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  1. L

    Social Distanced Boiler Installations During COVID

    Customers are looking for clean fast and efficient boiler installers during this weird pandemic. So if you have tips for social distance boiler installers then please do reply to this. A real obvious step is to ask the customer to stay segregated in another part of the home, which means no tea...
  2. Dan

    BOXT Boilers and Boiler Installations - Are you a BOXT Installer?

    BOXT Boilers and Boiler Installations - Are you a BOXT Installer? Seen an advert on TV for a BOXT Boiler. Black friday deal. Wondering if we have any BOXT installers on here and whether they're doing alright with them? "Don't miss out on our amazing Black Friday deals. Save up to £150 off your...
  3. R

    Gas Cert Work vs Installations?

    Hi wondered if I could ask a question about preferences as a registered plumber? In the process of developing a product for registered plumbers which in a nutshell collates requests for gas safety certificates from our network of customers and estate agents and offers them registered plumbers...
  4. A

    cooker and gas fire installations

    Hello I'm doing a gas engineers course and I'm struggling to find any work experience for cooker and gas fire installations. Seems nobody wants new gas fire these days. I'm looking for someone to take me on a job just so I can complete my assignment. I'm based in London and I'm happy to pay if...
  5. S

    Service engineer looking to start installs advice

    Hi i am currently gas service and repair, havent really required any powertools, I have got pflush machine, looking to go a bit into installations, what set of tools would i need for just boiler swaps? I am looking into sds drills and to be honest know. Nothing about them, ill need a core...
  6. W

    *Greater Manchester* - Gas Safe Plumber position

    We're a Manchester based family-run company currently in a decent expansion phase. Our main aim at the moment is to find another member of our team to help us with our current and expanding workload. None of us are Gas Safe, so with you on board you will be the only one doing gas work. - Boiler...
  7. J

    R D Treloar heating and gas installations cheap on Ebay.

    It may not be the most upto date edition. But at £2.81 with free P+P it's a bargain for any keen to learn students at college or otherwise , be quick only 3 copies left.
  8. J

    uk stops all smart meter installations

    i see all smart meter installations in the uk,both gas & electric, have been stopped due to serious health & medical conditions Corporate criminality UK stops all smart meter installations looks like those smart meters are not as smart as was first thought :sad:
  9. H

    PH Jones are recruiting in Nottingham - Heating Interface Unit experience needed

    Hi all, British Gas acquired PH Jones, a leading player in the Social Housing Sector, in May 2011. We now have an exciting opportunity for a Heating Interface Unit Engineer to join the PH Jones team in Nottingham. Rate per hour, £12.43 plus Bonuses and Callout. Location: Nottingham, NG1...
  10. R

    whats your core work?.

    i am interested what folks core work is when at work (excluding sitting on the bog reading the paper).
  11. K

    Goodbye Gas Hello Solar!

    After 25 years installing what I believe to be quality gas boiler installations, training to be Part P approved, I have now taken the plunge to gain a certificate in Solar Thermal. So Tuesday morning I will be sitting in a classroom again in Worcester, eager to learn. Seems to good to be true...
  12. A

    Free labour for gas safe engineers in london area

    My name is Adam, and I am currently doing my NVQ 2 Natural Gas Domestic Installation and Maintenance. I have passed all of my written exams but need to gather pictures and evidence of on site experience. I am a qualified plumber with onsite experience so I am competent in heating theory and...