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  1. soother

    Ideal logic primary heat exchanger leak sealant success?

    A mate tells me he cured a heat engine leak on this boiler (confirmed by boiler isolation & dripping condensate drain) by adding K-Seal car type sealant, and It's still ok after 5 years. Has anyone else had success curing these leaks with sealant additives?
  2. B

    15mm flow and return, plate exchanger blockage?

    The combi boiler has 22mm flow and return outlets but they are immediately reduced to 15mm as they come out the boiler. After the pipes come out of the boiler, they split off into 3 branches. Branch 1 is for a single radiator only. Branch 2 feeds about 9000BTU diownstairs and branch 3 feeds...
  3. Suzan

    Boiler Heat Exchanger busted

    Hi guys, Quick question. Had 2 new rads fitted (system was drained) but I didn't test the hot water or heating after he fitted the rads. 4-5 days later I noticed there was no hot water (wasn't in the house) and I kept hearing clanging sounds after the boiler has tried to ignite then shutdown...
  4. S

    Vaillant Turbomax Plus 828E leak at Main Heat Exchanger connection

    The copper pipe that connects is on the LHS (view from front) and I get a small leak every other day. Do not have to top up frequently, just wipe away. Also has developed an occasional S.54 fault "delay mode due to flow temperature gradient too steep" which means the hot water runs cold with no...
  5. C

    Secondary heat exchanger.

    I think I’m going to get the secondary heat exchanger changed on my Baxi Platinum 28HE as my heating engineer has already cleaned it out a few year ago. My hot water is now once again fluctuating warm/hot as it did before. As a point of curiosity is there much difference between a 16 plate and...
  6. J

    Heat exchanger air vent open

    Hi. Just discovered water dripping from the heat exchanger automatic air vent. Dripping from the plastic screw head. Should this be open in everyday use or only when filling the system? Ta
  7. T

    Heat Exchanger leaking - advice needed

    Hi all, We have a 4 year old boiler. Was serviced the other day and the engineer explained the heat exchanger is leaking. Also the system is asking for water (F and E tank in the attic is constantly dripping/clear of the overflow). We are at a bit of a loss as to what has happened. At first...
  8. C

    combi with stainless steel heat exchanger

    have decided a stainless steel exchanger is what i want in boiler, as it seems to be when you buy breakdown cover some places exclude heat exchanger i know baxi platinum is , awaiting installer list from ATAG but unsure they will be too new for back up support in my area, so whats best i had...
  9. C

    HEAT EXCHANGER IS STEEL MUCH BETTER boiler advice needed

    in need of a new boiler, i know baxis are popular with some plumbers especially in the NE of england im after a boiler whats best for me Not whats best for the plumber to fit, without paying top price for a worcester. but i been told a gloworm ultimate is made by valliant now and glow worm...
  10. N

    Lukewarm 'hot' water - secondary heat exchanger already changed

    Hi, I'm looking for help with a persistent problem. I have a Vaillant TurboMax Plus 837E combination boiler which appears to be in fine working order. However, it provides only lukewarm water to the taps and shower. To date three engineers have looked at it but failed to resolve the problem...
  11. D

    Baxi Main eco 30 combi Heat exchanger screws burred

    Help! Above boiler needs H/E cleaning or replacing but looks like some one tried before and they have completely burred the inside of the screw. The screw looks like it has an 8m external socket head but less than 1mm protrudes so can not get a socket on. Any one with any idea how to get these...
  12. R

    Baxi 105 HE heat exchanger connection question

    Hi All, I've re-fitted the primary heat exchanger on a Baxi 105 HE and there is a leak from the return pipe connection. I've tried cleaning all mating surfaces and refitting using putty but to no affect. It's a push fitting of the copper pipe into the heat exchanger and is held in with a clamp...
  13. M

    Alloy heat exchanger scaled up - what to use

    Hello, What chemical should I use on a scaled up alloy heat exchanger, its from an ideal icos. I have been told spirits of salts what I usually use on aluminium heat exchangers may crack the cast alloy heat exchangers? I was trying to post this in the GSR forum however as I have just put my...
  14. A

    spring baffles in secondary heat exchanger

    Hi chaps, Pet hate of mine..... but just how do you clean these darned springs in a warm flow HE boiler? cheers dave
  15. V

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i (installed 2011) pressure dropping & PRV overflow leak

    Hello All My Boiler is dropping pressure and the hot taps are running lukewarm. Pressure was never great..3 floors up so only ever just over 1 bar. I called out the Gas Safe engineer who usually services the boiler and he said that the flat plate exchanger would most likely be scaled up...
  16. T

    Intergas boiler fault

    Oh dear My thread was closed by the closed minded moderator and the nonsense that I need a GSR engineer to answer a question. I have never met a more arrogant bunch of knuckle draggers as you lot who tar everyone with the same brush. Forum? my arse it's a closed shop for people who can't get...
  17. J

    Vaillant help

    Can you purchase the primary heat exchanger o rings for a turbomax 828e or will he ones on there be ok once refitted after heat exchanger is cleaned ?.....
  18. G

    Boiler flame very yellow

    My 12 year old Potterton 120L now burns pretty yellow and I can see small flecks glowing red hot on the bottom as I look in the inspection window. I am looking for advise re best course of action. Let it run as it is? Replace the heat exchanger itself? Get the heat exchanger (sealed unit)...
  19. C

    grant vortex combi 26e hot water problems

    Morning guys .I have a grant vortex combi 26e with hot water problems.I changed the TMV a month ago since then had H/W pressure problems so I descale heat exchanger for about two hours today is this long enough .?? Also once put it back together pressure on hot was better nut still fluctuations...
  20. C

    700 Pounds for a new Heat Exchanger

    Quoted over £700 pounds for Heat Exchanger for a Worcester 25SI its over 11years old, i see it online for about 70 pounds but mabye i am looking at the wrong thing. Seems a bit on the high side, they quote nearly £3000 for a new boiler fitted, more than British Gas quoted.
  21. C

    kettling ideal calssic rs250 (yes that old chestnut)

    some on here may remember the problem of the kettling rs250. well today I did some gas consumption tests. this has flagged up a possible cause for the slow heatup, kettling, and crazy temps on the bottom of the heat exchanger but no where else. ive checked the manual and as follows: min gas...
  22. K

    Ideal Mexico Super 2 RS70 - Popping noise

    Ideal Mexico - gravity fed system firing and heating water and rads - no leaks, rads bled . BUT started to make frequent and irregular popping sounds 10-15 seconds after firing has started. Any suggestions?
  23. F

    plumbing force!! bad builder... bang to rights

    Has anybody seen this yet hahah!!!!! Banged a magnaclean and scale reducer without asking the customers permissio. Naughty naughty
  24. M

    High co readings on a baxi 105e combi

    Had my boiler serviced but the plumber says the readings are dangerous and recommends I fit a new boiler here re the reading 02.....15.5 co..pmm...27 co2.....3.1 these were taken with heating on these next readings were taken with hot water tap turned on 02.....9.8 co..ppm ...768 co2.....6.3...
  25. M

    Pump over run

    Ive been to a customers who's looking to replace a 30year old potterton flamingo 50s, keeping same type of system, all the wiring is in the airing cupboard at the other end of the house, so ideally I need a boiler that doesn't need the pump over run as customer doesn't want his house taking...
  26. S

    Worcester Combi Boiler (OIL) Hot Watter issue

    Can anyone please offer some advise. I have a Worcester Combi Boiler oil heatslave 15/19.At the moment my hot water is almost non existent, just trickling out, fair pressure from the cold. I have had this issue in the past, after which I had a new heat exchanger fitted, solved the issue, later...
  27. D

    Advice on leaking 20/25 Heatslave

    Hi, We have a Heatslave 20/25 which seems to be leaking water from the main tank. We get loss of water pressure and water in the base of the boiler, but otherwise the boiler runs very well indeed. Is it possible to replace the main water tank? If so, any idea how much it would cost? Thanks...
  28. J

    multiple replacement heat exchangers

    Hi All, I have a problem with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i boiler. It has had several heat exchangers over the last six years due to limescale build up, what happens is that the hot water supply loses pressure then it won't warm the water. The central heating continues to work ok. A new...
  29. R

    Radiators getting hot when the DHW is used - Baxi Duetec

    I have a Baxi Duetec boiler in a property I rent out and can’t understand what is going on with it. The tenants told me the radiators were getting hot when their children had a long shower. I called out my normal gas safe person, he cleaned out the heat exchange and it all seemed to be...
  30. F

    Logic heat only

    Are the logic heat only boilers any good , usually fit the baxi solo , also which are the best rf controls to use on a heat only boiler?? Thanks
  31. C

    Potterton Performa hot water heat exchanger

    Hello guys I am having problems with my hot water on my Potterton Performa 24 combi boiler, the water is fluctuating in temperature which I believe is due to the hot water heat exchanger being scaled up. Is it better to try and descale the exchanger or just renew it? All the best, Connor
  32. Chalked

    Worcester hex leaking.

    Hi all, I'm probably stating the obvious here but here goes . attended to this earlier today.2 bed terrace. worcester greenstar HE comi. Loosing pressure daily, so I have checked all the usual suspects for leaks. Ie valves, rads, crawler under the ground floor and checked ceilings for damp and...
  33. S

    Warmflow 70-90 hot water problems

    Hi all, first time poster here so hope you can help! Got called to a boiler breakdown today with the customer complaining of lukewarm hot water. Had a look at the boiler and it is a warmflow 70-90 combi (with the flexible braided pipes inside) I've seen before with them the flexible pipes being...
  34. J

    DHW problem on a Vaillant Turbomax 828+

    Hi to all and I'm a new member in need of some advice. I have a problem with the DHW on Vaillant 828 boiler at a family friends house. When the hot tap is run the water runs warm for a while, then goes cold and the boiler shuts down although the DHW display showing the water is up to full...
  35. W

    Direct or indirect?

    Hope this is the right board for this question ... I'm planning a simple hot water system for an off-grid agricultural building. Nothing fancy. Straightforward vented hot water cylinder of about 90 litres' capacity. It's to supply hot water to 2 sinks and a washing machine plus underfloor...
  36. I

    Oscilating water temperature, black flakes in theheating system

    Please excuse the lack of technical terminology - I'm just a wife frustrated with the never-ending heating system dramas and a husband who is even more frustrated with it ... ;) So here's the problem: it all started when one day our baxi boiler started oscillating ... a lot! So we called a gas...
  37. B

    Worcester 15 ri heat exchanger leaking

    Hi all.. My name is bob. Gas safe heating and plumbing engineer...thought it would be rude not to introduce myself before asking advice... went back to a boiler I fitted for an ol girl 5 years ago..and the top of the heat exchanger seems to have been leaking.. Looks like the seals have gone but...
  38. A

    Burner Cleaning brush

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a thin but sturdy brush for cleaning between the burners on back boilers. any one recommend where to get a descent one from experience? Thanks.
  39. A

    Potterton Performa 24i HE Secondary Heat exchanger

    Hi guys. Changed a secondary heat exchanger in the above mentioned boiler today. Got it all put back together then when I filled up again water was leaking from one of the points where the pipes enter it. I have pushed them in as far as they go and clipped them but still no luck. There is O...
  40. H

    Noisy boiler

    Hi. I recently moved into a new house, which has a vented c/h system with Potterton FSB 30 HE system boiler. The problem is that the boiler makes a loud whining noise when the heating is on. I had Potterton out under warranty, and they changed the fan and added some chemical cleaner, but to no...
  41. monoecho

    Repair or Replace Recommendation?

    !Hi, am hoping someone can advise on whether I should repair, or replace, my Glow Worm Economy Plus 50F conventional boiler? I am not requesting technical advice on how to do this - merely a basic recommendation from a professional as to whether it's worth repairing my boiler. (Croppie has...
  42. M

    Baxi Combi Instant 105 HE hot water issue

    I have a problem with a Baxi Combi Instant 105 HE. Initially when i turned the hot tap on the boiler didn't do anything but when i pushed the micro-switch on the DHW pressure differential valve the boiler fired up and the water started coming out hot. So i replaced the Differential valve. Now...
  43. B

    Chaffoteaux & Maury Britony SE 80

    I am having problems with the temperature of the hot water supply. The hot water pipes from the boiler into the heat exchanger are really hot, but beyond the exchanger to the tap supplies, the taps are lukewarm. Please can anyone help me to see what this is. If anyone thinks it is the heat...
  44. D

    hot 22mm pipe

    Had our opened vented hot water cylinder swapped for a combi boiler. The DHW pipe from the boiler is in 22mm all the way to its final draw off which is the bath. since the swap the flow at the bath hot water tap is poor. I thought it would be much better flow as the hot is now running off the...
  45. D

    Logic heat exchanger leaking

    Anyone recently come across this problem ? I know of a few where the main heat exchanger has started to leak & the boiler is still relatively new
  46. E

    Vokera Linea Max - Hot Water Not Very Hot

    Looking for advice in regards to a Vokera Linea Max combi which has recently developed a fault whereby the hot water intermittently isn't always very hot. Every now and again, a bath of water or shower runs lukewarm or when turning a hot water tap on, it takes longer than usual for hot water to...
  47. J

    Ferroli Optima 901 - Diverter valve

    Hi there, I recently (November 2012) had a service on my ferroli optima 901 due to problems of the DHW and CH not switching on (or switching on but shortly turning off). The good news was that it got a clean bill of health with one (minor) exception. I was told the likely cause of my...
  48. A

    Gas Combi Boiler Choice (Water Softener)

    I have a Victorian 2 bed house with 1 bathroom. Pulling out the old boiler and tanks and going get a combi installed. Now I want the system to also have a water softener in it, here lies the problem I believe. Worcester Bosch advise not to use water softeners on their boilers due to them having...
  49. F

    plate heat exchanger - keeping old system separate from new boilers

    Hi Need to replace an old 240k BTU boiler on an old house with old cast rads. Replacing with 2 new boilers and low loss header. It will be hard to get the old pipework and rads clean so I was thinking of using a plate heat exchanger to keep the old system water separate from the new boilers to...
  50. A


    when power flushing a heating system with a combi boiler, if you dont isolate the boiler are you risking damaging the diverter valve, plate heat exchanger etc I've been doing powerflushes without isolating the boiler because i thought powerflushing the heat exchanger would be a good thing...