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  1. Jeffrey Griffin

    Central heating wiring

    Hi there just to ask on wiring for a salus 2 channel programmer. We only have the boiler coming off this at present. We don't want to seperate the rads and water as yet as this wiring is upstairs! So we are using two channel programmer to basically operate the boiler. We have LNE coming off a...
  2. L

    No hot water and heating comes on! Changed 3 port valve.

    I wonder if anyone could help. Problem: We have no hot water and the heating comes on when we switch the hot water on from the boiler programmer to heat the hot water up. Our boiler is a Potterton Suprima or (Supr1ma). What we’ve done so far: My neighbour switched the three port valve so...
  3. N

    Heating / hotwater appliance advice please.

    My daughter lives in a smallish 2/3 bed semi that was built in 2003. The house has one bathroom and an en-suite shower. It has mains gas central heating and hot water supplied from a wall mounted heat only boiler and a Boilermate 2000 thermal store which were installed when the property was...
  4. J

    Should I replace central heating pipework.

    Hi This is my second question and follows on from discoveries made while investigating dropping flow rates where you guys contributed a lot. I have made an access point to the crawl space and had a look around. Let me say at this time we are a living in a cottage so all is on one level. A...
  5. Stants

    Trouble draining Heating system

    Hi all I have an old Vented system header tank etc...... ( im very soon replacing the whole lot ) I need to move the header tank so tried to drain down the system and the Tanks not emptying put hose on downstairs Rad to drain, and water came out but I'm pretty sure all I've done is empty...
  6. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Good morning everyone, I have a big old vicarage which needs a new regular boiler. They also want fancy mixer taps in the kitchen . They have two hot water cylinders linked together, a shower pump and curved old radiators in the bay windows. I'm agonizing over what to do. The easiest option is...
  7. S

    Underfloor heating worries

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with my builder and the plumber who fitted my underfloor heating. In a nutshell, the plumber has laid Hetta aluminium pipes over c. 40 square metres comprising of two zones. The builder has then laid around 6cm of semi dry aggregate-based fibre screed. He's then...
  8. J

    Central heating in a garden outhouse...

    Hi there, I am building a single storey outhouse at the bottom of my garden and I want to install two radiators in there. I’m just trying to ascertain whether it will be feasible to just connect them to my existing central heating circuit in the main house? My current boiler is a Vaillant...
  9. B

    Hot water only when heating radiators.

    Hello. I have a Worcester Greenstar 24 Ri boiler linked to a Megaflo cylinder. The boiler heats water for central heating but when I want hot water only the boiler does not fire up. I can get hot water when the central heating is on, but not ideal in the summer. The boiler is only 18 months old...
  10. D

    Heating water has started heating the radiators as well!

    Hi, Up until a few weeks ago heating the water (we have a water tank) used to heat the radiators in the bathroom and the en suite. For some reason our water heater has started heating all the radiators in the upstairs of the house apart from the bathroom, en suite still heats up though! Any...
  11. A

    Rayburn 499k heating not firing

    Hi all I have a rayburn 499k with a nuway mx burner unit, within the last couple of weeks the boiler side has stopped firing.. no lights on control boxes/ over heat reset trip thrown. Cooker side still working perfectly. There is no attempt to pre purge and no pump/ motors attempting to start...
  12. Ricardo

    eRelax/vSmart "ghost" heating period !

    My problem with a “ghost” setting on my central heating system. I have a Valliant Combi boiler, with the eRelax/vSmart Thermostat. I have the App on my phone, as does my wife, and on an iPad. I have the timings for the Heating coming on at 8am to 9am, and 6pm to 10pm, seven days a week. The...
  13. T

    Heating System Design

    Hello to all I am currently refurbishing and old victorian farm cottage and propose to install a new heating system as per the attached diagram. I would appreciate advice/opinion as to the validity and efficacy of the proposed design attached. To pre empt some likely questions regarding heat...
  14. L

    Noisy Pipes on central heating system

    I'm having some rumbling and water trickling noises in radiators on my central heating system. When the hot water clicks on there is no problem and if the central heating clicks in at the same time again there is no noise - but if the central heating doesn't come on and the thermostat is turned...
  15. M

    Sizing a boiler for heating demand

    Is the usual way of sizing the boiler for a C/H system to add up the kW of all the required radiators. Then add 10% for heat loss in the pipework? I know how to do it with regards to a combi and the flow rate rate required in litres per minute with a 35 degree rise in temperature. Thanks.
  16. R

    moving central heating radiator.

    hi.i'm repositioning radiator in bathroom but there's no isolating valve on pipework..after i've turned electric off to the boiler and drained down the system will i still be able to have a shower,fill the kettle while the radiator is re-plumbed in the new position.thanks
  17. G

    Overflow running when heating or hot water on

    Hi all, I have a customer with open vented system,cold feed from f&e tank is teed into flow just above cylinder coil where in enters attic as expansion/vent which terminates through roof The tank overflows whenever heating or hot water is on and stops as soon as boiler/pump goes off,so it’s...
  18. S

    Central Heating - Pipe Sizing?

    A couple of years ago I had a new central heating system installed as part of a full modernisation. Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with other aspects of the renovation so for a while I’ve been running it without a control system or TRV’s (I have a Honeywell EvoHome set ready to go but...
  19. R

    Underfloor heating clean

    Not cleaned one before any tips before i get involved, not sure its a problem or boiler People tryimg to generate work (Boiler insurance engineers)
  20. M

    Impartial advice on new heating system

    I am renovating an old stone cottage in North Wales and need to install a complete new heating and plumbing system. I'm looking for impartial advice on the total system design and components. I would like to have a system that is cheap and efficient to operate. However, there are some aspects I...
  21. S

    how to stop tapping / clicking noises from central heating pipes even though there not on?

    Changed from a gravity feed boiler system to a combi boiler and had problems with noisy pipes? About 4 weeks ago now had a new combi boiler installed, and from day 1 had noises from the heating pipes even though not on. Thought I was just up grading to a more modern space saving cost efficient...
  22. M

    Heating Water only causes rushing sounds from pump.

    Hi all, Can anyone give me some advice as to why when I switch central heating to water only in summer, it doesn't take long for the sounds of rushing water in and around the circulation pump inside the airing cupboard. If I call for radiator heating and the 3 way valve goes to mid position...
  23. V

    central heating permanently on, faulty motor?

    My central heating won't turn off via the wireless thermostat. I can see that it communicates correctly so suspected a problem with the zone valve. It is a Honeywell 2 port and I notice the manual level is completely loose and I can't lock it in the manual 'on' mode. We have other zones and...
  24. V

    15mm into 22mm into 15mm into 22mm heating

    I have a a 3 story house with a combi boiler on the top floor and a crawl space under ground floor. The heating on the ground floor is rubbish and looking under the floor the pipes are a bodged mess of 15mm copper, 15mm plastic, 10mm copper and 10mm plastic, that is uninsulated and slowly...
  25. R

    New build heating engineer needs pointing in the right direction.

    Hi, I have a vaillant ecotec plus boiler (pre 2012 model) that is giving me hot water issues. It points towards a hot water heat exchanger issue or diverter valve, but I have replaced the diverter valve (old one seemed to still operate as it should as well) so it would seem that wasn't the issue...
  26. C

    Drip from central heating additive vessel. Does it unscrew? I can’t budge it.

    I’ve tried unscrewing this thinking I can use ptfe tape and re-screw it, but it’s not budging. I don’t want to force it if I’m wrong and it doesn’t have a thread. Does anyone know please?
  27. S

    2 seperate heating systems - how do they work together?

    I have recently moved house and trying to understand how my heating systems work, and this is because it seems to be inconsistent. Firstly to explain my setup, I have a normal heating system with a tank in the loft and cylinder in the airing cupboard and Honeywell wall stat. My house also has an...
  28. K

    Noisy grundfos pump central heating

    Hi My pump has started making a loud rattling noise. I’ve undone the screw at the front and no air escaped! Any ideas would be most welcome thanks
  29. P

    Peculiar central heating problem - any ideas?

    Our central heating system "bangs" sometimes when the Hot Water comes on. A single bang. The engineer came and replaced the mid valve actuator. This had no effect. The engineer came back and replaced the mid valve. This seems to have had no effect. We have a recording taken on my iphone when...
  30. R

    Speedfit to copper on central heating systems.

    As per the title. What do you think of using Speedfit in part of the cental heating system? In particular a 15mm x 300mm flexi pipe. Bent at 90 degrees. See link. Not sure what I am dealing with yet but I suspect a leaky Yorkshire elbow below the floorboards. Rather than remove it, clean it...
  31. S

    Help please! Need to identify Central Heating Filter

    Hello, I am a new home owner and I need some help please. I have a filter attached to my boiler (Baxi Combi). The filter does not have a label. I need to identify what the filter is. Apparently these filters come with a sort of circular key to tighten the top. I did not get a key with the House...
  32. C

    I have a Firebird Silverpac condensing boiler

    I have a Firebird Silverpac which is about two years old and it has stopped heating the water. The radiators are fine. I recently lowered the water level in the header tank as it was continuously overflowing. Any advice would be helpful.
  33. S

    2 Rads not heating up

    I have 2 downstairs radiators not heating up. The system was recently power flushed, the plumber highlighted a flow issue, I have removed the radiator and flushed it, after refitting still no flow until I turned off all other radiators in the house then they both warmed up great I thought. As...
  34. P

    About cheap, compact electric heating taps

    As an alternative to traditional tankless heaters, aliexpress sells a variety of cheap taps incorporating a heater, for example: US $20.2 49% OFF|ATWFS Instant Tankless Water Heater Tap Instantaneous Faucet Kitchen Water Heater Crane Instant Hot Water Faucet Digital EU Plug|hot water...
  35. S

    Convert to dual zone heating

    I have a Potterton condensing combi boiler and am looking to convert to dual zone (upstairs and downstairs) The boiler is in the garage and pipes go up to upstairs radiators then dropped down from various rooms to lounge, dining room and kitchen. Could I fit valves to the downstairs piping and...
  36. DripsnDropsBognor

    Help needed from a heating pro

    ever come across a system with no motorised valves, no cylinder stat, no room stat, two heating pipes and only one pump? Pump is concealed within boiler casing floor standing jobbie. Ideal Mexico... Had no hot water due to lack of water in f&e. Now heating ground floor scalding hot, hot water...
  37. N

    Hot water cylinder for heating

    Hi all, new around here so first a brief intro. Keen diy man with plenty of mech and pipe experience.. We have a good solar hot water system and I'm thinking about using this hot water to supply a couple of radiators. My thinking is that during the day the hot water cylinder should be fully...
  38. E

    How to check heating elements in Triton T30i hand wash using a Multimeter

    This is a Triton hand wash, T30i . Can I check whether the Element is working (or broken) using a Multimeter? I attach a photo of the 'Can and Element assembly' unit.
  39. B

    Gas supply and automatic interior switc

    Gas heating is set to come on 2hours per day via interior automatic switch. I would like a neighbour to go and turn gas supply off at mains as she has no key. I am away. Is this safe? but i but I want a neighbour to
  40. bozor

    Dirty water in underfloor heating loops - how big a job to drain/clean them?

    Hi, I have been noticing my underfloor heating taking longer than usual to heat up. Decided to take a look at the manifold and noticed the water in all the loops looking a bit worse for wear: While not super urgent right now, I think I should get that sorted out in the near future. How big a...
  41. I

    Adding UFH as supplementary heating

    I have a gas boiler for DHW and single zone heating (S-plan with TRVs on all radiators). Now I'm retired and my circulation isn't as good as it once was, I have problems in the colder months with cold feet - particularly on tiled or engineered wood panel flooring on the ground floor. I have...
  42. F

    Ideal Combi hot water but noi heating

    Hi all. Daughter's boiler again thanks for help last year. New problem - hot water works fine, but when calls for heat boiler starts and runs for a few seconds then stops. No error messages. My thought is that pump is inop, so boiler starts up but then switches off when the small amount of...
  43. M

    Gravity hot water, pumped heating conversion

    Hi have been asked to fit an unvented cylinder (I’m G3) but the heating system is as follows. ideal Mexico 2 boiler gravity hot water pumped heating 28mm flow and return from boiler to cylinder with 22mm flow and return to boiler with pump for heating. is it possible to put an unvented...
  44. T

    Ideal Logic+heat 24 (not combi)

    Hi I have an Ideal Logic+heat 24 (Not Combi) it is: Alternatly flashing between: 0 (on its own) and C (on its own) when in central heating mode, it works fine on water only, any idea as to the fault? many thanks Tom
  45. C

    Electrics under the bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  46. C

    230 volt central heating box under bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  47. L

    Needing some help - no plumbing knowledge

    Hi - I'm new here. I have a Glow-worm flexicom hx boiler that had a f25 error code and isn't heating my water. I have bled all the radiators, then reset the boiler and now have a f22 code. Can anyone offer advice please. Thanks.
  48. D

    Central heating reset?

    I have split-level heating in a 3 storey townhouse. The control unit on the ground floor is wired and controls the heating on the ground floor and half of the first floor, and the hot water. The unit on the first floor is battery powered and controls the heating for the rest of that floor and...
  49. E

    Can anyone help me with setting up a new water dispencer for the office?

    Hello! This is my first post so I apologise in advance if I've posted in the wrong area. My company just ordered a replacement for the water dispenser in the office. I thought it was as easy as unpacking, plugging in, switching on and placing a water bottle on (sadly in...
  50. C

    Central Heating plan

    Hi Firstly I'm not a plumber or an artist ?....... Could you guys look at my sophisticated plan and tell me if this is correct, advice would be much appreciated. My situation, concrete floors, boiler downstairs I have 4 rads up and 4 rads down and will be running copper solder. Is it possible...