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  1. F

    Ideal Isar HE30 Condensate Trap

    Hi all, Got home today and the dreaded Ideal Isar boiler had stopped working on me. Error L:F flashing on the control panel Took the front off and noticed a small trickle of water dripping around a small copper pipe on the left hand side According to a few things that I've seen online the...
  2. G

    HA fault on ideal isar 24he.

    Replaced a main heat ex today for a customer on an ideal isar, heating is ok but when running hot water it overheats and comes up with HA fault code, only happens on hot water though. Any way to shift the air from the plate heat ex? Its situated flat in these boilers instead of the usual on its...
  3. Y

    Ideal Isar HE35 Making Clicking and Clunking noise on Startup

    Hi, I have kept this piece of rubbish going for quite a long time and I don't like the idea of getting defeated by it! Every year there is something new to tackle and replace. I will eventually replace it for a real one! I have now got a problem that I can't work out and was wondering if some...
  4. B

    Ideal Isar weird noise

    Hi guys, my boiler was doing it since I bought the house a year ago but now it is doing it more often and all night. Before it kicks in it is making a scratching noise, hard to describe. I tried to show to my gas engineer but of course it was fine when he was at my house. Maybe it is normal for...
  5. P

    IDEAL ISAR Combi boiler

    My son (150miles from me) has had an LF fault on his Ideal ISAR wall hung gas Combi boiler since before Christmas so no central heating - lucky he had installed a woodstove & we'd just fitted a new bathroom with an electric shower. He's had a couple of callouts previously & plumber (acquaintance...
  6. B

    Ideal isar HE30 question

    Hi just a question that will help me in the future hopefully. I was working on said boiler today and the condense trap was completely blocked and had been for a long time to the point it was backed up into the bottom of the heat exchanger. I thought that modern condensing boilers would not...
  7. A

    Recommended replacement for an Ideal ISAR HE24?

    Hi all, So our 13 year old Ideal ISAR HE24 has had it's 20th+ repair under a boiler insurance system we set up as soon as the warranty ran out. It's had no end of problems (I know of them from reading various reports when ours started going wrong!) We've just had yet another part replaced (the...
  8. J

    Ideal ISAR HE 24 Fault.

    hi all i am new to the forum, Im an industrial sparky by trade working in steel works. My sister rents out an apartment the tenant has wrecked it along with the boiler I had the same boiler in my house and had nothing but trouble with so I learnt quiet a bit on them, but of course she doesn't...
  9. A

    Ideal isar HE30 boiler leaking from the diverter valve manifold

    Hi all i have the above boiler thats now in its 14th year of service .Now i know these things dont have a good reputation but i have to say this one has been relatively trouble free till now .Only last week i noticed a steady drip and after a little exploration i worked out its coming from the...
  10. Y

    Ideal Logic 30 combi-boiler: Any good?

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting my boiler changed soon and have been recommended this boiler. live in 1 3 bed semi. Has anyone got it/used it/ got any feedback etc? Thanks
  11. S

    service to comby boiler

    what is the cost of servicing a comby boiler in lincolnshire area
  12. J

    Ideal Isar he30

    Hey guys. I'm new to breakdowns so bear with me! Had a callout on the above boiler this afternoon displaying fault code 'H5' Called tech support as code not listed in MI's. They informed that this is something to do with the code jumpers on the PCB. Told me to replace jumpers with new. Did that...
  13. M

    Isar HE24 H9/L9

    Have a customer with one of these faulting to H9 & L9 - seem to recall last time I had this it was PCB. Any one else had any probs?
  14. J

    isar problem

    hi i have an ideal isar with no display,will i need to change the display board or main pcb,
  15. H

    isar boiler problem

    i have one of these **** boilers installed by the home grant warranty is out and i have no heating or water as i turn the boiler on sometimes the burner light comes on for a brief cuple of seconds then goes blank and does nothing not shaw if its the panel orthe main pcb any help please
  16. quality

    Ideal Isar

    Just to let everyone know I have been called out to service one of these boilers today and did what I should and had the great pleasure of not having to repair it - I have never carried out a service only without having to repair one of these boilers ever and I mean ever. Thought I would try...