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  1. L

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer https://www.glow-worm.co.uk/homeowner/find-an-installer/ I love it when the manufacturers help their installers out like this. Not all manufacturers seem to do it.
  2. Dan

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?
  3. M

    Shower screen fittings

    We got our curved screen from dolphin bathrooms who no longer exist. As soon in the picture, this part is now broke and needs replacing? Who was there manufacturers or where can I get this part?
  4. K

    I cant find the cold water valve shut off

    Please see the pics. I can not find the cold water shut off valve. Just trying to replace the tap in my bathroom and want to shut off the hot and cold water. Hot water is off now. The left valve on the pics is the hot one and logically the right should be cold one. Its just not turning...
  5. D

    Where to find >25m, 8mm, plastic sleeved pipe

    I have a tank to install. No static head, about 25m run. Don’t want any joins. Check the books - says I should use 6mm pipe. Cant find a source of 6mm sleeved Copper pipe anywhere. I guess it’ll be 8mm then. Can only find max of 25m rolls of 8mm sleeved. Check distance to tank ...... 26...
  6. B

    Please help me find a specific product

    I just got a table dishwasher which im connecting to my kitchen sink, however having to take the adapter thingy off/on the sink every time i need to use either sink or dishwasher is a huge pain in the a***. If possible id like a product that allows me to switching between 2 taps or seomthing...
  7. J

    Gas patio heater service

    Anybody know local firm in Edinburgh Scotland who can carry out a service to a gas patio heater. Tried out the usual cleaning of pilot etc but burner ignites for minutes and starts giving a roaring noise and yellow flame. Could it be a gas/air mixture problem. Thanks.
  8. A

    Uk .. Old toilet waste capped and concreted over.. trying to find

    Hi I removed a high level toilet from my garage 28 years ago... From memory ..i capped the soil pipe that was coming from below the concrete floor and then concreted the floor smooth... I am now trying to reinstall a toilet.... The problem is that i can see an oblong in the concrete and have...
  9. Bbarclays

    Help to find Radiator beteween valves 1350 mm

    Hi there I already removed old radiator because repainting room. I would like to change radiator to new one, also I would like not to drain system. Space between valves 1350 mm. Not sure wich radiator fits in new place. Return valve ends 20 mm male, inlet ends 15 mm male. Anyone with experience...
  10. K

    where would you find gooseneck

    where would you find a gooseneck
  11. C

    URGENT Old radiator and no key, how do i bleed or just replace?

    I have a very old radiator for which we cannot find a key for. It desperately needs bleeding, any ideas on how I can do it or is it time for a new radiator?
  12. A

    Replacement controllers.....

    Hey all, need to find a replacement control unit for my air/water heat pump. Does anyone have have any links that I can try? Thanks for any help
  13. M

    Manufacturer of ARCO MINI STOP VALVES.

    I am trying to find out who the manufacturer is for ARCO MINI STOP VALVES. Does anybody know this?
  14. B

    Orkli VZ-2V valve.I can't find info. on this.(normally closed?-Wiring?)

    Fault seems to be an Orkli VZ-2V in a log burner/buffer tank system.The valve is difficult to access & I can't find info.Is this a 'normally closed'valve(open when powered)?Does switch send 230v from grey wire to orange at end of run?
  15. darrenjames10

    Van tool theft, Stealth Tool Tracker will help you find your stolen tools

    Everyone needs one of these, not just for your tools, it is 24hr tracking regardless of what property you are trying to keep hold of, just connect it to a cheap tool such as a torch and leave it in PLAIN Sight, it WILL be stolen with your precious personal items, and you WILL find them. Prices...
  16. Gordon

    Oil Central Heating Quote

    Plumber has quoted me £9,000 to install 1300Lt Oil Tank, Grant 36e External Combi Boiler, 5 small radiators and 2 large radiators. No VAT. Plus another £100 to sign off. Electrician quoted £370 to supply Nest Thermostat and conect to boiler. Builder wants £500 to lay the slab for the oil tank...
  17. M

    Can't find my filling loop!

    I need to pressurise my Vaillant ecoTEC plus 618 Boiler, but can't find the filling loop! It's not under the boiler itself... (IMG_1696.jpg) And I'm uncertain about the pipes around the water tank upstairs (see pictures attached) -- can you see anything there? Where do you think it could be?
  18. rpm

    Need help to find this shower tray

    Evening all, Looking for old fashion deep shower tray for my boat and seeing as boats can rock around it needs to be a deep one. Have max of 700mm width and up to 1000mm long, just to make things harder the waste needs to be down the long side and can't be in a corner. Thanks in advance.
  19. K

    Cannot find water shut off

    So we have had a hissing toilet for ages but for the life of me I cannot find the shutoff valve. Im assuming its the file valve seal thats faulty. There is a chance that the valve is outside on the street. What would I be looking for if it is. There is a small metal cover outside but I dont wont...
  20. S

    Main water valve, cannot find it

    Hi there, I have just bought a flat in an old tenement building in Edinburgh. I was trying to close the cold and hot water for the tap in the kitchen so i searched underneath the sink, but there are no valves attached to the two pipes that go in the tap. I have followed the pipes and they go...
  21. M

    Heating/hot water issue - unable to find anything similar

    Hello, Apologies if this is a very simple fix and I haven't yet found the solution. I have a Y-Plan, open vented system with a Worcester Greenstar Ri generally everything functions as expected except for one particular situation and that is: If the hot water is on and I switch the heating on...
  22. J

    Pressure low - can't find valve to repressurise

    Hi all, I cannot find the valve to repressurise the boiler, bled the rads earlier and the CH has cut off. I've attached the below images, can any body see the correct valve here I've tried a few variations with no success. Thank you
  23. A

    Difficult to find radiator size

    Hello. I need to replace a radiator 2250 x 450mm. I'm finding it hard to find a new one that size. I see Radson make one that size but I have found no UK stockists. Does anyone know where I should look? Screwfix has a 2200 x 500 which would do at a pinch but I'd rather get the exact size. Thanks
  24. J

    Can you find me a spare part??

    Had my shower tray fitted in May 2011 and my chrome effect shower waste cover has broken and looks dreadful. I’m struggling to find a replacement. Any ideas greatfully received
  25. B

    I need to find a macerator that can deal with bath...

    Help, I am trying to find a macerator that can deal with bath, wc, hand basin and washing machine, 32mm evacuation max. Distance to exit drain up 2 metres and horizontal 10 metres. The bath seems to be the problem when searching. Any advice welcome
  26. G

    I cant find a 1650 x 700 steel bath to replace old cast iron.

    Looked everywhere and I cant find a 1650 x 700 steel, not acrylic bath. 1650 x 750 is too big. I don't fancy chasing in a 1700 bath. Can anyone help? Cheers to anyone who can im going in circles searching online.
  27. Best

    Came home to find plumber has flooded my house!!

    Just come home early from my holidays and discovered the plumber I have employed must have caused water damage. Looks like he has drilled through his new pipework! Do you think I should now sue him? ;)
  28. R

    Cant find 90mm Shower Waste!!

    Please can anyone help? I am looking for a shower waste in the same style as the picture below (i.e. grate with a threaded tail pointing straight down) However, the flange must be 90-95mm, to fit the shower tray I have. I have looked everywhere trying to find one, but with no luck. Can anyone...
  29. K

    Can't find leak from our ch/boiler, losing a ton of water somewhere!

    Hello, really hoping someone can help ... We've been losing pressure on our hot water system for about a year now. It worked fine over summer but now winter's kicked in we're having to top up several litres every day to keep the boiler working (it switches itself off after about half an hour...
  30. B

    seeking UK 40mm bath waste that will connect to 52mm hole in German steel bath

    We are buying a Kaldewei (German) steel bath, which has 52mm outlet and waste holes. Kaldewei's own (hugely expensive) waste range looks a bit iffy for connecting to normal 40mm plumbing. Has anyone done this? How did you do it? Failing that, can anyone recommend a UK, 40mm waste that will...
  31. P

    Please help find these fittings

    Quick story, our fridge hasn't been connected up to water for awhile. Went to get the fittings but they was not all there. Now i'm unsure where to find the fittings in the pictures. Obviously i have one side but i need the same fittings for the other side. So if any one could point me in the...
  32. T

    Can't find a 26mm tap aerator anywhere?

    Hi all, the aerator on my kitchen tap has worn out over time and needs replaced. I measured it at 26mm, and upon searching, found that such a thing didn't appear to exist. Thinking I may have been measuring wrong, I ordered both a 24mm (which was too small) and a 28mm (which was too big). I'm...
  33. Dan

    Find a Heating Engineer From Our Forum

    If you're a homeowner with heating-related issues then you need to find a heating engineer instead of seeking advice about fixing it. Too many DIY and weekend warriors try to gain advice online. It's not safe to do so. Post your job on the forum and let one of our lads quote for the work for...
  34. A

    BS 6896 Radiant tube heaters

    Don't suppose any of you good people know where i can obtain a copy of BS6896? ideally for free but don't mind a reasonable cost. I refuse to pay the extortionate figures iv'e been quoted. Personally find it offensive what they charge for BS and IGE documents. No wonder there are so many iffy...
  35. B

    Best DeSludger

    Hello folks, I'm just wondering what the experts recommend as far as desludging chemicals are concerned. I think that if I can find a really good one then this might be of benefit to my system. I would also appreciate a recommendation as regards a quality inhibitor to put in afterwards. I have...
  36. J

    Baxi 552 BBU - burner re assembly after clean out

    I reported on this forum last weekend my success in cleaning out 552 burner and removing lint trapped in filter. This cured a yellow burning flame - very pleased with result EXCEPT:- I am getting a lot of expansion clicking and ticking now from what I reckon is the burner when cycling on and...
  37. L

    1 inch pipework

    Hi We are restoring an old house and are putting in cast iron radiators. Does anyone know where I can get nice radiator valves for this size pipework? I've been searching the internet but cannot find anything suitable. Thanks for your help..... LilyAnna
  38. C

    Flues in voids

    Oh dear, seems Gas Safe & the HSE have been a bit busy over the last couple of days. New TBs released saying that after 31 Dec 12, flues in voids with no inspection hatches, that are otherwise working safely, become AR.
  39. H

    Slightly warmish rad

    My bolier is fairly new; in the loft and is serviced regularly. I have 8 rads and hot water from that. 4 up. 4 down. The problem is the rad in the downstairs dining room; it never gets really hot; lukewarm at most. We replaced it last week and it was hot for a while but has now reverted to...
  40. D

    Registration info

    Hello all , thinking off going self employed and just wondering how to go about going gas safe registered is it worth it and what like are the fees paperwork etc.
  41. H

    Spa 87

    Trying to find upper 3KW immersion and timer for 3 X 1KW immersion heaters (lower cylinder) for a Spa 87 unvented cylinder(Omega???). On the side of the cylinder it had a Warwick address, but the phone lines dead.Any help greatly appreciated.:confused:
  42. T

    no drain off valve....

    just been round a friends house to replace a kitchen tap , no drain off valve on hot or cold anywhere in the house, looked at the feed for the out side tap and it had no stop cock or check valve , just straight into the mains. apparently all the plumbing was done by a very well established...
  43. J

    Guarantee for work done

    What is the liability time for work we do in the domestic home,i accept that now and again we have to go back to rectify something but if a pipe lets go or our workmanship slipped on that day and there's water damage.I ask as I am comming out of self employment and after research if I cancel my...
  44. M

    City & Guilds 6129

    Hi all, Is there any websites which have questions and answers for the C&G 6129 for revision help. A bit like the swindon massive site which helps electricians. Thanks in advance mani
  45. M

    Doing a Technical Certificate level 2 and hoping to find some experience in W Yorks.

    Im currently doing my Technical Certificate Level 2 at Castleford Skills XChange and I'm hoping to find someone in the local area who is looking for a labourer, or trainee, so I can get site experience and upgrade to an NVQ Level 2 with the site visits required. I have experience working as a...
  46. S

    Ravenheat HE85 T faulty

    hi everyone, Ive just been to a ravenheat he 85t combi boiler and the heating and hot water are not working. Ive check that there is power, gas supply and made sure that the pump is working and my first thought was the fan. So followng the fault finding in the brochure and even enquiring...
  47. D

    Starter tools help??

    Hi i was just wanting to know if anyone could point out some good tools to buy for me as im new to the game and will be doing plumbing and gas work. I also dont wana pay through the roof prices. Also any advice on what tools to buy first etc. (essential tools) thanks dan :);)
  48. M

    wet rooms and level access

    now i havent fitted wet rooms or a level access shower - but the opportunity may arise for me to get into the disabled market, now before i take on any work im a firm believer of researching everything twice haha, thing is this i have a proffesional tiler who does work for me so tiled floors are...
  49. B

    aerated block

    can anyone tell me where it mentions not to use aerated blocks in catchment areas .I know about not using them but i could not find it in the corgi book today when a customer asked me to proove it to the builder. thanks ant
  50. W

    Pressure Release Device

    Hi, can anyone tell me how easy is it to fit a new PRD into my Triton amber electric shower?