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  1. L

    Social Distanced Boiler Installations During COVID

    Customers are looking for clean fast and efficient boiler installers during this weird pandemic. So if you have tips for social distance boiler installers then please do reply to this. A real obvious step is to ask the customer to stay segregated in another part of the home, which means no tea...
  2. Dan

    Plumbing Business Advice Regarding COVID - From Mental Health to Tweaked Marketing

    Plumbers and Plumbing Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread) Firstly, Hi lads and ladies. Apologies it has been a while posting here. @Lou and I have been checking in every now and again to catch up with some things. I have 101 unread messages and 1,160 notifications...
  3. S

    Return to work, PPE & COVID 19

    So following from Boris' announcement yesterday, I'm looking to go back to work but obviously I need to ensure I have safety measures in place to protect my customers, myself and my family. What face mask protection level are people using?? If it's FFP2 or FFP3 where are you getting it from...
  4. M

    Covid 19 App - more contributors NEEDED

    Just wondering if many of you have downloaded the Covid 19 Symtom Tracker? Its really easy to complete once a day and they need more people to contribute The app can do individuals or you can add other people from your house hold - I do mine and the kids, the misses does her own. Heres a...
  5. BulkWorkwear

    Protective Face Masks now available @ Bulkworkwear

    Protective Face Masks now available in packs of 50 SELLING FAST Clink Link to purchase yours: Protective Disposable Face Mask Pack of 50 - https://bulkworkwear.co.uk/protective-disposable-face-mask-pack-of-50?search=mask