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  1. J

    New boiler installation

    New boiler installation costs may be difficult to calculate as there are several specific considerations involved with the procurement and implementation of a gas boiler Installation and repair is carried out by some plumbing firms and other HVAC firms-you may need to look for recommendations...
  2. P

    Navien boiler? Who's that then?

    Who's navien boilers? never heard of them.
  3. L

    Noritz NRCB Combination Boilers

    A couple of main options from Noritz. NRCB199DV and NRCB180DV.
  4. L

    Social Distanced Boiler Installations During COVID

    Customers are looking for clean fast and efficient boiler installers during this weird pandemic. So if you have tips for social distance boiler installers then please do reply to this. A real obvious step is to ask the customer to stay segregated in another part of the home, which means no tea...
  5. L

    Choosing the right Glow Worm boiler for you

    Glow Worm have a relatively new 'find a boiler' section on their website. https://glow-wormclubenergy.co.uk/FindABoiler?q=0
  6. L

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer https://www.glow-worm.co.uk/homeowner/find-an-installer/ I love it when the manufacturers help their installers out like this. Not all manufacturers seem to do it.
  7. Dan

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?
  8. Dan

    Welcome to the new Viessmann Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Viessmann Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Vboilers.
  9. Dan

    Welcome to the new Glow Worm Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Glow Worm Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Glow Worm boilers.
  10. Dan

    Welcome to the new Potterton Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Potterton Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Potterton boilers.
  11. Dan

    Welcome to the new Alpha Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Alpha Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about BAXI boilers.
  12. Dan

    Welcome to the new Vaillant Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Vaillant Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Vaillant boilers.
  13. Dan

    Welcome to the new Ideal Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Ideal Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Ideal boilers.
  14. Dan

    Welcome to the new Worcester BOSCH Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Worcester BOSCH Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Worcester BOSCH boilers.
  15. Dan

    Welcome to the new BAXI Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new BAXI Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about BAXI boilers.
  16. H

    Electric Boiler vs Combi

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice please. I'm a keen DIYer but this is way beyond my pay-grade! My partner bought a house last year that's fitted with an electric boiler; I have attached a few photos. The property is a small, three bed Victorian mid-terrace with single story extension to the...
  17. H

    Worcester bosh combi boiler strange pressure problem

    ive been having problems with my boiler banging at night so ive had all my radiators changed and on Saturday had M C 3+ cleaner through the system and sentinel x100 inhibitor put in the boiler was fine that night Sunday night about 3 in the morning the boiler banged then i could hear a woosh of...
  18. E

    Do any manfactures do side exist flue boilers

    No really researched this yet but can anyone tell me if there is a heat only boiler on the market that does a side exit flue ? We get quite alot of old boilers that we have relocate because the new top or rear flue type just wont be possible. Normally if replacing a boiler in a kitchen cupboard...
  19. J

    Radiators off, boiler switched off - can I turn the water on?

    The radiators were taken off and the boiler was switched off as was the water supply. Would switching the water supply back on cause a leak? The only taps are the bathroom and kitchen which have their own stop valves. The toilet has not been removed.

    Costing to covert to a Combi boiler

    Goood afternoon all. My conventional boiler is over 15 years old and I want to convert to a combi boiler. My system is a typical wet system. 2 small header tanks in loft conversion loft. Hot water cylinder with electric immersion on top, with shower feed coming off the pipe, using a Surrey...
  21. L

    No hot water and heating comes on! Changed 3 port valve.

    I wonder if anyone could help. Problem: We have no hot water and the heating comes on when we switch the hot water on from the boiler programmer to heat the hot water up. Our boiler is a Potterton Suprima or (Supr1ma). What we’ve done so far: My neighbour switched the three port valve so...
  22. B

    Pipework from a danesmore condensing boiler

    Hello, Work was undertaken in 2017 in which pipework from a new condensing boiler was routed through an external wall and then connected to the existing pipework of the underground copper oil feed pipe. Should the system be pressure tested after completion. If so, would it be tested at the oil...
  23. H

    Towel left in boiler by engineer?

    I took out a boiler insurance policy and an engineer came out first to check if my boiler was in a good condition to go ahead with the policy. The engineer said the pressure was too low and fixed the problem. At the end he said it was all fine and shouldn't be a problem, the water was a bit...
  24. N

    Can a conventional system boiler be a closed system?

    As per the title? I've only ever seen domestic system/conventional system boilers with an F&E tank and combi boilers which are closed systems. Is there any reason a system boiler cant have an expansion vessel fitted and be made a closed system? Or Is there any reason you couldn't install a...
  25. L

    Would you fit additional isolation valves on boiler pipes?

    Hello everyone. This is a general question, so not linked to any jobs Iv done or 1 particular scenario. The question is would you advise fitting isolation valves on the hot, cold, gas pipes of a new boiler install? Just asking as Iv not seen any boiler installs with isolation valves on these...
  26. B

    Boiler and water pump

    Hi all, let me set the scene boiler in downstairs kitchen Water pump? (red thing in airing cupboard upstairs) the pump is loud enough to hear downstairs the drone or humming is noticeable and The boiler fires upat the same timethis all happensif heating ison or not the pump gets so hot you...
  27. G

    worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler water not hot enough

    I have a worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler and we have not used the hot water for years on the boiler we use it for just heating as we have electric shower and dishwasher etc. This year we thought we would use the hot water, but on turning the hot water on it only heats the...
  28. B

    Hoval RS 400 Gas Boiler

    I am a Civilian so no knowledge of Boilers really. I'm currently doing a Freelance Building Surveying role for a Charity that runs Care Homes for The Elderly. They have a Hoval that's appx. about 30/35 years old. They have had quotes to remove and replace with Vaillant gas condensing boilers...
  29. M

    Best with combi or system boiler?

    I’m after some advice. We are replacing our 21 year old Ideal Classic boiler and have been looking at the pros and cons of combi vs system boilers. House is a 3 bed detached, 9 radiators, 1 bath tub, 1 shower. Boiler is currently on an external wall and we will be looking to move it into the...
  30. Christopher buzzard

    Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 oil boiler.

    Hey. Fairly new to oil. Serviced above boiler Last week. All working fine but now had customer call to say it keeps going to lockout. Been and looked today. Symptoms are the boiler ignition process will start. You can hear it sparking. The boiler will fire, run for around 1 min and flame will...
  31. cr0ft

    Commercial Boiler Install Minimum Efficiencies

    Hi all, my employer took on a new build property which was built for them last year. There are 4x 480KW Ideal condensing boilers installed to serve a district heating network serving approx. 560 student apartments. Due to a lack of decent control, these boilers are achieving a seasonal...
  32. D

    Boiler keeps tripping main fuse

    I have a grant vortex combi and it keeps tripping the main fuse when the programmer calls for heating. This has just started, it was working fine before. Anybody got any thoughts
  33. chucka

    what can i expect from a 'free boiler' installation

    Hi.. We have applied for and are having a 'free replacement' boiler under the government scheme. They will fit a Potterton Baxi replacement (tank fed) and Plume kit? boiler exhaust outlet is close to a kitchen window apparently I'm just wondering what to expect apart from draining the system...
  34. M

    Hi I have slow rising pressure in boiler

    Hi I have slow rising of pressure in boiler not sure why but blue valve its fully open and black one closed..read on web that both should be closed is that true? Trying to attach pictures
  35. E

    Viessmann boiler issues

    Been fitting Viessmann Boilers for a while now and just recently had a few that have either been damaged or have missing parts when they are unpacked. Had one today that has the condense trap plug missing and the when trap is all moving about. Really bad for what is meant to be a quality boiler...
  36. A

    Veissman boiler service.

    Hi all What does a service on a 111 involve, got veissman coming next week to service new boiler, well first annual service, just wondering what they actually do? Thanks in advance.
  37. J

    New boiler setup - hot and cold water cycles repeatedly

    Hello - I recently got a new Worcester Greenstar 30i 30kW Combi Boiler 7733600005 installed in my property. Previously I had a 37KW combi boiler but that was 10 years old. But my plumber said that 30KW combi boiler should be more than enoguh. The day this was installed, I also had my water...
  38. D

    Someone to fit a potterton paramount four 30kw boiler

    Looking for someone experienced in fitting potterton paramount four 30 boiler. I want to use the boiler features for DHW, external probes and secondary heating circuit rather than it being plumbed as just another dumb boiler (there must be a pun in that). I'm in the Northeast
  39. W

    Vokera Combi boiler replacement

    My 30 year old good servant a Combi Vokera Flowmatic 20-80 RS has finally given up RIP. Think Vokera don't make them like they used to so not necessarily like for like replacement. Ground floor flat with 5 large radiators and 2 small radiators. As this Combi has served me well I assume it was...
  40. B

    Am I being taken for a ride?

    I could use some genuine advice please. I employed a plumber to check why my boiler was leaking. He has been 4 times now, replaced the expansion vessel, PRV, o rings and washers. He messaged last week to say leak was fixed but when you put the hot water on it was making the radiators hot. He...
  41. cr0ft

    BMS Controllable Commercial Boiler with High Modulation Ratio

    Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well. I was wondering if anyone can help me work out the best boiler to cover this: - 1.) Modulation ratio of 9:1 or higher. 2.) BMS controlled modulation via 0-10v signal. 3.) BMS feedback re boiler modulation via 0-10v signal. 4.) A reliable boiler too...
  42. A

    Combi Boiler heats radiators when hot water only is selected.

    My combi boiler has started heating the radiators when I select hot water only. Any ideas ? The system has been in for maybe 10 years.
  43. J

    biasi boiler leaking water

    Hi, I`m new here, sorry if i dont know any tech talk on boilers, but my boiler is leaking water, I cant get it fixed at the moment, but i cant stop it leaking ,I`ve tried to turn off the water at the mains but that doesnt seem to be working, unless the waters coming out from the boiler system...
  44. Richard Logan

    Could you take a look at pics and advice

    Ime getting a new boiler fitted Worcester bosh, by EON Contractor treason for new boiler its 12 yes old and knackered, as I get DLA and pension credit guaranteed, but my main concern is the state of existing pipework, please have a look @ pics and your advise please Richard
  45. B

    Is a professional engineer correct to install a non recommended PCB in my boiler?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help as I am clueless about boilers. I want to know if it is ok and correct for a professional engineer to install a non recommended PCB in my boiler? It is not recommended by the manufacturer and has invalidated any further boiler insurance i have on it. The...
  46. M

    Grant Boiler starting up advice

    A bit of advice please. I have a Grant vortex eco 26 oil fired boiler with a riello RDB 2.2 burner on a gravity fed system. If it hasn't been used for a day or two, when it tries to fire up the fan starts and a few seconds later you can hear it attempt to fire, this lasts for a second or 2 and...
  47. S

    Ideal Mini 28 Replacement Boiler

    Hello Everyone, I've just joined and am trying to help a damsel in distress - in very remote area of West Scotland. I'm hoping someone can help me here. Her 17 year old Ideal Mini 28 combi boiler has stopped working. She's had someone round to look and has been told she needs a new boiler...
  48. V

    New oil fired boiler is a new tank required

    My daughter wanted a quote for a replacement oil fired boiler. The heating engineer who she knows and trusts says that the existing tank is too close to the flue outlet and is not a double skin tank. He says that he is not allowed to replace the boiler unless she moves the position of the tank...
  49. Y

    High pressure into the boiler

    Hi All, We have issue with our "viessmann vitodens 200" (16 year old already), about a month ago display was blinking with message "F E" and the whole system was off. After resetting the system it get back to normal work, but then we notice that there is a high pressure on the gouge around 2.5...
  50. M

    Sizing a boiler for heating demand

    Is the usual way of sizing the boiler for a C/H system to add up the kW of all the required radiators. Then add 10% for heat loss in the pipework? I know how to do it with regards to a combi and the flow rate rate required in litres per minute with a 35 degree rise in temperature. Thanks.