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  1. R

    £1,000 for BPEC Domestic Gas Portfolio Mentor (South West Scotland / Cumbria)

    I've started a Domestic Gas Foundation Course at Clyde College. I need a mentor for the gas portfolio. I am an NVQ 2 qualified plumber, with 11 years experience predominantly in commercial and industrial settings. I have also completed some industrial gas training. I plan to complete training to...
  2. N

    What’s the difference between gas service and safety inspection

    Morning all, Currently studying to be a gas engineer. Could someone please advise me of the difference between a service and a safety inspection when it comes to appliances like fires, cookers and boilers? thanks in advance
  3. S

    What is the requirement for the control of the gas supply in a commercial plant room ?

    Hi, I'm a sparky. We are installing a couple of standard S plan control systems for a couple of new domestic sized system boilers in a residential care home. We also look after the fire alarm here. The client has just had a new tanked gas supply installed on site to supply these boilers which...
  4. B

    Hoval RS 400 Gas Boiler

    I am a Civilian so no knowledge of Boilers really. I'm currently doing a Freelance Building Surveying role for a Charity that runs Care Homes for The Elderly. They have a Hoval that's appx. about 30/35 years old. They have had quotes to remove and replace with Vaillant gas condensing boilers...
  5. C

    Fast track gas safe courses

    Hi all. I am a plumber with 6 years experience, I have my own business and have and NVQ level 2 plumbing qualification, I’m also OFTEC qualified and that has been the bulk of my work but I am now fitting a lot more gas boilers (under supervision) but I really need to get my gas safe...
  6. frittingles

    Gas Meter Installation

    Good morning all, I am currently building a house (standard, residential) in New South Wales, and the plumber installing the gas meter is trying to install the meter in the backyard instead of under the Electrical Cabinet in the front. The reason given was that it wouldn't achieve the...
  7. J

    Need help with gas portfolio

    Looking for a gas safe engineer that would be willing to help me getting my portfolio finished, I work on new builds and struggle to get some of the work needed for the portfolio. I need to get 10x servicing/maintenance jobs with photos, analyser readings, serial numbers and I’d also need them...
  8. G

    gas safe: notification on unvented

    hi i'm gas safe registered i have my g3. i stopped fitting a few years ago when gas safe stopped notifications. i only ever did one maybe two a year so it was not joining yet another scheme in order to be able to notify. Due to covid, with work situations changing thinking i might need to...
  9. K

    Gas Training in Scotland

    I have just completed my training with Scots Gas Training based in Stirling so I thought I would leave a review for anyone who may be considering a career change of direction. I visited a couple of training centres in Scotland before signing up to the Scots Gas Training course, one centre I...
  10. R

    Can't get rid of the smell of gas sewerage leak, under my kitchen sink.

    There is no smell coming out of my sink plughole, never has been. There are no water leaks in the piping and U-bend under my sink. Have tried on several occasions using very strong drain un-blocker and odour remover, to remove smell, but has not worked. Sink plughole never blocks up and water...
  11. D

    Gas pipe work long run from Gas meter in large property

    I am new gas safe and met hard situation when I did gas safety check on large property with 3 acre site. The property is old and large size, installed two 30KW heat only gas boiler to supply CH and DHW, range cooker and gas hob. I was be told the meter is installed at the entrance of the...
  12. T

    black pipe gas elbow or 45

    don’t work. i need something in between to follow outside deck. any suggestions??
  13. H

    Im looking for a gas safe registered mentor

    Hi, im looking for a gas safe registered mentor, I want to get some experience in the gas field, unfortunately I don’t have any experience plumbing or gas. I am currently doing a domestic gas course and I need to get some work done for my portfolio. I am a quick learner and I can travel. I live...
  14. M

    Landlord gas safety certs

    Morning all. Very new to this game after a 10 year hiatus. Any guidance would be much appreciated Sorry if this may seem like a silly question: when carrying out a gas safety cert in a property with a gas fire, do I need my HTR1 (which I dont have) to check integrity of the fire for the...
  15. D

    Glow Worm 30 CXi gas test cap has fallen apart.

    Hi everyone. When I looked in the cupboard where our gas combi boiler is installed, I found a wee white plastic cap which had pretty much disintegrated. A search found it was the cap that's meant to seal off the flue test point - from which a nice breeze from outside was ensuing. As it...
  16. L

    Should I call Cadent for this gas leak?

    Hello, I live in a residential block with communal heating and hot water. Because I smelled a bit of gas in the boiler room, I bought a gas detector and did a survey. Can you please watch the YouTube video on the link below and tell me if you think the reaction of the detector is expected or...
  17. M

    Getting back in to it

    Hi everyone. New to the forum, bit about myself left school straight to college 4 years and completed NVQ level 2&3 and was qualified gas fitter. Due to struggling to find work I left plumbing and heating as I just needed to find a job. With what happening around the world. It looks like I’m...
  18. C

    Help me please- gas rate

    If gas rate fails would this be done to burner pressure? If not what would be cause?
  19. J

    Gas stove DIY modification - is this safe?

    Hi all, I’m a hobby chef with a passion for Asian cooking, hence was looking for a way to tweaking my domestic gas hob to do a better job when cooking with a wok. The problem is that the largest flame on my hob is too widespread to generate the centric heat needed for a proper stir fry. I...
  20. R

    Gas fittings are these push fit?

    Hi guys. Not a plumber just a sparky. Did an EICR on a rental and was looking for the non existent gas bond and just wondered out of curiosity if you can use push fit on gas pipe? Or are these something else? I have only ever noticed soldered joints by meters before.
  21. C

    I’m a trainee gas engineer doing portfolio.

    For electrical thermostats to test you would establish main burner then turn on low, then burner should completely go out. Why is this?
  22. Bbarclays

    Is this an old gas pipe? Pic attached

    Hi there Removed old fireplace on 1950 built bungalow, found under floor pipesx2 joint together. One pipe coming to kitchen and dissapiering under bricks, another coming towards hall. Diameter of pipes 22mm and it is steel pipes.pictures attached. Gas pipe to meter coming from underground...
  23. O

    Is it safe to make recording studio in room with water and gas metre?

    Hi everyone, I would like to put foam acoustic panels all over the walls and ceiling of a room to soundproof it, here are the panels: https://www.amazon.co.uk/A2S-Protection-Acoustic-Soundproofing-Fireproof/dp/B01GAMP2S6/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=fireproof+acoustic+foam&qid=1590420176&sr=8-9...
  24. J

    Gas patio heater service

    Anybody know local firm in Edinburgh Scotland who can carry out a service to a gas patio heater. Tried out the usual cleaning of pilot etc but burner ignites for minutes and starts giving a roaring noise and yellow flame. Could it be a gas/air mixture problem. Thanks.
  25. J

    NG Gas grill connection

    I know very little about plumbing, so I'm not even sure what to ask for and I may use the wrong descriptions of items, so apologies if so. I've done some searching online, but not entirely sure what I need to get. I recently moved into a house that has a gas outlet on the deck. I bought a...
  26. B

    Gas supply and automatic interior switc

    Gas heating is set to come on 2hours per day via interior automatic switch. I would like a neighbour to go and turn gas supply off at mains as she has no key. I am away. Is this safe? but i but I want a neighbour to
  27. M

    Boiler fault. Gas valve ?

    Evening all, I am the unfortunate owner of a very large gravity fed floor standing gas boiler. A few days ago the boiler decided not to come on when there was demand. The pilot light remained on. After a quick look over and attempted relighting the pilot light went out and would never stay...
  28. Y

    LPG Flexi installation concerns!

    In december I had a gas safe registered company carry our an inspection on my food trailer with a view to obtaining a Gas Safety Cert. The engineer informed me that the small bore pipe to my two fryers was not sufficient for the appliances, and that he would also need to fit flexi pipes to the...
  29. PlumbingNoob

    Smelly Odour Randomly Started

    I have had a mystery smell start in my house all of a sudden. The smell is prominent in an adjoining linen closet to my bathroom and appears to e coming from subfloor. My home sits on brick piers (single story) with a dirt subfloor and forced fan subfloor ventilation installed to keep it all...
  30. L

    Gas line for dryer failed inspection

    Gas line for dryer coming out of wall about 3" and runs about 2' along wall then elbows along furnace. Inspector failed and wants specs on stack washer/dryer. Will not return calls, not sure what to do. We took out water lines and vent - no washer/dryer for that room.
  31. J

    Advice? Gas supply valve and meter newly enclosed after house extension. Is this risky?

    Hi, wondering if anyone can offer some advice? We just had an extension in the light-well house (lower ground floor), installing a glass roof to the light-well. This is where our gas and electric meters are, as well as the main supply valve. My concern is that this area used to be open and well...
  32. J

    Advice? Gas meter and main supply valve newly enclosed after house extension.

    Hi, wondering if anyone can offer some advice? We just had an extension in the light-well house (lower ground floor), installing a glass roof to the light-well. This is where our gas and electric meters are, as well as the main supply valve. My concern is that this area used to be open and well...
  33. S

    Tightness testing on gas installations

    Hello. First of all I’m new to this site. I’m in the process of doing my apprenticeship, but now with the current circumstances we are not working. I have a couple of basic questions which no doubt will raise eyebrows, but every body starts somewhere. In tightness testing. Regarding permissible...
  34. A

    My new gas range won't slide all the way in. Can I remove the 90 degree elbow?

    Hey guys. Looking for some advice on the best way to make my new range slide all the way in. Currently, the pipe and gas connector sticks out 6" from the wall. The range has a 4" deep recess. So I have to reduce the stick-out by 2". I was thinking about just removing the 90 degree elbow (circled...
  35. D

    Gas grill hose connection

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me. I need to connect an outdoor NG grill to an existing outside NG supply connection. I need to get the right hose to attach to my grill. A few background facts: -My Grill requires 124000 BTUH Total gas consumption with all burners set to HI -My Grill...
  36. P

    High gas usage bill?

    Hi - hope someone can give some advice! Have had a vaillant ecotec 630 installed with unvented cylinder, mains pressurised supply with digital thermostat in the living room. It is a 5 bed, 3 bath house. The dual fuel bill for 2 months was £600, 545kWH per month for the electricity and 4,640kWH...
  37. N

    Is my Gas installation at home domestic or commercial?

    I had a problem with my Gas boiler and called an engineer out from a local Crondall, Surrey UK company. The engineer felt my installation was commercial even though past engineers over 13 years have never said anything like this. My installation is different as I have 2 x worcester bosch 30cdi...
  38. P

    Honeywell gas valve shutting off

    Type4600 valve shuts a minute or so after burners ignite. Have tested two thermocouples (existing one and a replacement) and getting 25 mV from each. Is there any additional diagnostic I should consider before sinking cash into new valve?
  39. D

    Gas safe experience Nottinghamshire

    Hi I am working towards completing my gas safe training. I am looking to work along side someone in the field in order to gain experience and to complete the necessary portfolio. I have some experience and am willing to graft. Some compensation can be offered on completion of the portfolio. I’m...
  40. M

    Internal gas line - low carbon steel

    Hi guys, I’m looking for some advice, I’ve searched all of google and can’t find anything on this topic. I’m currently getting all the rads changed in my home, while getting this done the plumber/gas engineer has advised I change my gas line. My house was built in the 1930’s, the current...
  41. R

    Removal of redundant gas pipe

    Hi Guys, I am not a gas engineer but would like advice on a job I have been quoted. There is a high level gas heater that has to be taken out of service, around 5mtrs up. There is a chance we will want to re-instate it in a year or two so the unit will stay in situ. The room is used for storage...
  42. M

    Gas Pipe

    This may be a very simple question, but...if I have a gas meter on a site boundary elevated 10m above a plant room does this mean that I should now be sizing the pipe for no more than 0.5mbar drop?
  43. T

    Recruiting Gas Engineers (Domestic) and Site Installers

    Recruitment opportunities available. If you’re an experienced gas engineer or plumber in the West London area, then please do not hesitate in contacting us. As a growing business we have regular positions become available. We have 2 companies both focused on different aspects of plumbing and...
  44. centralheatking

    Gas Installers Opinions On a Gas Fire Please

    I surveyed a property today. There is an old valour 4 radiant gas fire in the sitting room. I am concerned because it is certain that the room is being used as a permenant bedroom for a terminally ill family member. It’s beyond my remit but the lady has this fire on 24/7 when she is awake and...
  45. F

    Gas Council Number Database

    Apologies if this isn’t the right group but I’m trying to put together a small website for my Dads business and I really want to get hold of the GCN database. I’ve googled until my fingers have bled with no joy. Does anyone know who/how you get a copy of this database or who owns the data? any...
  46. C

    Advice about metal plate which has fallen out of Gas Fire

    I am hoping you can help me, I live in a high wind area and following the recent storms I noticed that when I got home a metal plate had fallen from the top of my gas fire and become lodged inside the fireguard, from what I have managed to research online my fire appears to be a Baxi Allure...
  47. C

    Help new boiler installation not registered at gas safe

    Hi all My boiler installation was done by a gas safe registered installer but he didn’t register it (May 18). What should I do? I can’t get him to respond to me at the moment. I need a gas safe certificate and can’t get it if it’s not registered is that right? Thanks
  48. H

    Gas Oven Conversion Advice

    Hi I recently moved back to Europe from the Middle East and shipped my belongings. In that shipment was a Bosch gas cooker/oven. When in the Middle East it was using gas cylinders as there was no mains gas. Now I am back in Europe I would like to use it if possible, however the sticker on the...
  49. T

    25 years experience gas heating engineer looking for new role London area

    Hi I'm a 57 year old mature gas heating engineer 25 years experience looking for a good solid position in London. Have all ACS quals, unvented and analyser. Previously held OFTEC, part P and LPG. Also have F-gas and BS4872 welding. Ex-forces so have insane work ethic. If anyone has anything...
  50. leelister6

    Focal point gas fire logs

    Have a customer with a Focal Point Colima fire and the logs and log support are missing. Focal point have informed me that these are now obsolete. Had a trawl through web and unable to find anyone who does them. Are there any companies that you chaps use that may be able to supply? Thanks