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  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. H

    Electric Boiler vs Combi

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice please. I'm a keen DIYer but this is way beyond my pay-grade! My partner bought a house last year that's fitted with an electric boiler; I have attached a few photos. The property is a small, three bed Victorian mid-terrace with single story extension to the...
  3. M

    Electric vehicles...

    Has anyone bought one yet? Going to buy one? Or even leasing one with a view to buy. Probably crazy to buy one now as the price is only going to come down I guess. Thoughts? Cheers
  4. R

    Can high mains pressure damage an electric shower?

    Hi, planning to update electric shower, not sure what Kw rating current one is, but it works well at the moment during summer, so don't necessarily need to go for a higher rating. The cold mains pressure to the cottage we are working on seems pretty high - when I replaced a kitchen tap valve and...
  5. E

    Electric showers and water pressure

    Hello, could someone give me advice on a problem I have with my shower? I’m close to replacing the shower engine but not sure if pressure could be the problem. In our en suite, the shower starts but very very hot then proceeds to a kettle noise and stop. After a few seconds it does the same...
  6. B

    Electric shower circuit breaker query

    Hi I have a thermostat shower which replaced the previous electric shower. I was checking my fuse box in the cupboard and the electric shower circuit breaker is down (off), does that mean it is safely turned off. Just wanted clarity that if a circuit breaker is in the down position that means...
  7. D

    Converting power shower to electric shower

    Hello, first post here, thanks for having me. I have a power shower in my house, obviously it has both a cold and hot water supply. I want to convert it to a Triton 9kw shower. I am upgrading the cable size to 10sq and also the RCBO size. What I want to know is if it is okay to block off the...
  8. T

    Electric Towel Rail Leaking

    Hi, I've been looking all over the place but i can't seem to find the answer to my particular issue so I hope you can help! I have an electric towel rail in my bathroom which is very basic and was installed just under 4 years ago. It was switched on constantly for the whole of winter and when...
  9. P

    About cheap, compact electric heating taps

    As an alternative to traditional tankless heaters, aliexpress sells a variety of cheap taps incorporating a heater, for example: US $20.2 49% OFF|ATWFS Instant Tankless Water Heater Tap Instantaneous Faucet Kitchen Water Heater Crane Instant Hot Water Faucet Digital EU Plug|hot water...
  10. G

    replacement for simex electric water heater ?

    Hi, I have a large electric water heater, its rusty and leaking at the bottom nr the electrics. I cant see any numbers but its 680 x 450, big enough for a bath.Im guessing it may be 80L but not sure ? I cant find the same online, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced equivalent please , its...
  11. J

    Elson electric boiler leaking

    Hi My elson electric boiler is leaking. I live in west drayton and needs fixing. Please help
  12. M

    Digital and electric shower solutions

    Hello all I'd like to have a digital shower but to warm the water up electrically. Is there a solution? Or digital showers work only with a combi boiler? Thanks
  13. D

    Concern over flow of electric shower

    Hi, I have water immersion heater on a timer. Problem:I need more instant hot water - 5 people in house having daily showers. Currently we have 2 bathrooms which are fine for showers and pressure is decent enough (until hot water runs out!) There IS a pump to increase the pressure which works...
  14. C

    Cold Electric shower when any tap turned on

    Sorry a slight variation on other posts! I recently moved into a 3 storey semi (new 2017) Top floor, ensuite Electric Shower Middle Floor, Electric Shower and extra shower fittings off bath, WC, Basin Ground Floor. Cloakroom, WC. Washing machine Combi Boiler Problem- Ensuite Shower goes cold...
  15. N

    Quiet electric shower recommendations

    Hi All, I'm looking for a recommendation for an electric shower. Having installed a gravity fed Mira Elite ST I want to change to a mains fed (very easy as I can go off feed to tank) electric shower as the Mira Elite sounds like a plane taking off. With the bathroom next to one of the kids...
  16. M

    Electric heat only boiler installation advice for a charity please

    Hello, would appreciate any advice please. I assist a charity which is taking on a building which has stood empty for some years. It will be used for archival storage and office/exhibit area. Existing heating was blown air via a large commercial grade HVAC unit utilising a pressurejet oil...
  17. R

    Will low water flow affect the function of an electric tankless water heater?

    I have a cabin about 300' from my well and about 30' elevated from the well. The water heater doesn't work properly. The flow is low through the tankless electric water heater. Is it necessary to increase the flow? If so, how am I able to do that?
  18. gamma1

    Electric Shower choice advice

    Hi all, I am about to replace my ancient 8.5Kw Mira Elite shower which has finally died. The Mira is a tank fed pumped model with the water connection at the very top left hand side and the electrical connections towards the bottom left. I am planning replace it with a mains fed shower as there...
  19. Gee

    Water temperature from electric shower is a problem

    Hello, I'm using a Triton Amber III and sometimes the water is just totally cold and other times irregular and the light at the top of the unit doesn't come on. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Thanks.
  20. mgw

    Long delay with DHW is an electric boost an option?

    I don't want to have just electric heated water, when using a lot it makes sense to take it from the 30 gallon hot water tank, however in the kitchen the amount of water I need to run is silly, so I looked at an under sink heater with idea of feeding it with hot water so I can select if heated...
  21. L

    Electric shower cold water supply

    I have just bought and moved into an ex council flat ( I have loft access). I’d like to replace the bathtub, sink and toilet and install an electric shower as the shower attached to the bath taps goes hot/cold every 20 seconds. The cold and hot water pipes are plastic and run under the bath...
  22. P

    Thinking of having Electric combie boiler, should I run a separate electric shower?

    Hi, I thinking about having an electric combi boiler fitted instead of gas in a new flat I'm building. This is because I heard the government is moving this way in a few years, and well one less utility to worry about, and no carbon monoxide position risk sounds good to me. Anyway I gather it...
  23. N

    Both electric showers not heating up

    All of a sudden today, both of the electric showers in our house have stopped heating up. They're Aqualisa electric showers. When I turn them on they flash to indicate getting to temperature but it never stops flashing and only gets lukewarm. I would think there's something wrong with the shower...
  24. N

    Electric Shower Finally Died

    Hiya I say finally because it's been a temperamental swine for a few years! Model: Triton Osiris Previous Issue: Heater suddenly cuts out, runs cold Previous Issue Remedy: Turn up to max heat until thermostat clicks then slowly turn back to required temperature (could take several attempts)...
  25. deepblue

    Advice needed on potential solutions for en-suite shower with low pressure - replace with electric?

    Hi all The situation is this: - Bungalow with combi boiler - Main bathroom with crosswater shower - En suite with crosswater shower (installed at same time, in 2011) - En suite shower for last c. 12 months has had erratic and generally much lower shower pressure (main bathroom remains at...
  26. DjClubber

    Electric Boiler Installation: -

    Going to be doing a job installing a Full Heating System using an Electric Boiler: - Is working out the kw to the property the same way as sizing a Gas or Oil Boiler? I am hoping to go down a Combi route in a 4 Bathroom House, 2 Main Bathrooms and 2 En Suites. Not actually seen the Job until...
  27. K

    Best Electric Shower for Loft Conversion?

    Afternoon everyone Wondered if you could help me We live in a 2 up 2 down terrace 1900s. with the kitchen added onto the back ground floor, and bathroom added onto the back of 1st floor. We have a Valiant Boiler in the bathroom that powers 5 rads (1 in frontroom, 1 in backroom, 1 in bathroom...
  28. C

    Change of cock stop affecting electric shower

    Hi Everyone, I recently had a new hot water cyclinder installation at a rental flat I have . The tenant tells me ever since the new hot water cylinder was installed the electric shower is acting weird. It runs purely on the cold water mains. She says she used to have it on setting 4 out of 10...
  29. F

    Electric central heating - converting to gas?

    Hello, We are interested in buying a property that has a Heatrae Electromax Sadia boiler and is currently running a wet electric central heating system. A bit of research tells me that it was once one big house that was divided into 2 properties about 10 years ago so the system is relatively...
  30. P

    Ecoflam Minor 4 electric motor bearing

    Hi - happy 2019 & I know this boiler is old - but so am I! Problem Ecoflam Minor 4 electric motor bearing fan side - noisy. I think that the bearings are 6206-2RS and 6206-2Z. Does anyone know if I am right? Questions A) Which is the bearing for the fan end? B) How difficult is to change the...
  31. D

    Electric Unvented vs Thermal Store/Vented Cylinder with Small Stove

    Hi, We currently have a traditional hot water cylinder with an immersion and connection to a multi-fuel stove with a 10k BTU (3KW?) boiler. The DHW is provided by the immersion over the summer and the stove over the winter. We've got a bath and 2 electric showers, and (honestly) no heating in...
  32. P

    Mira electric shower confirmation please.

    Hello. Have electric shower unit, Mira Essentials 8.5. Unit is now running at a dribble, low pressure light is on at both demand settings and no hot water is produced. Water pressure to all other domestic systems in the house is good. It is suggested that this indicates failure of the...
  33. 1

    Electric Water Heater Advice

    Hi All Sorry if this is the wrong category for my question. Looking for a little advice on an electric water heating system. I have a small cleaning area that has 2 sinks and a spray gun, this is used to clean out refurbished White Goods, so things like Fridge shelves and baskets go in the...
  34. D

    Electric to power shower help!!!

    I am a pain in the arse woman - suprise suprise!!! We currently have two electric showers a mira which is fine for the main bathroom. But the ensuite is a Triton and it is useless!!! We have decided to install a power shower. I have been using an aqualissa aquastream at the house we are...
  35. M

    Wall Mounted Electric Fire Under Boiler

    Hi, I've converted half my out-house into a small office. It's getting rather cold in there now the temperature is starting to drop. I want to wall mount an electric fire but the only space available is underneath my boiler. I'm concerned this could be dangerous. Any advice is welcome...
  36. V

    Electric boiler advice

    Hi All, I wondered if I can get your opinions on a hot water and heating system in a property we are about to purchase. The property is a three bedroom bungalow (recently extended to loft from 2 bedrooms) with two bathrooms and roughly 7 radiators (1 x long radiator). It's about 1000 sqft in...
  37. W

    Mira airboost vs a pumped electric shower?

    We have rediculously low water pressure. Just wondering if we would be better off with a Mira airboost or a pumped electric shower like the Triton T80si? Thanks
  38. S

    Advice for low usage electric based DHW

    Good morning all, I'm after advice so I hope this is the appropriate page to ask. My wife is opening a health clinic and there will be 4 treatment rooms, a small kitchen and toilet. I haven't got a clue what to use for hot water but it will be electric. Each of the 4 treatment rooms will have a...
  39. P

    Electric shower unit problem.

    Around 6 months ago my shower unit broke and after much searching, I found somebody who could fit a new one. I had to supply the unit, which I bought from a supplier, and somebody else fitted it for me. There is now a problem with the shower so my conundrum is: Who is responsible, supplier or...
  40. Jack bIRCHLEY

    Electric boilers, running costs and replacement options?

    Hello, I am looking at buying a property with a HeatraeSadia AMPTEC system fitted. It is a brand new system coupled to a thermaq UNICYL cylinder We are a bit worried about the cost of running this system, and may be looking to remove it and fit a gas boiler instead. Unfortunately it is fitted...
  41. T

    Electric Heating - Condensation, ventilation.

    Small 47 sq meter 2nd floor flat in London - 50 flat block Built 1998. All electric , no gas possible. 2 x 20 yr old original Creda storage heaters - lounge and bedroom - both have windows. The flat possibly wont be occupied 2-4 weeks in some months during the year. Because of this will...
  42. S

    Gas Boiler v Electric with unvented cylinder

    More out of curiosity and to gain knowledge on the matter, what is the general energy consumption and pros and cons between a standard combi boiler say an ideal logic, and a 4kw potterton gold electric boiler feeding an unvented cylinder at about 100l or so? Any general thoughts on electric...
  43. L

    Electric shower starts then stops after 5 seconds

    Morning all, My electric shower isn't working. It starts for 5 seconds then stops. I have an unvented hot water immersion cylinder in the loft which says the benefit is no frozen pipes! Any ideas? I'm getting water ok from the taps.
  44. K

    Electric towel rail leaking

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and this maybe not the right area to post so if wrong, please admin relocate. I have an electric towel radiator/rail in the bathroom and it's leaks water when it is turned on. I was told by a plumber that these radiator's are not repairable and it was better to...
  45. Bettyboo

    How to quantify bills from additional electric radiator

    My prospective lodger wants to bring a radiator with him. (He's Greek and likes warm environment in his bedroom.) Does anyone know how I would quantify extra electricity used and costs please? Currently have gas heating Thanks! Betty
  46. M

    15 L multipoint electric unverted...

    Hi chaps. Does anyone know of another brand of 15L multipoint electric water heater compared to heatrae sadia. The price for one of These is £600. I need it to do 2 coffee shop sinks and 2 toilet basins. The old unit which is the above is knackered and a company want 1200 to fit new one. Cheers
  47. Andrew Garrett

    recommendations for a new all electric hot water system

    Hi there I am hoping you can help. I am having issues with my 25 year old hot water system and considering replacement. I have a water tank that feeds the boiler through a gate valve with a howdens electric WE501 immersion heater. Pressure is good from the cold, almost non existant from the...
  48. Andrew Garrett

    No pressure from the hot water tap

    Hi there I live in an all electric flat with white meter heating. The hot water system is in a cupboard and consists of a water tank with a copper cylinder underneath with an immersion heater. The water pressure for the cold tap is good but rubbish for the hot from every tap. We've changed the...
  49. P

    Diy stud, electric wires and pipe finder

    Hi Has anyone used a stud, electric wire and pipe finder? It looks really good but is it as great as they say? Does anyone have any experience in using them? Thanks Paul
  50. L

    Advice / opinions on electric combi boilers

    Hello all I hope it's okay to seek some advice on this forum. A bit of background first: I live in a flat, built around 2000, originally came with PowerMax boiler, this was replaced with a combi Glow Worm end of 2012. End of 2015 had a leak from the flue, it was decided that it was due to poor...