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  1. A

    Hot water comes on then off, repeat...

    Hi, I have a combi Worchester 28i RSF boiler, it is around 15 years old. At the moment I am noticing when the hot water is turned on, either by tap or shower, that the boiler will fire up then after 8 secs or so, then will fire down for about 8 secs, then fire up again, repeat. Edit - DIY...
  2. L

    Heating comes on temporarily

    Hi folks, in last couple of weeks I've been experiencing problems with my heating it seems to come on and then turns itself off. Other times it works fine . Hot water has been fine. I was reading up on symptoms online (as I haven't got a clue,hence why I'm here ) and it seems to point me in the...
  3. U

    Half turn on tap before water comes out

    Hi all, On one of our cold taps i have to turn the handle about a half turn before the water starts to come out. I have taken the handle off to reveal the valve assembly and notice that on the top section where the head with splines is, this can be turned some way in either direction when the...
  4. I

    Basin tap - Armitage Shanks Sensorflow Solo S8135AA

    Hi there I have a few of these taps at work and one is very intermittent and sometimes comes on on its own. I have taken the cover off the control box and there is a green led flashing away. The red one comes on when the solenoid valve clicks on. Quite often I can put my hand near the...
  5. J

    Washing Machine Water going into Kitchen Sink (and vice versa)

    Hello, I'm a complete novice when it comes to plumbing related issues so I'd be very grateful for any advice. I constantly have problems with my kitchen sink draining really slowly, even after it's been checked for a blockage inside and outside of my flat. When my washing machine is on it...
  6. C

    water coming up bath from rain

    I have several symptoms :: My bathroom is on floor 2, upstairs. Its slow draining. When it rains, i hear gurgling then rain water appears. It has to be haevy rain. My sink and bath seem to be connected, if i run my sink the water comes up through the bath after a while. I have poured...
  7. B

    ideal mini c32 problem

    Hi all , just a quick question for a friend , he has an intermitant fault with his hot water and it would seem its the pin that comes out from diverter valve to make the micro switch , on the heating side same pin comes out with no prob and makes switch every time , is this to do with flow...
  8. R

    Best Cheap Wet Vac?

    Ive decided to invest in a wet vac for the van. I dont want to spend a huge amount as i wont need it a huge amount. I have a henry for dry so it doesnt need to be a wet n dry vac. What would you guys suggest? Thanks
  9. K

    Vaillant ecotec plus 824 no heating. How water fine.

    Hi 1 day after putting heating on for first time it's not working. When I turn the heat down on the digistat rf2+ the flame goes off the display then comes back on when I turn it up the flame comes on the display the receiver flashes but the heating does not come on. I have had to drain a rad...
  10. G

    Air in Vertical Rad!

    Guys, I'm not a plumber, but I got a new systems boiler fitted recently (gas), and 3 new vertical rads. One of the vertical rads sounds like it has water dripping inside it. I know there's trapped air. When I try and bleed the rad, only water comes out. I've tried to drain a few cups of water to...
  11. SimonG

    H2 Panel.

    Been wanting to try one of these for quite sometime and finally the opportunity arose. Purchased from Heating Innovations, it was the 22mm version. I thought the purchasing side was a little weird as I had to write to them with a cheque. I had to answer 5 basic questions and state how soon I...
  12. JCplumb

    Lead soil to solvent soil connection.

    Evening gents, Me and Kev may have just stumbled upon a nice little job over the next couple of weeks, if we get it we'll be first fixing and following up on 9 flats in a grade 2 listed conversion. The jobs seem straight forward enough but there is one thing that has us both scratching our heads...
  13. M

    Replacing a water tank ballcock

    Hi All. I have a fast dripping overflow. Apparently the ballcock in the cold water tank is rusty and 'on it's last legs'. How easy a job is it to replace DIY or how much should I expect to pay a plumber to come out and do it? Thanks :)
  14. W

    Lidl gear

    I have just given my Lidl dremel copy loads of stick chopping off nuts and olives this week. Really impressed how it has stood up to the work. The angle grinder has had loads of work too. Got an angle drill attachment on a whim and have already used it to drill holes through joists. Really...
  15. Neil T

    burst lead supply pipe

    i've got a leak on the lead supply pipe as it comes into the house and was wondering where the cheapest place to buy some 28mm MDPE pipe would be from to replace it (if thats the best thing for the job) I'm in Manchester area
  16. G

    weird system

    Hi All Went to price for a new boiler and the system was a little bit strange never seen it done this way before in 13 yrsin the job Kingfisher cf180btu in utility room fully pumped 35mm flow & return think was a pumped return the F&R went from the boiler low level there was a big myson...
  17. K

    seeking employer. leicester area (apprentice)

    Hi, my names kieran smith I'm 20 years old. I've been to college and studied plumbing level 2 tech cert, but I'd like to persue further into this trade as my future career. I did my college course in 2011 but took some time out then to work at caterpillar (mistake), due to not finding a...
  18. I

    Main 24HE Boiler only

    Hi, I have a Main 24HE boiler only. Today it started showing the flashing lockout light, the manual suggests its the APS. When switching the boiler on, nothing happens but all the lights do come as on the startup sequence, the fan doesnt come on and after a few minutes the light comes on...
  19. B

    new centramag filter

    fitted one today very impressed,i have ordered more already
  20. O

    mains supply under foundations

    hi , what are the options for ducting of new mdpe pipe under foundations , is it easy to obtain material , thanks in advance.
  21. A

    new rule on CO alarms

    can anyone clarify the new rules on CO alarms, i keep hearing rumors and whispers i've been told for every new appliance installed it will be mandatory to fit a CO alarm, but wanted some clarfication of if and when this comes into force and whether it solely concerns domestic
  22. S

    Geberit valve removal

    Hi guys, can anyone help me remove this flush valve so can replace flapper seal to fix running. Have new seal from Geberit but access is tight through wall plate (Have small mirror, torch and dislocated arms) thanks matt
  23. D

    potterton promax 28 he fault

    having problems with a potterton promax 28 he, no fault codes showing call for heat and nothing happens only tempreture displayed. put hot tap on and hot water light comes on but its only the pump that kicks in then nothing else happens. when you reset it the fan kicks in for pre purge so fan is...
  24. J

    flue gas analyser help

    hi all ive recently just passed my acs ,and im looking into buying a flue gas analyser ,quite like the tpi 709 .does anyone know where the best place to buy one
  25. D


    Don't know if this is posted in wrong forum, if so forgive me. About 5 years ago I was offered work by a company called ABLE *****. The drainage van was parked up most of the time so i said yes, big big mistake. After about 3 months of work and no invoices getting payed by this company i stop...
  26. A

    Potterton performa 24 he Eco - not performa any more

    Hello experts, my boiler has packed up as it does every year when it is snowing outside. It ignites, gas comes on, but then switches off after 10 sec. It retries 3 times and comes on with flame failure light. While it ignites, the burner light does not switch on. I have replaced the...
  27. P

    Problem with Ferroli DOMIcompact F 30 B

    I've been told that my flue freezing can prevent my boiler from working. Is this correct? I was able to reset the heating last night when I got back from work, but have been unable to do so today. It's been colder outside, and there as a layer of frost on the flue outside. I'm in a 5 year...
  28. T

    Boiler help please!

    I have a Baxi Solo HE boiler which is approximately 2 years old, however the control panel and thermostat are a lot older than that, possible 20+ years. The problem I'm having is that I cannot control when the boiler comes on with the control panel. Usually we have the heating set to...
  29. D

    Danfoss FP975 Erratic behaviour

    Folks, Danfoss FP975 heating clock is acting very strange. It will not turn on the waterand central when activated manually. The red light comes on for a few seconds and then it turns off and shows error code of N33 whatever that means on screen. If i decide to programme it in via the...
  30. N

    Alpha 240 eco turning on / off

    We have an Alpha Ocean 240 Eco. On both CH and DHW, the boiler fires correctly, then after about 30 to 40 seconds the boiler flame turns right down for a while and the neon warning light comes on. Then after a while the neon warning light goes off and the boiler flame lights up again. There...
  31. C

    Please help, I can't turn off my radiator :-(

    Hi All, A stupid question from a dumb blonde I'm afraid :-( I have a Potterton Promax System HE plus boiler and a Horstmann ChannelPlus H27XL (control panel thingy, not sure what the name for this is but it sets when the heating and water comes on). Anways I have a radiator in my hall way...
  32. M

    heating comes on when timer is off

    heating comes on when timer is off .Any ideas why this happens guys .its a Glow Worm 30cxi with built in clock
  33. C


    Just been to a job for noisy pipes. Found the fault on the torbeck valve and then customer asks me to turn on the hot tap for the bath, water comes out ok but also comes out the CLOSED h/w tap in the wash hand basin (neither a trickle or full rate) Can't understand how water comes out of a...
  34. C

    Grasslin Ecosave problem

    Hi there, I have a range tribune he boiler and it's controlled by a grasslin ecosave. I've never had any problem with it before but now it's broken. It has two indicators an off peak one which comes on during the night when the off peak timer is set to heat up the water. There is also a boost...
  35. P

    Triton T80si no water

    I have a Triton T80si when i pull the pull cord the light comes on and the neon light indicator lights up on the shower but when the button is depressed no water comes through. The water is definately on and there was no warning working one day no water the next. Any advice greatly appreciated
  36. M

    Frozen pipe in ground

    I have a pipe which comes into the house under the front path (about 8m in length). The pipe comes through the cellar wall and is loose against the wall (black plastic pipe). It is not frozen inside the house as we have heating in the cellar (converted to kitchen and store cupboard) and...
  37. N

    Knocking pipe

    The radiator in my bedroom knocks/bangs at where the pipe fits the valve at the bottom everytime it fires up. It only does this maybe 10 times in rapid succession and then stops....till it cools down and then does it again. Its the side opposite where the thermostat is...any suggestions what it...