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  1. M

    Shower tray riser kit?

    I'm installing a riser kit with my shower tray but unlike others I've seen my instructions dont say anything about securing the feet to the floor. Please advise.
  2. Q

    Unvented cylinder install - safety concerns. Appreciate advise.

    Evening all, At risk of blabbing on i'll try keep this short. I recently replaced an old vented hot water system with a unvented system We went for the Telford Tempest 300L installed by G3 qualified person. Functionally it works well. Pressure is great, heats well, no leaks. There's still...
  3. H

    Some advise on soil stack connection on a 100+yr house

    Hello all, First off I am a plumber by trade but I work almost exclusively on new builds so after buying my first house which is a little over 100yrs old this is a bit new to me. I'm wanting to get a bathroom in upstairs in order to do so I need a stack up the side of the property, there is...
  4. E

    Boiler leak suddenly overnight

    Good morning, My old RHINO boiler has developed a small pin prick leak at this plastic joint, its a threaded cap with some wire coming out top, any one know best cure ? Thanks
  5. R

    Dual Thermostat Wiring

    Hi guys, can anyone advise where I can get wiring diagram / instructions for a Thermomess dual thermostat. There are examples on line but not for this make of stat. Think its Italion
  6. A

    Need advise for apprenticeship Interview with Centrica

    Hi all. I have an interview for a gas apprenticeship with Centrica next Tuesday. I have prepared using the STAR method and the values on the Centrica website but what else could I do impress the interviewers. If anyone has worked with British Gas in the past please do give me your experience...
  7. M

    Could anyone advise me what this is, and a suitable like for like replacement.

    Could anyone advise me a suitable like for like replacement, ideally one that bolt into exact same pipework..? It is "pumped" Many Thanks Matt
  8. R

    4" soil workable falls

    Hi All. I am currrently installing a toilet on ground floor. I have cango'ed a channel in concrete floor to back yard and pick up existing waste. I have got a number of different opinions including google regarding fall. It is about a 12 Metre run with no bends. The following falls I was given...
  9. N

    New combi please help advise

    Hello I am looking to put new combi boiler in , had a few quotes for different boilers any thoughts on which you think is the best to fit viessmann vitodens 100w or ideal logik 30kw or Worcester ? Been looking at different reviews & that & they all seem to have good points & bad points , I...
  10. gingalig

    Advise oil spill from tank..

    Thank you for any advise, I was called to attend for a tank inspection following a request to the customer from the environment agency who have found traces of heating oil in a local drain off ditch. (The customer is elderly and has recently lost her husband. ) I found it was single skin...
  11. F

    seeking experienced advise on an intermittent fault on ideal logic combi?

    My own boiler at home has developed an intermittent fault causing an ignition lock out every week or two when there is a demand for hot water. When reset the boiler runs without issue for a week or two. This fault only occurs on HW demand, there has never been a lock out on CH demand. Ideal tech...
  12. S

    britony overrun and heating

    hi all, first post but so much info on here, hope you can help. I have an old britony cobi 80 boiler which im having a couple of problems with, well one problem really. i turn on the hot water all works fine and as it should do.... i have the room thermostat set at 25 deg, both on manual and...
  13. B

    Advise please - Filling loop passing, replacemet?

    Hi All I have a filling loop in one of my properties that has been left connected. It also looks like the tenant has been filling the system and rounded off one side (CW) off the isolation valve one way valve. It looks like it is in the open position but is not turnable (unless i dremel a...
  14. plumb_know

    flueless gas fire installation advise

    Hi Everyone, I have customer who would like a flueless gas fire installed in a conservatory, but i have no where do put in a permanent vent all walls are internal except one which has big doors & supporting pillars which i cant drill though. But the extension has glass roof with permanent...
  15. D

    Aqualisa (Gainsborough Ambassador) concealed shower...HELP.

    Hello from Surrey in the UK. I hope someone can advise me. I have a concealed "Gainsborough" shower. I have been having an issue with this thermostatic cartridge in that when the tap is turned on it leaks from the under-side of the tap where it meets the thermostatic control. I have replaced...
  16. T

    Can you advise me?

    I'm planning to are convert a closet to a half-bath. The cement wall and the cement floor will be supporting the vanity and the toilet. The other side of that wall contains a 6" waste pipe and two water supply lines, the vertical pipe is approximately 6" from the wall and the supply lines are...
  17. S

    Worcester 30i or 28/32 CDI compact? Please advise!

    Hi thanks for reading. I have a fairly old semi detached 2/3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (showers mains but not often used same time). Existing old combi 22mm piping at gas meter and at boiler but quite a long route from basement at front of house to boiler at back of house (around 20-25m as it seems...
  18. G

    Please advise on approaches following substandard heating install

    A number of issues have been raised from a boiler replacement. Boiler not operating and with no pressure. Tile damage Sprawling pipe layout in kitchen (Retrospective view of alternate option when it was found that promise of removing pipes from airing cupboard could not be fulfilled). Battery...
  19. R


    I have a new boiler that is set at 75C. I am able to heat sufficient hot water for a day if I set the controls for hot water only for half an hour. If I set my controls for the heating alone to come on immediately after the water for a further half hour, I find that all the radiators in the...
  20. Lumen

    Advise on a NEW indirect unvented hot cylinder

    Hey guys! Came here to get advice about building a new shower and changing my current F&E heating system to accommodate this. There have been some great advise (I am glad to be part of this forum and this great community) majority said to go for an unvented hot cylinder. I've had few plumbers...
  21. J murton

    Invented cylinder advise

    Hello Can anyone advise on what non carded plumbers can work on with regards to unvented systems please ? Thanks
  22. R

    Quality toilet advise

    With so much poor quality on the market, I'm looking for advice on which make of toilet to buy close couple, thanks
  23. B

    ADVISE PLEASE - What replacement boiler for Ferroli DOMIcompact F24B ?

    Hi All I have a Ferroli DOMIcompact F24B and it is nothing but trouble, i have had a new PCB fitted, new preesure gauge, new pump and it is not working AGAIN due to pump broken again !!! The Engineer has disconnected the pump so i only have HW, he also stated there is very small leak on Heat...
  24. P

    Partial blockage - please advise on how I tackle this.

    I have an en suite bathroom with a shower sink and toilet that all appear to be connected. Every so often I get a blockage, but this clears itself usually before returning some months later. The symptoms are: When I drain either the shower or sink or flush the toilet, I get bubbles in the other...
  25. V

    Electric boiler advice

    Hi All, I wondered if I can get your opinions on a hot water and heating system in a property we are about to purchase. The property is a three bedroom bungalow (recently extended to loft from 2 bedrooms) with two bathrooms and roughly 7 radiators (1 x long radiator). It's about 1000 sqft in...
  26. Inverness

    advise on flow and return points unvented cylinder compared to the height of the header tank

    Hi guys, before I go ahead and install a indirect cylinder. The problem is in the loft where the flow and return points on the cylinder are similar height less than 0.1 bar to the header tank. I'm worried about there might not be enough head from the top of header tank to the flow going into...
  27. T

    Advise please on shower mixer

    Hi Last year I replaced a Thermostatic bar shower mixer valve in a rented property and all seemed ok ,but recently the owner said it wasn't working properly .When you turn on the valve nothing happens but if you turn on the bath tap briefly, it works fine ., they also made it work by twisting...
  28. N

    New member hive install advice :)

    Hello all I’m a new member and wanted to give installing hive heating and water plus a multi zone unit myself a go. I currently have a range tribune he cylinder, ideal icos he24 boiler, 2 x Honeywell t40 thermostats on each floor and a Danfoss CP715Si programmer. Looking at the hive install...
  29. dayne allison

    Hot Water System - Homeowner looking for very basic advise!

    Hello All! Completely new to this forum and just a homeowner looking for advise so any help much appreciated. Recently bought an apartment and it has this Santon Premier Plus unvented Hot Water System. Attached some photos as it probably means a lot more to others than me! There are 2...
  30. G

    New DIY "Plumber" needs advise for loft water tank supply nut and olive?!?

    Hey guys I've "repaired" my mums loft water tank from leaking but I'm unsure if I've done it correctly so thought I'd join this great forum and ask some advice from some people much smarter than me. Basically my Mum was worried that her overflow from the loft kept running water so I went...
  31. J

    Hot water issue

    Hi there I am having trouble with hot water coming through cold taps its on an unvented system in a large house with over 4 bathrooms I have installed a secondary return on system with a bronze pump going back into cold main at cylinder via a swept tee and also a non return valve to prevent...
  32. T

    Had anyone taken on apprenticeships?

    Hi All, We are based in Barking, London and a company that offers boiler servicing, repair installation to refurbishments and restorations. We cover a good range of services for residential and commercial clients. What I am looking to understand is: 1. How complicated is it to hire an...
  33. T

    Drainage advice

    Hi, a developer I'm working for has had some contractors install some drainage. I've told him I'm not happy with it but I don't know enough about it to advise him 100%. There are 2 flats, one first floor 1 ground. They have bought the kitchen waste from the 1st floor down in 40mm which the...
  34. E

    Plumbing Mystery

    Hi, Both my kitchen and bathroom sinks are not draining water. I had a plumber in the property last night who used very strong drain cleaner and a plunger to try and clear the blockage. His advise was the blockage is happening "far away" in one of the pipes leaving the building. Recently...
  35. S

    Gas Foundation Course - 28 Weeks Course - Is it worth?

    Hi all I am a new member here and looking for some advise on the above course. I've had enough with my current job (working for a Financial Services company) and planning to do something challenging. This course basically runs for 28 weeks, Of which I will be spending 14 weeks with a Gas Safe...
  36. E

    just joined the gas register still learning.....

    Hi, passed my core and four 18months ago and have just registered as work has been tight. o do i join the forum as I need some advise.. eddie
  37. C

    Kingspan rainwater system - water constantly running

    Neighbour in Cornwall has such a system but is suffering constant 'water running' sound whilst the panel shows 'power' and 'status' ok - the pressure is low. I suspect a leak on the feed to point of use, or should I advise a pressure re-set. Suppose 1st point of call would be turn off mains...
  38. RGII79

    firebird enviromax c26 best settings for gas oil anyone any advise on best results

    come preset for kero tweaked air and oil this is what im getting at min fuel press 9.5b air shutter 4.6 co2 11.7 o2 5.2 eff 98.7 ratio .0003 co 37
  39. D

    Overflowing toilet...Please help..

    Hi all... just moved house and found that the upstairs loo overflows constantly when flushed, all parts look ok and bob up and down ( saiglobal) Any advise on what I should be checking? And if I cant fix it was just wondering if it did need replacing would i be able to use an original torbeck...
  40. R

    pressure relief valve

    What would a pressure relief valve that is reducing from 15mm to 10mm and sticking out 200mm from outside wall, (rather than turning into wall or run to floor level) be catorized as. At risk or NCA?
  41. T

    Underfloor heating problem

    Dear All, Can I have some advise please. I have recently installed a one room wet, pumped single manifold underfloor heating kit for my conservatory of 10m2. I have a conventional Baxi open vented boiler. I am aware that the underfloor heating should run on its own separate supply from the...
  42. C

    Worcester Bosch 24i Junior emitting high emissions

    Hi Guys, I'm new on here, and would really appreciate any advice. We have a W/Bosch 24i Junior boiler installed, its approx 7years old and so had it serviced last week from a W/Bosch engineer, he said all is working fine. So on the weekend we had the gas inspection done and hesr informed us...
  43. N

    Solid fuel stove hot water problems

    Hi ​ I have a wood burning stove with a back boiler that heats hot water and three rads. The hot water tank is a combi boiler with a coil connected to the stove and a top mounted 27 inch electric element. When the stove is running full time (in winter) we have plenty of hot water. However if...
  44. JCplumb

    Byelaw 30 kit

    Quick question that's niggled me for some time. If you go to service a valve in a loft tank and there's no byelaw 30 kit, do you have to fit one? I never have to be honest but have always advised the customer and told them what 'could' be coming out of their taps.
  45. C

    Ideal Logic - low gas rate causes

    Hi, This is the first 30kw logic that I have fitted this one is giving me that is giving a low reading on gas rating. It is measuring 2.94m3/hr compared to 3.13m3/hr in the MI. - checked more than once. Inlet OP pressure measured on the test point is 18.5mbar, meter OP is 21mbar. Ideal have...
  46. W

    rads not getting hot - powerflush needed?

    Hi, I have a fuelsaver 100f boiler (old and inefficient, I know!) on 15 rads but recently some of them have started just getting lukewarm. All rads are bled and the TRV's have been checked with no probs. The supply pipe to the TRV is very hot but the rads are not hot - I thought the TRV would...
  47. N

    service portable fire?

    Hi, I dont like anyone using portable gas fires inside but ive got some servicing in a school for their portable gas fires. can anyone point me at the reg covering these or know of any issues with using in class'? I can service but want to gen up on reg and hopefully find reason to remove asap
  48. E

    Heat loss calc

    Just trying to do a heat loss on a house requiring air source. Used the Quinn rad app and set for 55degree flow, 4 bed bungalow and heat loss came out at 17 kw!!!!! I'm sure it's wrong, anyone use anything better or have a programme they would recommend
  49. M

    Baxi 80Eco problem

    Looking for a bit of advise / help, Baxi 80 Eco been fitted now for about 4 years with no problems until about 2 months ago, now when running the hot water or having a shower the radiators are also now getting hot, the longer the shower the hotter they are getting, pressure is about 1.5, any...
  50. N

    Yet another hob query by me

    Morning all. I posted a question yesterday that related to acceptable distances to combustible materiels for gas hobs. Ive only had my gas ticket for a few months now but this made me think, im sure there are god knows how many customers that have gone out and just bought a new hob . Do you...