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gas safe register

  1. E

    I am looking for help to complete my gas course

    Hi all hope all is well I am 24 with a NVQ L1 & L2 in plumbing, I wanted to further my skills and become gas safe, I have started college and have completed all my theory and practical in class and I have hit a brick wall. I had someone that was gas registered and now has had something come up...
  2. C

    Best Route to Becoming Gas Safe Registered: NVQ Level 2 + Gas Course or Gas Course Only?

    Hello, I've done the C&G Level 2 in Plumbing Studies. I'm currently working as a plumber's mate (part-time). Eventually, I'd like to become Gas Safe registered and work on LPG - at leisure sites and maybe on boats, etc. Any comments or advice on how best to get there? Should I do the Level 2...
  3. L

    Runcorn Woman Fined For Falsely Claiming She Was Gas Safe Registered

    Catherine Dick was prosecuted by Halton Borough Council Trading Standards. The 33-year-old from Clayton Crescent in Runcorn, pleaded guilty to two offences of making false claims when she appeared at Chester Crown Court. Dick, trading as ACN Heating and Plumbing Services of Clayton Crescent...
  4. S

    Gas safe registration

    Evening all Could someone tell me please if there is a deadline between passing the acs and getting registered on gas safe? I passed my acsin June and just want to make sure I'm not running out of time to register Thanks in advance
  5. C

    Landlord's gas safety check reminder software or app

    Hello! I would like to send out annual gas safety check reminders to my customers and wondered if there is a better way than using an excel spreadsheet and manually sending emails. Any ideas welcome. Thank you
  6. Jamie Leask

    Landlord Gas safety check. Operating pressure

    So I was doing a gas safety landlord check on a vaillant ecotec 835 and the meter was so far away from the flat that by the time I got there the boiler got to temp and would momentarily shut off and I couldn’t get a full reading for a gas rate. I tried numerous times. In the end I got the...
  7. M

    Looking for reccomendation/advice regarding doing gas safe/plumbing course

    Hi there looking for some advice or direction on what to do. I have seen this on internet Its a gas safe course but im not sure if its legitimate. I am 21 years helping family business and have now decided wanting to do something practical.
  8. A

    Gas Safe Engineer doing a foreigner - what should I ask?

    My step mother has had several quotes for a boiler replacement. The first one was from Homeserve as she had boiler insurance. This quote is a minimum of 30% higher than the other quotes she has received when you add in the fact that it is for installation only (boiler is free!!). One of the...
  9. N

    Advice on work done by gas safe engineer

    Hi Guys - sorry but this is going to be a long post! Recently had some work done in my house to move a boiler, clean cold water tank and pressurize central heating system - this was done by a gas safe registered engineer. Another plumber has come over to do other work in the house and he has...
  10. D

    Gas safety certificate

    First post so apologies if its in the wrong place. If a gas grill on a gas cooker doesn't light due to no gas is it classed as AR as flame picture cannot be determined.
  11. B

    Trainee Gas Safe Engineer seeking Portfolio help

    Hi, I am currently undergoing my Gas Safe Training and need the support / help from one or two Gas Safe Engineers to profile help in completing my portfolio. I am based in Oxford, but willing to travel up to to 60miles Any offers of help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. B

    Gas safe course registration

    Does anybody know how long the course is in UK for gas safe.thinking about getting gas registered. I'm based in northern Ireland, the course over here takes 3 month
  13. D

    Becoming gas safe for cookers.

    Hi, Just looking for advice from anyone who may be able to help..time served plumber bit have never done my gas,done ccn1 as part of my apprenticeship but everyone had to do it. All I am looking to do is alter gas pipe & connect hobs.I do alot of kitchens for joiners & it's a pain having to get...
  14. P

    First Gas Safe Inspection

    Hi Guys, Hoping some of you can help me out slightly as I’m bricking it at the minute. I am going to register for my own Gas safety registration soon and am really worried about the inspection. I have always been under an employers registration and have never actually have a inspection of my...
  15. J

    Gas safe portfolio help

    I was just wondering whether anyone could help me out that has recently completed or is currently completing their gas safe portfolio. I’m on my 3rd year of apprenticeship and have started my gas in the October just gone, I work on new build homes so I find it difficult to gather photos as I’m...
  16. J

    How To Become Gas Safe

    I currently live in a house with oil heating and an electric cooker but we’ve saved up enough to buy a house of our own. Me and emma ( my girlfriend) have found 3 houses that look ideal. 2 of them have gas cookers with a gas boiler and the 3rd one has a gas cooker with the option to have an...
  17. J

    Gas safe embroidered logo

    Are there any legit places that sell the embroiderd logo other than the gas safe shop ? I’ll go there if I have to but at £7.20 each after shipping and tax it seems a bit steep. I can only seem to find the iron on ones.
  18. D

    Gas Safe private forum?

    Not been on in a while, can someone direct me to the GSR private form? I have a question regarding meter sizing and calcs. Thanks
  19. J

    Gas safe registered card

    So I passed my domestic gas assements before Xmas ( CCN1, CPA, CENWATand got my certificate from Bpec today telling me I’m now on the gas safe register. How do I get the actual gas safe I.d card ? Tried phoning gas safe and bpec but they are both closed. It was done through the company I work...
  20. O

    Newly qualified Gas safe engineer (Berkshire)

    Hi I completed my new entrants gas safe course in December 2017 since I have been working for a self employed plumber/ Gas engineer. During my period working for him I have assisted in installing & repairing Boilers/ Cookers and full plumbing systems including bathroom appliances. If anybody...
  21. S

    Landlord Gas Safety check

    My Annual Gas Safety check expired 2 months ago and after repeated emails to the Landlord asking when it would be done (every year its about 2 or 3 months late --going on now for 17 years ) the gas fitter from last year attended --he spent the entire 15 minutes in the airing cupboard where the...
  22. S

    Electronic self certification - gas safety register

    Hi guys I'm after some help with something that maybe fairly obvious. Boring stuff to do with the gas safety register website. I have a client who is a house builder, they are after getting habitation certificate done in one house from local authority and on Monday I have commissioned the gas...
  23. Tony

    Advice Please on a NEW BUSINESS OPNENING as a Gas Safe Engineer

    Hi everyone, am about getting a van for my business as a Gas safe engineer. what do I need to put into consideration towards establishing business. which company sector offer a good public liability insurance for business what are the major TOOLS do I need to get in the van for as business...
  24. I

    Help? Gas safe engineers?

    I am looking for a gas safe registered engineer who would be generous to take me on to help me complete my gas portfolio also to teach me about the onsite gas work too. I am a very focused hard working lad. I already have my level 2 and 3 plumbing City & Guilds diplomas and i have worked onsite...
  25. I

    Looking for a gas safe registered mentor

    Hi, I am looking for a gas safe registered engineer who would be generous to take me on to help me complete my gas portfolio also to teach me about the onsite gas work too. I am a very focused hard working lad. I already have my level 2 and 3 plumbing City & Guilds diplomas and i have worked...
  26. L

    Question about lpg gas safe

    Got gas safe lpg engineer to fit pipework for boiler around building for gas But got alarmed done all the work an put slabs down as it doesnt comply with regulations is right by electrics next to ac units Also is less then 30 from opening window and on wooden building I'm a bit annoyed with...
  27. E

    Gas Safe probation inspection

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have my Gas Safe inspection coming up on Monday and this will take place at my house. I will be carrying out a service on the boiler and doing the basic checks. Even though my background is fires and fireplaces. But the fire has been capped off a while ago. Note...
  28. Tony

    newly qualified Essex/London gas safe engineer in need of Job

    Hi guys, I have just joined this forum, am a newly qualified registered gas safe engineer in Essex area and am looking for a job in Essex/London area. I have put in applications but meanwhile I am also in need of someone to take me up paid or unpaid so I can keep up with my skills. please your...
  29. Karl

    Gas safe advice please

    hey guys I’ve been thinking about doing my gas, I have previous gas experience (the company I did my apprenticeship with) but after I left I went with a company that specialises in oil. I want to stay with this company but potentially broaden my skills. Obviously the problem I have is I won’t be...
  30. Inverness

    Landlord gas safety check demo

    can someone show me the correct way of filling this form out? I was told I don't need to take max and min ratios because it's not a service. This would be great.
  31. P

    gas safe initial inspection

    I have my initial gas safe inspection coming up after successfully completing my ACS a few weeks ago - and, it's fair to say i'm slightly nervous. Not particularly because I think i'm not capable of doing the various process' you have to follow, but doing them in the right order, whilst under...
  32. M

    Gas Safe Inspection.

    I’m just about to get my GS card, I’ve read on the website that within the first 3 months il have, anything from, 1 to 3 visits from a gas safe inspector. What can I expect from these visits? Are they generally there to make sure you’re working safely? Thanks in advance
  33. PrA

    Help for building a gas safe portfolio

    Hi A month ago I completed a two-year Domestic Gas Engineer foundation training. Unfortunately, the opportunity they offer me for a work placement to build my portfolio is in Leeds, and I live in London. I'm just wondering if there's a certified gas engineer who can help me build the portfolio...
  34. M

    Looking for a gas safe mentor

    Hi, I just finish my college.And for my gas safe portfolio I m looking for a mentor. And I don't mind paying for this. I live in Manchester,And I don't mind travelling. Pm me for my info Thanks.
  35. J

    Gas safe registered plumber may have fitted boiler against terms of the lease

    The management company for my block of flats flushed an external pipe the other day and it forced all the debris into the waste pipe for my washing machine (which my condense pipe also goes in to) [ and into my condense pipe also. The boiler makes a gurgling sound when you turn it on so I...
  36. C

    Unica He 28 Code 10 Fixed In 15 mins By Gas Safe Professional

    Hi, I'm an electrician registered with the NICEIC. When it comes to protecting my job I have a hissy fit with all the DIYers out there. My boiler, a Vokera Unica He 28 had a recurring fault that would often be resolved by doing a reset. The problem was that it would attempt to start up then...
  37. A

    bpec gas safety course require help

  38. J

    Gas Safe & F-Gas Engineers wanted for ongoing work Midlands Area Top Rates Paid

    We are looking for Gas Safe and F Gas certified Engineers for ongoing self employed contracts fitting gas and solid fuel boilers, heating systems and Airsource Heat Pumps. Top market rates paid. If you are interested give Me a pm
  39. A

    CP12 Gas Safe Cert & Lodger & Hob Ventilation Requirements

    Hi everyone I would be grateful for some advice from someone with Gas Safe Certification please I have a kitchen around 7m square (so above the 5m rule but below the 10m rule) I have a modern condensing boiler room sealed. I have a gas hob with mechanical extractor hood above with extractor...
  40. J

    Gas safe registration

    Hi I am new here. I am an lpg engineer. I originally did my acs around 6 years ago. I have recently registered myself with gas safe as I no longer work as an employee for the company I originally qualified with. I am now also an employee of another company as I carry out other engineering...
  41. Matt0167

    Access to gas safe forum

    Hi guys , Anton know why i cant access the gas safe forum , i can only access the public one I have sent my details over a few months back ??
  42. M

    Gas safe probation inspection

    Any one recently had one of this? Are you asked to show jobs you have completed? Or just quized on your knowledge?
  43. P

    Gas safe inspection at hotel

    Got a gas safe inspection at a hotel next month anyone been to one One whats it like.
  44. S

    Ableskills fastrack gas safe engineer course

    Hi, I have no previous experience in plumbing or any trade, however I am interested in training as a gas safe engineer. I am looking to do the fast track gas safe engineer course with able skills. My friend who is now a gas safe engineer working for a company said he did a course with able...
  45. Savva

    Gas Safe Registered Engineer needed- good rates. SW London

    Hi, we're a small firm with a a growing client list in the B2B sector, letting agents, property professionals & landlords. We need someone with a "can-do" attitude which for us, is more important than your experience or technical skill/ knowledge. You will be working in a reactive & planned...
  46. A

    Digital / Electronic format for Gas Safety Record etc

    hi currently i am doing a cost for my business and i would like to go paper-free I am looking into getting a digital / electronic format certificates like CP12 , CP14 , CP26 and CP8 forms etc. can anyone advice me the best route or how i go about it i have a tablet and laptop available to use...
  47. M

    Average hourly rate for a gas safe plumber

    At present what is seen as the average or decent rate for a gas safe plumber employed be someone?
  48. J

    Gas safe portfolio contents?

    Hi I am starting my gas safe in around 6 months and my employer has told me to start taking photos and build up a portfolio ready for when I start. I was just wondering if anyone is currently doing or recently finished their gas and could give me an idea of what photos I need if possible...
  49. J

    Gas safe portfolio contents?

    Hi I am starting my gas safe in around 6 months and my employer has told me to start taking photos and build up a portfolio ready for when I start. I was just wondering if anyone is currently doing or recently finished their gas and could give me an idea of what photos I need if possible...
  50. D

    Gas safe for smart meter trainee engineer

    Hello all, looking for a new job and trainee smart meter fitter in a fourteen week course turned up. The course involves a mix of classroom and field instruction and lasts fourteen weeks, the recruiter states the course is part self funded and the rest by an employer. Is fourteen weeks enough to...