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  1. S

    Experience Opportunity - Essex area

    Hi, I am currently at college studying for my NVQ level 2 in plumbing and then after this completing further study and assessments in domestic renewable energy. I was wondering if any plumbers could provide the opportunity for me to help out on Saturdays in order to gain some invaluable...
  2. T

    25 y/o in Essex looking for Plumbing apprenticeship

    Hello plumbers ! I’m looking for a career in plumbing, I’m enrolled onto a C&G level 2 diploma in February 2020 and looking for someone to take me on as a trainee/apprentice. I’m 25 and live in Essex willing to travel to London for work. I hold a clean driving license, I’m a fast learner as well...
  3. E

    Trainee breakdown engineer - Essex (help needed, quick)

    I know as much as anyone how difficult it is finding a way to gain experience in this industry. My background is fires and fireplaces but I find the work slowing down and want to change over to boiler servicing and breakdowns (ideally contract work) I live in Upminster and my ideal situation is...
  4. R

    Manningtree, Essex, CO11. Looking for RGI

    Looking for a registered gas installer to carry out a gas inspection (and any necessary maintanance and repair) on a rental property in Manningtree, Essex. Property has a gas cooker, 1980s Thorn Apollo boiler, and DFE gas fire. Previous RGI who carried out LL certificate last year left the gas...
  5. Jonplumb

    Essex Flange for a Shower Pump

    I want to install an Essex Flange to the cylinder for a shower pump. (Cylinder is surrounded by shelving plus is about 15 years old and has overlapping pipes at top connection so I'd prefer to drill a hole in the cylinder and leave the older connections alone) The flange I have is the E1R type...
  6. C

    25 year old commercial metering engineer looking for experience

    Hello guys, Been a memeber for quiet a while now and some great advice given. For the last 4 years I’ve been working as a sub contractor working for the gas suppliers fitting and exchanging gas meters u6 to u160’s And rotary meters. As with all contracting work it’s started to dry up I’m...
  7. P

    Fitting Essex Flange to HWC

    After reading various forums on the installation of an Essex Flange, and getting opinions from brilliant and easy to install, to don't touch one with a barge pole, I found this site and would like to know if I fit one, which is recommended with the new shower pump I need to install, should you...
  8. U

    Gas safe engineer job Essex/London

    Share this about please everyone, thanks: JOB ADVERT FOR LONDON & ESSEX AREA JLC PROPERTY SERVICES LTD are based in Basildon Essex. Gas Safe Engineer Required Full time PAYE: OTE £50,000 plus per annum. (Based on £24,000 basic plus commission) 15 plate van supplied, fuel & tools. Holiday...
  9. A

    looking for work in the Essex area

    Hi Forum Im Alan 32 from Essex looking for work as a Plumbers mate/Improver Ive Completed my City and Guilds 6129 Level two and also got a Cscs Card. Ive had some experience through Agency work but find that is only a short term fix and now im looking for more long term and gain some...
  10. G

    Plumbers Merchants in East London / Essex

    Hi Chaps Can anyone recommend a good merchants where i can get some basic tools of the trade, not screwfix and the like, proper plumber merchants. Find screw fix expensive and never have a great selection of stuff. East London / Essex way if possible Cheers
  11. F

    Flange fitting problem!

    Hi there, have got a customer that wants a shower pump fitted so I need to put a flange in the top of the cylinder. The problem is that the only outlet on the cylinder (there isn't a side socondary return or anything) is at the top and is 3/4 male. Basically it's exactly the same as a 22...
  12. A

    Looking for work as a plumbers mate in the Essex area

    Hi Forum Im Alan 32 from Essex looking for work as a Plumbers mate/Improver Ive Completed my City and Guilds 6129 Level two and also got a Cscs Card. Ive had some experience through Agency work but find that is only a short term fix and now im looking for more long term and gain some valuable...
  13. J

    22mm Low pressure Check / non return valve, shower pump problem

    Hi Anyone know where you can get a 22mm low pressure non-return valve, it was suggested by Grundfos to combat the pump turning on when a hot tap is used... I've already put a U in the pipework coming off the essex boss. The pipe work is a little strange, it comes off the top of the cylinder...
  14. S

    Hi Folks!

    New member hailing from Essex!!
  15. D

    CSCS Plumbers urgently required Kent and Essex

    Essex insulation energy solutions urgently require plumbing teams for first and second fix. We have multiple sites in Kent and Essex at various stages. We are about to start to large sites in Essex and Kent, as well as other ongoing sites. We are looking for multiple teams for all sites...
  16. R

    Salamander Surrey flange or essex flange?

    As above, reason im asking is because ive never had to drill a cylinder and dont really want to! Any1 had any experience with the salamander flange? If so will it be as good as using an essex? cheers
  17. R

    Is a S flange out of the HWC really necessary ?

    I am fitting an shower pump (Salamander ESP 100, negative head) under the HWC in a gravity fed system. I have run the pipework for the cold feed in, the cold out and the hot out, all in 22mm, as per spec. But before i do the hot supply in from the cylinder, i wanted to check what's recommended...
  18. H

    Wanted engineer experienced in Powerflushing for busy heating company in Essex/London

    Hi All , Im looking to expand my team of engineers , mainly on the powerflush side of things but also to carry out Landlords Gas Certs , so if any of you want to join a small expanding company run by an engineer (still on the tools) send me a private message.We work mainly in London but also...
  19. T

    more pressure to the h/w on a bath

    hi i fitted a new bath tap (1 to 5 bar) but only have low pressure (no head hieght) could i fit a shower pump to boost it, h/w comes from a cylinder on the same floor
  20. T

    able group

    anyone do or done any work for able group? what they like to work for and are they good payers etc
  21. T

    was of working

    come on lads best ways of sweeting soldering pipes then how do you do it some do it one way and some do it nuther whats your way of doing things im ff too essex next weekend and im a bit out of tuch with things like beast gas for my supperfire flux think its lead free solder and the best way...
  22. S

    correct installation advice for secondary return and pumped shower

    If I fit an indirect cylinder with a secondary return pump fitted to an Essex flange and then fit another essex flange to supply a pump for a shower, will the secondary return pump affect the flow switch on the shower?, i.e. will this cause the shower pump to kick in when their is no demand?.
  23. T

    willing to work for nout

    hi lads long shot but here go's im 21 years old as a traid im a plasterer but im getting to hump with it to be honist and im looking for a start in plumbing i can fit a new bathroom from a empty shell own plumbing kit hard working i just want to lern as i cant read and right propper pople tend...
  24. V

    Surrey flange installation

    Hi there, I live in a 40yo council flat.Back then they've installed a cold water tank and an immersion boiler .The boiler is situated on floor level which means that we could only take bath.That is not very practical though since there's 4 of us and the immersion is on central electricity so...
  25. C

    Bitch Looking for a Pimp.

    Sorry about the title but with all the trainees about, I had to grab everyones attention and stand out somehow! I am looking for someone who is after a plumbers mate / apprentice /general dog’s body, who can also teach me the tricks of the trade. I attended Colchester Institute college...
  26. P

    Looking to complete my Gas Portfolio

    Hi everybody, I've just completed an Intermediate Gas course and I'm now looking for somebody to complete my portfolio with so I can get on the Gas safe register. Just wondered if anyone would be interested or even know of anybody else that might be willing to help me. Obviously i'm not looking...
  27. I

    Pipe diameter from tank for thermostatic shower?

    What pipe diameter would you recommend to feed an unpumped thermostatic shower from a vented hot water cylinder via a new Essex flange? The run is approx 22 meters (up into the loft along and back down), the cylinder is fed via a 28mm cold inlet pipe and the cold water tanks are roughly above...
  28. E

    Birchcroft Boiler fault finding Course?

    Has anyone been on the boiler fault finding couse at birchcroft in Romford Essex? Is it any good?
  29. E

    plumber looking for work in essex

    Fully qualified, Gas registered looking for work in essex
  30. R

    Heating non standard water tank.

    Hi I've searched a lot on the internet and can't find a solution to my problem so thought that a pumbing forum would possibly be the best place to get an answer to my question. I've got a water tank like this fitted in my van: Water Tanks Car Valeting Water Tank Flat 250 Ltr Can someone...
  31. M

    Just starting out, advice on training or best path to take please?

    Hello people, I am 32 years old and I'm looking at changing my job, plumbing interests me. What is the best route into this industry? My skills are very basic. I can change taps, work with most common copper joints and obviously push fit joints/plastic pipe etc, in short I've picked these...
  32. C

    ACS Exam coming up . . .

    Hi all, I'm set to do my CCN1 next week, was given advice (from someone who just completed their ACS) to get a copy of BS 5440-1 & 2 to help with the flues/ventilation exam. Looked online and can get it downloaded - but at a cost of about 150 quid. I can't afford anywhere near that, so is...
  33. I

    Struggling to turn water off

    Hi, We need to replace taps on the sink in the bathroom. So we thought we would turn the water off.... However we cannot! :( I can get the hot water tap off. But when I turn the mains stopcock it turns a fair way, but the cold tap in the kitchen (and indeed the outside tap) will not...
  34. G

    Warix Flange

    Hi, I have been speaking with the help line at Stuart Turner and the advice they gave to me was to install a monsoon 2.0 bar universal pump to do my whole house. So I am getting one of those. He also recommended installing a Warix Flange top of my hot water tank, so I will do that also. When...
  35. B

    Hot water tank connections

    Hi guys wondering if you can help. I've installed a salamander pump which is required to run in a negative mode. The pump feeds a shower in a loft conversion.The hot water cyclinder is located on the same level at the shower base along with the pump. The base of the cold water tank is sitted...
  36. T

    Advice Please - Water Pumps

    Hi all Apologies if this should have gone into a different section. Ok. I'm revamping a bathroom and separate En-Suite. Both have baths but only the bathroom has a shower which we want to now come off the mian water supply(it was previously electric). Sadly we fell for the trap of...
  37. S

    Shower pump advice salamander CT55 1.5bar single ended pump

    Hi, Hopefully you will be able to help me with a question regarding the Techflow QT SE pumps. I currently have a salamander CT55 1.5bar single ended pump, pumping just the hot water to my shower. This pump seems very noisy and i'm looking for something quieter and the techflow QT range seem...
  38. J

    train with a plumber in bristol

    just testing the water so to speak,anyone looking to work alongside a plumber to gain some experience. i'm based in bristol and looking for trainee,at first you would need to be able to work for free but you will learn all aspects of plumbing work,and as you become more experienced then i will...
  39. M

    Shower pump on a combination cylinder.

    Hi Im fitting a shower for my friend, he has a combination cylinder and wants a pump shower. Will i have to put a extra cold water tank in the roof? Can you tee of the hot coming out of the cylinder? Please can someone help!
  40. V

    What could be causing an airlock in hot water?

    Hi We bought an old house approx 20 months ago and have made no changes to pipes or tanks or cylinders etc. For the last 4 or 5 months we have been experiencing problems with no hot water in our shower caused we think by airlocks in the hot water taps (upstairs and downstairs). We know how...
  41. P

    Where to start in Gas

    Hi I have been plumbing now for 2 years and everyone keeps asking me if I am gas safe, which I am not. I am considering studying for the NVQ2 and 3 then go for the ACS. Can anyone recommend some good basic books on gas to get me started? Many thanks Paul:D
  42. R

    Chaffoteaux & Maury britony se

    Hi can anyone help me and give me some advice. I have a Chaffoteaux & Maury britony se boiler it is leaking looks like out of the 3 way valve but could it also be from the top of the valve wheres theres a diaphragm top on it. It only leaks when I run the hot water. Whats people thoughts which...
  43. P


    Essex FIX A TAP KIT (PS) GREEN - 3BFKG Hi guys and gals Any one use these? Just had a conversation with a plumber who swears by them as he does a lot of work for McCarthy and Stone and their taps I cant see the point if tightened up correctly and strongly but he was having none of it...
  44. T

    shower pump surrey or essex flange?

    Hi, everyone, My customer would like me to fit a shower pump. There's inadequate room at the foot of the hot water cylinder but I can fit it above on an airing shelf. Can I fit a Surrey flange to feed the pump, or do I have to fit an essex flange and anti-gravity loop? Again, if I fit an...
  45. S

    no hot water

    just fitted a shower pump to the expance pip of cylinder but now there is no hot water to the rest of the house. the hot water runs for about 4mins & the pressure is low
  46. L

    Metal F&E tank

    Hi, Where can I buy a metal F&E tank? Thanks Len
  47. S

    Pump Installation

    I'm about to install a salamander ESP75 into a property to feed an en-suite shower. Because of restricted space at the base of the cylinder I'm going to site it on a shelf above it. I've never tapped into the side of a cylinder before, how do I do it? and are there any risks involved i.e. damage...
  48. S

    Anyone fitted a Catalano C62 Close-Coupled WC?

    Hi, Have been asked to find a spare chrome (dual flush) push button for this wc cistern. Have sent off an email to manufacturer, but does anyone know of a UK company selling spares for this make/model? If and when I get the spare, how do I get into the cistern? It's one of those fancy types...
  49. G

    15mm pipes

    Hi all, For some reason the guy who owned our house previously put 15mm pipework to the downstairs bathroom. we have had a new suite fitted which has a mixer shower on the bath. the cold is mains pressure but the hot is from the tank and is very low pressure. are there any mixers that are made...
  50. A

    London Plumbing Firms

    Anyone know anyone taking plumbers on at the moment. Can be employed/self employed sub contracted/price work/hourly rate/day rate/ not fussed. Cheers **Will look at North Kent and Essex too as I'm in South East London**