makes/models of boiler everyday. Some of the older types i come across with an accessible combustion chamber with main burner and heat shields (normally four surrounding) i clean off heat exchanger and brush burner...
  20. I

    Water softener advice

    Evening , i would like advice on buying a water softener please, Quite simple really what is best and what extra running costs are there I have a 3 bed 1 bath and 1 shower house with 2 kids thanks mark
  21. P

    22nd century urinals!!

    Take aim,fire,urinal games keep blokes on target and away from floor !! cutting cleaning bills and making areas a cleaner place to be :sailor: The snowboarding game that really makes a splash - the 'controller' is a urinal | Mail Online
  22. J

    Fouled up motorised valve body

    If your central heating has a motorised valve directing the hot water supply from the boiler to the DHW or CH loop (or both) and your boiler starts getting alarms make sure youe motorised valve body is not clogged up and fighting the actuator. The actuator makes the electrical connections that...
  23. L

    Which make of bathroom tap?

    Hi chaps. Can anyone recommend a good make of bathroom taps (bath & basin mixers)? I'm after a simple in style wall-mounted variety. I've been told not to go for specific makes such as Bristan (like their Prism range) as, despite having the reputation for quality, their parts are not a standard...
  24. P

    Tools for Gas boiler servicing

    Hi I am thinking of studying to get on the gas sage resister as I believe with gas safe I will find more work as a plumber/handyman. However when I come to service boilers for letting agents etc, what specalist tools and gadgets would I need and how much approx will they cost. I am...
  25. A

    gas foundation.

    only one more job to go into the portfolio before i get my gas foundation certificate, then start my acs, does anyone else feel this process makes you look older, and makes you drink more lager, or is that just the trade in genral;)