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  1. Dan

    PlumbersLive.com Relaunches with New Forum Software

    PlumbersLive.com Relaunches after a long break offline, with new forum software and a new design (albeit not quite finished - but readable at least). Your Login Details Will Still Work With PlumbersLive.com Your old login details have been transferred over to PlumbersLive.com and will work as...
  2. J

    Gas patio heater service

    Anybody know local firm in Edinburgh Scotland who can carry out a service to a gas patio heater. Tried out the usual cleaning of pilot etc but burner ignites for minutes and starts giving a roaring noise and yellow flame. Could it be a gas/air mixture problem. Thanks.
  3. Gordon

    Oil Central Heating Quote

    Plumber has quoted me £9,000 to install 1300Lt Oil Tank, Grant 36e External Combi Boiler, 5 small radiators and 2 large radiators. No VAT. Plus another £100 to sign off. Electrician quoted £370 to supply Nest Thermostat and conect to boiler. Builder wants £500 to lay the slab for the oil tank...