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  1. M

    All new spindles on taps - still drips!

    Hi all, I have no knowledge when it comes to plumbing so will describe our situation best I can... A few months ago, our bath tap began to leak. No matter how hard we turned the taps off (which we later learnt causes further damage) it would still leak, and gradually got worse over time. We had...
  2. D

    Leak from Water pipe coupler

    Hello all, I was fixing a stuck tap in my garden today, and after turning the isolator back on a coupler further along the pipe work started leak. The coupler has hex nut screw so I decided to try tightening it, that didn't work and more water started to come out. After isolating the water...
  3. P

    Aquatronic 2 Plus - slight leak from Stabiliser valve assembly

    Hello, our shower has started to seep a few drips from the stabiliser valve assembly (P07810800) but not from the top where the plunger is which appears to be where they can normally leak from. I've seen you can buy as gasket kit for this area. Ours is leaking from where the temperature control...
  4. R

    Can't get rid of the smell of gas sewerage leak, under my kitchen sink.

    There is no smell coming out of my sink plughole, never has been. There are no water leaks in the piping and U-bend under my sink. Have tried on several occasions using very strong drain un-blocker and odour remover, to remove smell, but has not worked. Sink plughole never blocks up and water...
  5. F

    Sink/Garden Hose Leak

    Hi, I discovered a leak under the kitchen sink. It is coming from a garden hose extension kit that was installed a few years ago. The white plastic cap seems to be cracked and the leak is coming from there. I have been to B&Q and Heat Merchants looking for advice but both think the only option...
  6. F

    Kitchen sink/garden hose leak advice

    I discovered a leak coming from a connection that was installed to provide external garden hose. The plastic connection is cracked and leaking. I have visited B&Q and Heat Merchants for advice. Both think the the only option is to replace the whole hose. However the hose is currently running...
  7. P

    What may be causing this strange leak in a bathroom sink drain?

    Have a strange leak coming from a newly installed bathroom sink drain and am seeking advice from experienced plumbers who may help to identify the cause. I run the water in the sink for several minutes and there are no leals detected from the drain and its J trap connections. When I check back...
  8. M

    Vaillant filling loop leak

    Afternoon all, My boiler pressure is slowly rising above green every other week and I've located the leak to be the check valves on both sides of the filling loop. Is there anyway I can cap one side off untill I can buy a new part? Furlough has made it hard financially atm. I've included a...
  9. D

    Sprang a leak today.

    Noticed a Kerosene whiff around my tank the last few days. Found had a weep at the tank filter bowl. stripped it down and changed the o-ring and bottom bolt seal. Boxed it back up, turned on the oil, and suddenly oil was shooting out the side of the bowl....wtf ! Further investigation showed...
  10. P

    shower leak on floor

    Any ideas what i can do to fix this without tearing out the shower? shower drain never backs up, but pipe below it does leak below shower floor and only when taking shower. See pics. The drain must be leaking. It gets wet inside that wall and with long showers, it leaks out onto the finished...
  11. A

    Water leak from toilet, water dripping from living room ceiling

    I had a water leak in the toilet overnight, broken washer in the fixing, had a plumber come and fix it, but it was leaking probably a good 10 hours before I woke up to find toilet floor flooded out with about an inch of water, managed to stop additional leaking, but then all day water been...
  12. J

    Tapping noise under bath - a leak???

    Not a bath fitted by myself (I'd never tile it in for a start)... Customer: "We think we may have a leak under the bath. When the bath is emptying from full to half full we can hear a tapping sound- but that’s the only time. If the bath is only full to a shallow amount, or using the shower...
  13. S

    water leaking from screws top and bottom of shower cartridge

    Hi All DIY homeowner here.. I replaced the thermostatic cartridge in my shower today, but after I finished and re-opened the water mains, water started leaking out of those 2 small golden screws at the top and bottom of the cartridge (picture attached). Could anyone please kindly help me...
  14. D

    Boiler Pressure and Leak

    Forumite 193 POSTS Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please offer some advice. I have a small leak in the boiler and the pressure is low not going above at best 0.5, this is despite having a boiler check days earlier. The hot water and heating is still working. I was just wondering if you...
  15. O

    Air break leak at condensate / washing machine waste connector

    Hello! DIY noob hear asking for advice on a leak from an air break. My undersink plumbing is a mess of pipes handling washing machine, dishwasher, and boiler condensate. When the washing machine runs, the air break overflows. The dishwasher is on too, the problem is worse. This used to happen...
  16. A

    Brand new toilet leak - flexible connector seal - please help

    HI I am trying to connect the new toilet and it's leaking from underneath the flexible connector behind at the bottom of the seal (I'm in the UK). I tried 3 different flexible connectors (different brands) but small leak was always there. Removed the toilet bowl now and inspected the outlet...
  17. L

    Should I call Cadent for this gas leak?

    Hello, I live in a residential block with communal heating and hot water. Because I smelled a bit of gas in the boiler room, I bought a gas detector and did a survey. Can you please watch the YouTube video on the link below and tell me if you think the reaction of the detector is expected or...
  18. K

    Leak from under wall mounted toilet

    Hello. I have a Nocode 510 wall mounted WC. Not sure of exact sub-brand. It's been working fine for 5 years but has recently developed a leak under the toilet. I've had a plumber over here twice 1) the first time to fix and replace the flush cone - which has led to a slightly bigger leak. 2) I...
  19. D

    Bath waste leak washer required

    Hi All Every now and then I have to unscrew the chrome waste which is attached under my freestanding bath and pull all the hair out from the plug hole. Unfortunately the greenish gasket/washer that goes inside the u type chrome bend which then screws onto the threaded plug hole sticking through...
  20. B

    Cistern leaking, need advice

    The toilet water level is rising too high and leaking out of the wall mount screws. I have adjusted the fill valve, the waters stops at the right level but a small amount of water is still trickling under where the waters comes out of the fill valve. The wall mounts screws are not flush and...
  21. soother

    Ideal logic primary heat exchanger leak sealant success?

    A mate tells me he cured a heat engine leak on this boiler (confirmed by boiler isolation & dripping condensate drain) by adding K-Seal car type sealant, and It's still ok after 5 years. Has anyone else had success curing these leaks with sealant additives?
  22. S


    If someone was to rip out the basin of their shower themselves, to allow water to dry from a recent leak that went through to their rooms downstairs, how long would it take til everything was dry? Would this prevent mould? And how long would they have to wait until a plumber can head along to...
  23. J

    Leak in Tricky Position - Will this work?

    We had a new bathroom built last year. Mould on the kitchen ceiling shows that it has been leaking for a while and the builder called in the plumber to investigate. He took out a panel from the floor and found that the leak is on the connection of the shower waste to the 4" pipe. The waste...
  24. gmartine

    Kane 450 leak detector/sniffer broken?

    How long do they normally last...changed the batterys but mine still churps away over an opened gas hob as if there's no leak (after calibration).
  25. C

    Leak from toilet cistern inlet pipe.

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any advice that you are able to give me. I am having an issue with the inlet pipe to my toilet cistern. I have attached a photo of the setup but the water is leaking from the join between the metal nut at the top and the plastic pipe coming from the cistern...
  26. H

    Which towel rads don't leak when run off softened hw circuit?

    Hi, hope someone can help me find a solution to this problem please. I have 3 wet, stainless steel, ladder towel rads fed from pressurised ch/hw system including ufh throughout(no other rads). House was built 2 years ago. We had a tablet salt water softener fitted 3 months after moving in...
  27. A

    Leak from isolation valve

    Hi. I hope someone can help me. I have a leak coming from my isolation valve on filling loop on my combi boiler. I have purchased a new loop and am going to install it myself. I just would like to ask in the photo Ive attached is it only the pink highlighted area I take off and replace? And also...
  28. C

    Leak from cold water inlet relief valve

    I have a pressurised system with a Gledhill inlet control valve. There is a red cap with 4.5 Bar written on it and at the opposite side of the cap is a black, octagonal 'bolt head'. There is a drip from that about every 3 seconds. I have tried to tighten it down but it appears stuck and I...
  29. M

    Worcester boiler part leaking

    Hello this part of my Worcester boiler seems to have a leak and boiler pressure has gone up? Any ideas what this part is?
  30. A

    There must be a leak but can’t think where

    Appreciate the advice... I have attached a schematic of my heating system. Has a 2018 Worcester boiler with a UVC (but the UVC could be older not sure when that was installed, I do know the previous Viessmann boiler had failed). There a couple of motorised valves for the heating and hot water...
  31. B

    Small leak between plastic toilet connector and metal valve

    Have encountered a small leak below toilet and wanted to see if anyone could advise on how I can try resolve i was going to try tighten but first and if fails check the washer. It is the upper metal nut that is leaking as when I turn the valve the leak stops and it is dry above this point...
  32. D

    Question about a leak

    I’m a homeowner and cannot figure out the source of a leak and was looking for some general guidance. Last night, water was leaking through my kitchen ceiling directly underneath the toilet in our master bathroom. I opened up the ceiling and could see water dripping through the floorboard from...
  33. A

    Possible leak in new pipe

    Hi guys, would appreciate your thoughts on a small issue I have discovered post renovation. A new waste pipe was installed that runs in the wall through a new bedroom we recently had renovated. Whenever any waste water flows through the pipe from either the sink or the dishwasher there is a...
  34. E

    Boiler leak suddenly overnight

    Good morning, My old RHINO boiler has developed a small pin prick leak at this plastic joint, its a threaded cap with some wire coming out top, any one know best cure ? Thanks
  35. J

    Stop leak under sink

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a leak under my kitchen sink and managed to locate where it is coming from (see picture attached).How do I stop the leak.. do I turn the screw in the middle or the bolt at the bottom that connects to the white pipe? thanks, jayne
  36. V

    Grant 50-70 Kerosene Leak

    Hi Folks, Disclaimer up front, I'd normally call in a professional for something like this but in the current climate DIY may be my only option. Our regular plumber, understandably, wont be calling to the house any time soon. Our heating runs off of a Grant 50-70 + RDB2.2 at the back of the...
  37. L

    Exterior boiler water leak

    2012 build house with an external Worcester Bosch Greenstar Camray oil boiler. Two floors of Uponor wet underfloor heating, with boiler installed externally and level with the upper floor, with gravity-fed oil. Today the underfloor heating manifold pumps started to make a racket as did the...
  38. G

    I can't solve a seeping leak issue with my bathroom sink.

    Hello, I am stumped on this after spending hours trying and retrying to make resolve a leak. I installed an RKF CWF028-MB bathroom Faucet fixture. I can't get it to stop leaking between the jam nut and threads on the drain tailpiece. I've included two pictures. Everything else is fine. I've...
  39. M

    Pinhole leak in lead pipe

    Hey guys, I recently had a leak dripping in my kitchen, after searching around for the source I found this. Its under a bath upstairs and pretty inaccessible, just to make things more interesting I guess. I think it’s an old lead pipe with one of the joints of a t piece cut short, squished a...
  40. A

    Underfloor heating - manifold valve leak

    My underfloor heating has sprung a leak where one of the pipes reaches the manifold. I have tried giving it a bit of a clean and tightening it, but to no avail. Every time I re-pressurise the system is goes again. Is it as simple as shutting off the water supply to the heating and replacing the...
  41. R

    What Water Leak Detector

    Hi guys, got another query. I want to get a Water Leak Detector. I know from Amazon that they range from about £60 up to £1000. I want to be able to locate a water leak under say 4" concrete and maybe another 4" below that concrete in soil or hardcore. All help welcome
  42. A

    I was offered to use a leak sealer by a plumber. Concerned...

    I recently bought a house (was built in the 80s) and found 7 minor leaks in radiator valves and pipe joints. My plumber suggested using a leak sealer (Tec7 Plumb) to solve all the issues at once. I insisted to fix them in a more traditional way, so he retightened all nuts and joints but all of...
  43. W

    Pressure loss from sealed system stops when open/closing a zone with 'a leak'

    Hello all, Seeking any input on a matter that seems to defy logic and common sense. Sealed system Oil fired boiler (newish) feeding a large farmhouse from an annex with a good quality install/ pump etc that seems to be doing the job. The system is losing 1 bar per day for a long time. I...
  44. S

    Leak on kitchen ceiling under bathroom shower

    Hi, I've recently been getting drips onto kitchen floor from some leak in the bathroom somewhere. Had previous issues with the sink connections but they have been rectified - so ceiling had some yellowing from this - however there is some new yellowing and the dripping.. The weird thing is the...
  45. L

    Help! Mould smell in wetroom after slow leak and mould removed behind false wall

    Hi everyone, new to this forum and would greatly appreciate any advice. We installed a walk in shower with a false wall to conceal the shower, toilet and wall hung sink pipes. There was a slow leak which led to a lot of mould growth. We opened the shower pockets and cleaned pretty much all the...
  46. H

    intermittent slow leak from cold tank?

    Hi all I have a cold tank (polythene, about 30 years old) and recently there was a pool of water around and under it on its plywood platform. There is no sign of leaks from outlet, overflow etc pipes. A few days later it had dried up quite a lot. A few days more and there was new water, but...
  47. J

    Worcester Bosch 37CDI Combi leaking

    Hi all, Our Worcester Bosch 37CDI has developed a leak from this part, located above the green casing, as you can see from the drip in the picture attached. Could you please tell me what this part is? Many thanks in advance John
  48. F

    Scalemaster 150 water Softner leak

    Hi all I have a Scalemaster 150 water Softner. It seems to be leaking. I'm guessing the water is high in the salt tank which causes it to leak from the over flow. Can anyone advice what I could do?
  49. T

    Siphon continues to leak from lowlevel WC.

    I am having a real problem with a leak that commenced a couple of months back re my folk’s WC. It is a straightforward Armitage Shanks low-level type (relatively old) that started leaking underneath the WC from the siphon connection. I took the thing apart and it appeared that the siphon sealing...
  50. T

    Leak from washing machine pipe - please help!

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I’ve recently moved into a property and have connected my washing pipe, and it’s washing fine, but leaving my under sink shelves soaked. I think it’s coming from the water source (pictured) and not the waste water pipe. It looks to be screwed on tight so not sure...