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  1. L

    Ecocent experienced service engineer needed Worthing area

    Our Ecocent 300l needs a service and possibly new parts. It ran constantly last week resulting in water temperature getting to 78 degrees.
  2. F

    seeking experienced advise on an intermittent fault on ideal logic combi?

    My own boiler at home has developed an intermittent fault causing an ignition lock out every week or two when there is a demand for hot water. When reset the boiler runs without issue for a week or two. This fault only occurs on HW demand, there has never been a lock out on CH demand. Ideal tech...
  3. R

    Looking for experienced plumber to sign off NVQ Level 2 Assignments.

    Asking if there are any experienced plumbers (In Kent) to help me complete my NVQ Level 2 assignments. Please PM if you are available, would greatly appreciate any help.
  4. plumb_know

    Looking for experienced plumber - kent

    Hi, We are looking for a Reliable experienced plumber to join the company, we are based near maidstone in kent. We carry out a variety of work from small maintenance jobs to full bathroom renovations & heating system installations. The position would be on a self employed basis, own van/tools...
  5. DTSconstruction

    CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Experienced plumbing/heating engineer in SE England

    Experienced Plumbing & Heating Engineer Established in 2013, DTS Construction Solutions offer a 24-hour emergency call out service for home owners and insurance companies. We are looking for a new plumber to join our team. DTS Construction Solutions not only offers heating, plumbing and...
  6. P

    Experienced in fitting pre-formed (under tile) tray in wetroom

    Hello, I am installing a new en-suite and need an installer who is experienced in fitting a pre-formed tray and waste outlet into a concrete floor, ready for tiling, as in wetroom) and also some additional plumbing work. I am private house owner in the East Grinstead area which is on the borders...
  7. M

    Looking for experienced plumbers!! IMMEDIATE START, excellent rates of pay, company vehicle.

    Ultraheat Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd are Hiring!! We are a family run business located in Ferndown, Dorset. We are looking for experienced plumbers to join our busy team. Must have at least 5 years experience, confidence when working, be able to work as a member of a team or on own...
  8. plumberofyourchoice

    Hire Experienced Plumbers in Melbourne for Blocked Drains

    Plumbing issues are quite common in every household and these problems are often caused due to lack of maintenance. Proper installation of plumbing fixtures is not the only solution for avoiding plumbing issues. Pipes, fixtures and drains require cleaning and maintenance ever so often to prevent...
  9. DjClubber

    Experienced Plumber NVQ 2 Required If Possible: -

    Firstly, hi everyone. Can anyone help me out with this please? I want to gain my NVQ without having to go through the 6129 or 6035 if I am able to. I am experience and have Gas Safe, OFTEC, PART P, In-Vented, Energy Efficiency, Water Regs, WIAPS, WATERSAFE but not a Plumbing Qual. My question...
  10. T

    First post and seeking a plumber who is experienced fitting gasification boiler etc

    First post and am hoping this forum will result in our finding the right person. Seeking an experienced plumber to fit: Orligno 25kW Wood Gasification boiler 1000 litre buffer 100-litre expansion Effectively all the pipework between boiler / buffer and expansion tank. Also need feed pipes...
  11. J

    Venturi shower experienced plumber wanted

    Any plumbers out there in my OX49 5ST area (High Wycome, Oxford, Aylesbury) who are experienced with Ideal Standard Boost venturi showers?
  12. S

    Experienced Gas engineer in west London

    I am looking for a experienced Gas engineer to who I can pass on work in West London ! Please pm me ONLY if you are Fully experienced , an have all the tools and van to do the work !!!! I am getting sometimes too much and can not take it , so I am happy to pass it on to some one that is...
  13. M

    Spirotop auto air vents

    1. Has anyone experienced these air vents (spirotop auto air vent) being installed on gravity fed dhw pipes on large systems? 2. Has anyone experienced these valves drawing air in with a secondary return pump in line?
  14. T

    strip out a open vented system ( Help )

    Please could someone offer some advise as to the basics of stripping out an open vented DHW and heating system. Being new to the gas and plumbing job advise is always well recieved. Can anyone recomend a good site or video pictures etc that explains the procedure of isolation removal and joining...
  15. R

    anybody looking for a helping hand

    right so im looking to gain a bit more experiance in gas as i have just passes my gas exams but i dont want to just jump straight into it. so im asking if you have got much work on and need a helping hand mabe just fetching and carring passing tools etc whatever but would be a big help for me...
  16. P

    Major help & advice needed badly...

    Hi guys, this my first post but I read this forum like a bible. So many thanks for all the previous help you've given me, without even knowing. Right, I've been asked for a quote/estimate to service a central heating system. It's a 3 story hotel, very old building, part of the system is...