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  1. M

    Boiler replacement advice needed

    Hi All, Hope you and your families are well. Our boiler in the family home is on its last legs. Our family home: Has a Halstead Iheat 35c. It about 10 years old but has only been in use and on the wall for 5 years. Spread over four floors, including the attic and cellar. Has two bathrooms...
  2. V

    Need diagram for combining wood burner,hw storage tank, ufh

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I need advice, and a good schematic for combining a lot of components, so they will work the best. So here are the main components: 30kw wood burner 1000 litres hot water storage tank 200 litres DHW storage tank with 2 serpentines (one will be used for...
  3. L

    F20. Valliant boiler problems

    Hi Everyone. I have had a boiler installed in March 2020 (a replacement like for like Valliant boiler). It has cut out twice with F20. Valliant came out and state that I have "All" my rads off so the boiler cut out due to over heating. The thing is that not all my radiators were off, most were...
  4. Z

    No switched live to boiler when hot water tank thermostat demands heat + CH staying on.

    Hi folks. I have a couple of issues, any help advice much appreciated. 1. When my hot water tank thermostat demands hot water (wired into Honeywell wiring centre), I do not get a switched live to the boiler. I get 69 volts ac for both on and off wires from the tank stat. I have fitted a new tank...
  5. S

    Boiler turning cold in middle of use

    Hello, I have a valiant boiler ecotec 824 that was service about 4 months ago but has suddenly had a problem where the hot water for either the shower or the taps will run hot but flick between being luke warm and hot. The pressure is ok at 1.6bar. The temperature on the rads is low but water...
  6. M

    Ideal boiler displaying F1 error but pressure is as should be

    My boiler is displaying the F1 error meaning I have no hot water or heating. A quick google search tells me that this error is caused by low pressure and theres many tutorials on increasing the pressure. However, my problem is that the pressure guage is telling me the boiler is at ideal pressure...
  7. D

    Heat Link Cable Length

    Can I connect the Nest Heat link unit to the boiler with 25M of cable to move the Heat link unit closer to the centre of the house and therefore the Nest controller. The boiler is quite remote and the house has thick walls which block the signal.
  8. A

    Liverpool New boiler and pressurised cylinder replace exist boiler in new location.

    I need a G3 qualified Heating Engineer to supply and install a new Vaillant 32kw ecotec central heating boiler with Green iQ system Vaillant smart heating control. Building has two bathrooms and one shower room and I want to increase ensuite facilities to four other rooms at a later date...
  9. J

    Turning off the boiler - anything I should keep in mind?

    Having all the radiators removed for a full house replaster. House is unoccupied at the moment. There is a Vaillant eco tec 28 boiler with a Boss RF Thermostat. 1) The Thermostat is just stuck to the wall - so can I just remove it - or do I need to deactivate it first? 2) Once I switch off...
  10. P

    Worster boiler change 28i to 30i ?

    Hello. Has anyone on here changed a 28i for a 30i please? Is it a reasonable one for one swap or are alterations to pipework, wall mounting, flue installation etc required please? Thank you, Pete.
  11. D

    Boiler trap gargles when sink emptied

    Recently fitted heat only and teed condensate in to sink waste after sink trap as per MI's but boiler gargles when sink is emptied, looks like it's piling the boiler trap but doesn't empty it. Never had this issue before, any way to overcome? Can a fanny trap be used?
  12. M

    Boiler servicing & breakdown tools

    Evening all. Just need a touch of advice please! Quick back story, I have been plumbing/pipe fitting for 14 years. Just passed my ACS after a 10 year hiatus, only had around 18 months gas experience, and that was back then. Deciding to dip my toes back in. What tools would you recommend for...
  13. R

    My boiler is constantly clicking

    I have a boiler than makes clicking noises for hours on end. It does this at random times, e.g. 1am. The boiler isn't on when it does this. I have attached a video of the sound. if anyone knows what is causing this, please please please let me know Thanks Adam
  14. SimonG

    Grant Vortex Air Boiler

    Anybody had any experience with a grant vortex air? Apparently a grant blue flame heat only boiler linked to a air source heat pump. Customer wants one!
  15. A

    Combi boiler making a whooshing noise

    Hello, Today a technician came round to check a radiator that wasn't working and turned off all the radiators which fixed the issue. Now the combi boiler is making a continuous noise that seems to be coming from the pipes underneath it. I've turned the boiler off and it's still making the...
  16. P

    Help me understand my Vaillant boiler!

    Hi All, The house we moved in to a year ago has a Vaillant Ecotec 428 fitted and I'm trying to get my head around how it works. This is my first time as a home owner and never lived in a property in which I've had access to the boiler until now, so trying to get my knowledge to where it should...
  17. L

    Toilet near boiler and pipework

    Looking for advice. First of all, i have a combi boiler in a utility room, can i fit a toilet next to/under the boiler? Is it safe etc? And also need advice on where to run the soil pipe. On the photos, the red circle and line is where the soil pipe would exit/run. Can i run it to the thick...
  18. D

    Boiler Pressure and Leak

    Forumite 193 POSTS Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please offer some advice. I have a small leak in the boiler and the pressure is low not going above at best 0.5, this is despite having a boiler check days earlier. The hot water and heating is still working. I was just wondering if you...
  19. S

    Can't re-pressurise boiler

    I moved into a house with an already installed boiler. I am trying to re- pressurise it and have followed Worcester instructions, however I have no idea how the boiler has been plumbed. There seems to be a pump/ filter coming off the main cold water pipe. So when I turn the silver pipe valves to...
  20. D

    Old Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler with Elson? Square tank in the Loft

    I have one of these in my loft but no manual so I can understand how it operates (eg is the water temp thermostatically controlled?) etc. Can anyone point me to a link where I can download a manual? Thanks
  21. gcleve

    Set Worcester combi boiler to circulate without heat.

    Hi there - I have a Worcester Greenstar 25Si combi boiler running our heating rads. I've recently added a small tank with a heating element powerd by solar into the rads circuit. It's producing good heat, but I need a circulation pump to be on to move the heat around the system. Ideally I'd like...
  22. R

    New build heating engineer needs pointing in the right direction.

    Hi, I have a vaillant ecotec plus boiler (pre 2012 model) that is giving me hot water issues. It points towards a hot water heat exchanger issue or diverter valve, but I have replaced the diverter valve (old one seemed to still operate as it should as well) so it would seem that wasn't the issue...
  23. 4

    Installing Shower Booster Pump

    My Son has converted a spare room into Bathroom in an extension of a long Cottage. The room is remote from the Boiler and Cylinder which feeds the existing Kitchen and 2 Bathrooms. An Inline Powerstream Water provides Hot Water to the Basin and Shower direct from an extended cold feed. This...
  24. E

    Fitting new boiler to old Elson tank

    Can anyone tell me if its OK to connect a new heat only Vaillant to an old Elson tank. Not seen the job so not sure where the feed goes into the system. They currently have an old Apollo boiler working with it
  25. M

    Heavy Rain water into flue and boiler

    Hi All, Had this problem earlier, just changed to combi boiler last year end .whenever it rains heavily, water comes heavily from the pipe and spoilt the boiler parts in boiler. As this was covered, gas engineer from vailliant eco 835 changed the parts and it looked fine for two weeks. Since 2...
  26. H

    Unvented cylinder in celler

    If I install an unvented cylinder in a cellar and a system boiler on the ground floor above will the system still work?
  27. M

    Help and advice on replacement boiler and system.

    Hi, Any help, advice or personal experience appreciated. We are supplied by a lead pipe but on a shared supply. I am about house 4 out of a run of 6 or 7. When tested by Affinity Water no other houses seemed to be drawing water. If you were to run a hose and another house draws water the...
  28. A

    Boiler Pressure and Cylinder Noise Issue

    Hi all, Any help with this one would be much appreciated as I have no knowledge of plumbing. I have a Potterton boiler and a Megaflo cylinder system. I have noticed that when the boiler fires up to heat the water that sometimes at the end of the cycle the boiler pressure drops on the gauge and...
  29. SuperDario

    Boiler replacement / Magna clean

    Replacing a 8 year old Main combi for a Glow worm combi. Do I need to replace the Magna clean or will the current one I have suffice? Ta
  30. D

    Hot water boiler for floor heat bleeder valve question

    have a hot water boiler (was converted to steam before me). Want to run the oxygen Barrier pex under the bathroom floors for heat. Do these loops need a bleeder valve? Thanks
  31. F

    Battery powered RF thermostat receiver OR thermostat with auxiliary temperature sensor?

    Hi, I would really appreciate your help with this issue. I'm looking a wireless boiler thermostat with a receiver that is battery powered, or a battery powered thermostat that can read a wireless temperature sensor. The problem that i'm trying to solve is that my current thermostat is located...
  32. P

    Combi boiler issue or Shower?

    Hi Yesterday my shower in the bathroom started to run cold. It started fine but then ran cold...then got warm again before running cold again. This continued and then just ran cold. Other taps ran hot as usual so thought it could be the shower/cartridge. Instead of fiddling with manufacturers...
  33. T

    Which boiler would be best?

    Hi, I live in a 3 bed end terrace, with one bathroom and no shower. I live with my partner and our 2 children. The boiler is really old (one with water tanks ect) and is on its last legs. Please can someone advise what type of boiler we should go for? also we would like the new boiler to be in...
  34. P

    Can a boiler be installed above a toilet?

    We are due to have our boiler replaced. It is above the toilet in our bathroom. The company that are due to replace the boiler said that we need to put a cupboard around the boiler somehow. There used to be a door in between the toilet (and boiler) and the rest of the bathroom. If we put the...
  35. L

    JG pipe on system boiler?

    I'm going to be piping up a new external Grant Vortex oil combi boiler soon and have just looked at the tank, sealed type, which has a 28mm pipe for the boiler. It's a big 5 bed house with loads of underfloor heating so I'm assuming I need to use the 28mm pipe as on the tank. Question is I have...
  36. J

    Rotten Cabbage Smell From Boiler

    Rotten Cabbage Smell coming from boiler . This is the first time I’ve signed up or posted anything like this in my life time to a forum but I am at my wits end. So...... Rotten egg cabbage smell coming from boiler in December 2019. Thought it was gas called out cadent they got a small reading...
  37. D

    I have a F1 fault code on my ideal boiler, the pressure is fine?

    Pressure is ok but increased to see if boiler would click into action but didn’t, have reduced back, needle is moving on pressure gauge, have tried reset but still nothing, any ideas before I call someone out? Thanks
  38. J

    Does anyone know why an Riello RDB boiler would start pluming black smoke?

    Does anyone know why an Riello RDB boiler would suddenly start pluming black smoke? Does it have anything to do with the needle valve in the fuel pump?
  39. R

    What to do about new boiler?

    I installed my central heating 40 years ago as a DIY project and it has worked well. I have a Potterton NeataHeat 16/22 with a Y plan control. A week ago I had a leak onto my kitchen ceiling (new ceiling a year ago) which needed me to cut a 6 foot long slot in it to replace a length of copper...
  40. A

    Viessmann Boiler Left in Service Mode now not working

    Hi boiler in question is a Viessmann 100-W WB1B Heat Only Boiler with F&E Tank in loft etc and Cylinder appreciate some advice please Not sure if connected but Engineer just been and serviced boiler etc 1 day ago and, by mistake he seems to have left it in Service Mode so when the hot water was...
  41. G

    Warm flow combi boiler /No hot water

    Need help please... My Warmflow oil fired combi boiler will not supply hot water to my domestic taps but the central heating works fine. This is a dual pump system. I have linked out the connections on the boiler stat which causes the hot water pump and system to work and able to get very hot...
  42. P

    Pex pipe-boiler: aerial distance

    I am adding radiators to my 2-pipe central heating. The whole piping is copper 22mm and microbore, and I'm extending it with 15mm pex barrier pipe graded for CH. I know that the first bit of pipes connected to the boiler must be copper, which is the case. However, I couldn't find whether there...
  43. C

    I have a Firebird Silverpac condensing boiler

    I have a Firebird Silverpac which is about two years old and it has stopped heating the water. The radiators are fine. I recently lowered the water level in the header tank as it was continuously overflowing. Any advice would be helpful.
  44. P

    Air Pressure Fault - Heatline Boiler

    Morning all, We inherited a c.2007 Heatline Compact boiler when we moved into our house. On Friday the boiler developed an air pressure fault. I first tested the air pressure switch in both the Common-normally closed and Common-normally open positions and both are working ok. I even tried a...
  45. R

    the boiler does not start

    I have a 50/90 boiler grant and I have a problem. When you try to run there is only a little smoke and nothing. The oil is in the tank. It happened suddenly. I attach a video. I am asking for suggestions. Thank you.
  46. K

    URGENT Worcester Heatslave 15/19 Oil Combi Boiler Pressure

    My boiler pressure gauge is at zero so the boiler is not firing up. I thought I heard a small water leak in the wall near the boiler the other night, just before this happened, but the leak has now stopped. I have been reading other posts to try to find a solution and I've hunted everywhere...
  47. L

    Oil boiler diagram opinions?

    Wondering if anyone has any views on the following attempted diagram of my heating system. There are no room thermostats, the heating is either on or off and the circulation pump comes on and off depending on the thermostat thats placed at the bottom output of the water cylinder coil We have an...
  48. D

    Oil fired boiler burner shuts down after running normally for five minutes.

    Hi, I'm having problems with my oil fired central heating boiler. Its a Panda II with an Electro Oil burner fitted with a Danfoss oil pump. The problem- The burner fires up normally as per, and the flame is well established, however after seven minutes it flames out and then locks out after the...
  49. G

    ideal straight swap for the potterton suprima to run a gledhill Boilermate 2000 ?

    I have a potterton suprima 50l running a gledhill Boilermate 2000 job on at the minute. the potterton failed its CPA test with a ratio of 0.1205 and its kicking out a terrible odour. the customers opted for a replacement but I'm a lil stumped on ideal straight swaps. ideally I'd of opted for...
  50. A

    My boiler works better when it is cold than when it hot

    I have problems with my boiler Main Eco Elite because it works better when the weather is cold than when the weather is hot. When it is cold my boiler every two or three weeks stop working, the message E119 appears and I need to re-pressurised it. However when the weather is hot this...