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  1. A

    How to access the filters on this bath/shower mixer

    I need to take out the filters to descale them, however they are behind the brass discs with the slots, but i cant unscrew them for love nor money, is there a special tool or magic trick
  2. D

    Delivery access to oil tank.

    Hi everyone. This is to do with a house not yet bought; the oil access issue may well be a deal-breaker. The house in question has its oil tank in the back garden. Oil deliveries have historically been made via the integral garage which has a door at the back which leads into an extension...
  3. Shiftycatz

    Getting access to a tap washer

    Hi, I need to change the washer on one of my bathroom taps but i can't seem to find out how to get the bloody top off. From what i can gather its a pillar lever tap but all the things I've googled only seem to have the ones where you can pull a little disc off the top to gain access to the...
  4. A

    Change bathtub drain/flange without access under bath

    Hi was wondering if it was possible to change my bath drain as it has gone a little rusty but i don't have any access under the bath as the side of the bath is tiled in. It looks as if it would just unscrew an pull out but im worried about it disturbing the rest of the drain and ending up being...
  5. O

    Vokera Mynute 14se AAV access

    Is anyone familiar with this boiler? The auto air vent is leaking but is in an extremely awkward place and my plumber nor I can figure out how one gets access to be able to change it. The side panel is welded so not removable and it looks like the only way to access it would be from the rear of...
  6. P

    Grohe concealed cistern maintenance access

    Can you do all the usual fill/flush maintenance jobs on Grohe concealed cisterns via the top port on the top/side fit cistern models (38422000 for instance)? The Grohe literature doesn't make most things clear let alone maintenance access. It's for an installation to go below a low level...
  7. J

    Access to private forum.

    I’m newly qualified gas safe (December) and can’t access private forum when new threads are posted. I know that I have to post ten threads to gain access but have posted two and they haven’t come on to the forum. I have sent my GS number to Shaun but maybe need to send photos of my card. Can...
  8. Roxy13

    Newbie after concealed panel advice

    Hi, I’m after a large access panel that is similar or the same as the one that can be seen in the pictures and have no idea where to start looking. Does anyone know if this is something that can be bought off the shelf (so to speak) or Specialist made. Any direction or leads would be greatly...
  9. C

    Concealing shower pipes with the option of easy access

    Apologies for asking what I’m sure is a basic question, I am trying to plan my first bathroom renovation which includes ripping out the bath and replacing it with a walk in shower enclosure. I am considering having a long shower tray that will run the width of the room as the bath currently...
  10. H

    Old sewer pipe fitting for rodding access

    Hello, I have sewer pipe with a rodding access point that dates from the 1950s. It is a cast iron pipe with a brass plug/cap (see photo). My question is: is there a special tool/spanner for opening this? Many thanks.
  11. 1

    Zero access shower tray fitting

    Evening all I wondered if any of you could help with stage 2 of my next project. The fitting of a shower tray and tanking of the shower area. As you can see from the photos below, I have now finished the en suite apart from the shower area, which i couldn't start until the immersion cupboard...
  12. Matt0167

    Access to gas safe forum

    Hi guys , Anton know why i cant access the gas safe forum , i can only access the public one I have sent my details over a few months back ??
  13. L

    Toilet seat replacement - my sink drawer blocks access to back of toilet

    Hi, I am an not so handy pregnant mother of 2 with a problem. Being heavily pregnant, I have gained some weight and last weekend when going to the toilet I broke the cheap toilet seat that has been there since we moved in. I called the agency that deals with my repairs and they said it would...
  14. S

    How do I access the washers on this bath tap please

    Advice appreciated. See photo. I cannot find any way to access the washers. Thee covers do not seem to be removable. There are no screws t be seen. D
  15. M

    toilet pan with no access to pipework

    Hi, anyone got a 100% safe way of connecting pan to soil pipe, on these pans that have sides that go flush to wall.? thanks.
  16. J

    Access Training Academies

    Hi guys. Just about to start a plumbing and wanted to know if anyone heard of Access Training Academy based in Kent but there training facility closest to me is Welwyn?
  17. Dan

    How to gain access to our Gas Safe Registered Plumbers Forum

    If you go to edit your profile here: http://www.ukplumbersforums.co.uk/account/personal-details You'll now see there's an option to select what type of plumber / member you are. And also an area to enter your GSR ID. For now we'll manually check this, so PM @Lou once you have filled in the...
  18. L

    KWB Easyfire

    Good evening all, does anyone one have any info for access code for KWB easyfire? i've got a fault code i can't reset without the access code on the control panel, had no heating since friday evening, hopefully might get somewhere with KWB tomorrow when they are back open. kind regards...
  19. F

    Moving foul pipe

    Hi all, I would like a exstension along the back of my house. Right in the the middle of the back wall is a foul pipe with a pipe branching into it from my bathroom. I don't want a column with the foul pipe encased in it n the new kitchen dinner. Are there any other alternatives? Also is there...
  20. A

    Fitting a new shower on a first floor

    I am having a new shower fitted in a first floor bathroom as part of a two storey extension. If I get an ultraslim resin-stone shower tray, how is this laid onto a timber joist and chipboard floor? Does it have to be a 5:1 sand cement mix? Or can it be fitted using a tile adhesive? I’d like to...
  21. G

    Help with a potential Soil pipe Air Admittance Valve in Kitchen

    Hey guys, my first post here, I'm looking for a little information and advice, We moved into our ground floor flat last year and had this strange box screwed to the ball in out kitchen. Recently we wanted to use that space so decided to look in the box and we found a big grey pipe, it looks...
  22. P

    Accessible filling loop valves

    My daughter has a combi boiler (Procombi 85HE) that slowly loses pressure over time. Unfortunately access to the filling loop valves is behind wooden 'boxing' which necessitates the front being unscrewed to access it. Easy for me but then I'm 50 miles away. Is there a way to have access to the...
  23. C

    Question re dual flush valve in ideal standard toilet

    My ideal standard toilet (concealed unit) was leaking into the pan. Changing the washer didn't solve the problem. We discovered one of the clips on the unit which holds the flush valve is broken. Does anybody know how these holding units are replaced? Do they just screw out, for example? And how...
  24. U

    concealed toilet cistern and frame

    just completed installation of above, turned water on expecting the cistern to fill and....nothing. there is water at the inlet valve but it doesn't get through the float valve. I am using tank fed low pressure water for this and suspect the float valve may be designed for mains pressure water...
  25. A

    anyone experienced anything like this

    called out friday to a block of new built flats and found the water outlets keep blocking as there is this translucent grit it the water system, and lots of it, clean the filters in the taps run the tap and fills up again. the grit visually look like salt, however has a different consistency...
  26. J

    Rodding access help needed

    Hi, I need to add rodding access into my soil pipe (under the floor boards downstairs). Unfortunately the current pipe is cast iron and I'm told by my plumber is 5 inch or 130mm diameter. I'm having a nightmare trying to find the best way of doing this with this diameter pipe. Do I cut a...
  27. D

    Toilet basin constantly leaking water - issue with access

    Hi, over the last few months we have had a problem with our toilet whereby once you flushed, about 30 seconds later it started leaking with water. At first i thought this was a pressure problem as when I would turn the tap on, it would reduce the pressure enough for the pump to stop and it would...
  28. M

    Basement Lightwell Soil Pipe

    Hi Everyone I am new here but hope someone can offer some guidance! House was built around 1896. A new basement lightwell is being created with a grill at ground level over the top. I wish to re-route the existing clay soil pipe around the lightwell walls in plastic as it currently runs...
  29. rpm

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Plumber has used it as a drain off on the discharge pipe of a macerator but what is it really meant for. Thanks
  30. H

    Ventilation and meter housing

    Hello First post - found this forum via a google search and a similarish question 3 years ago. I am not a professional and am not attempting diy - just wondering if guidance re cavities and meter housing could be cleared up a bit more for me. Situation is we moved into new home, discover...
  31. O

    Hudson Reed PW305 - Help required

    Hi I'm struggling to access the inside of this tap in order to change the cartridge. Would be grateful to hear from anyone who has fitted one previously.
  32. E

    adding new WC ground floor

    hi :) please help Im adding wc in extension in garage. running new underground soil pipe along side of house to TEE into current pipe that runs straigt across path & manhole other side of fence its about 4.5m run do I need inspection chamber at both ends adding pics & where would rodding...
  33. R

    wobbly D shaped toilet seat

    I have a top fastened D shaped toilet seat with no access to any fixings under the bowl. The plastic screw thread on top which holds the pins in the seat has lost its thread and I can't get it out to replace it and the seat has been wobbling for 2 years. Can anyone help with suggestions. Thanks
  34. M

    access panels fire rated or not?

    Does anyone know of a good document that clears up for me when I need to use a fire rated access panel? Is it only if the ceiling it is in has a inhabitable area above it? I am installing a shower pump in a loft which doesn't have access to it. So I am going to cut an access in to install...
  35. M

    mystery bog problem

    Just went to a house that has 2 bogs. 1 upstairs and one down stairs. Apparently the one down stairs has just started to bubble and drain slowly. The one upstairs is fine. So the downstairs one is a straight run of pipe about 3 metres through the kitchen to an elbow with an access that goes...
  36. E

    toile tissue

    Hi All bin a while so happy and prosperous new year. I went to look at a soil pipe issue and the problem is syphoning and blocking. There are two toilets on the one line and the bottom one syphons when the top one is used. There also appears to be a blockage in that the bottom toilet pan...
  37. N

    Leaking Shower (Valve Type)

    Hi, I hope this is the right place. I have a valve type shower where there is the mixer flush on the wall and then further up you have the head coming out of the wall. We have noticed that some small drops are started to come through the kitchen ceiling (below) whenever the shower is...
  38. P

    Does anyone know what one of these it ?

    Hi, We live in a London victorian semi and are in the process of getting our front drive done. We discovered what looks like a clay glazed pipe in the flower bed and were wondering what its for. It seems to lead into a sewer access point (covererd by a manhole cover). We were also...
  39. M

    Boxed in toilet

    Hi all, I'm after some advice, the flush mechanism on my toilet has recently broken. I have a push button flush. The toilet is enclosed and totally boxed in, inside a vanity unit. There is no access to the inner workings of the toilet anywhere. The top is blocked with a heavy marble surface...
  40. B

    admited defeat on VP WC unit - need recomendations.

    Hi all, Funnily enough (although we're not laughing) we've just had an identical experience installing a Victoria plumb Odessa slimline WC unit / concealed cistern as in a previous thread on this forum <link> - ukplumbersforums.co.uk / sanitary-ware/63558-victoria-plumb-cistern-nightmare.html...
  41. R

    Pumping Gravity fed hot/cold system

    HI All Just after some help really not posted for a while!! I have a customer that has very (ish) flow to hot and cold water in their bathroom and en-suite showers (both gravity fed showers) There is no access to the pipework in each separate rooms so they have asked if the water can be...
  42. S

    Sink drainage issues

    Ok so I have taken all pipes apart and cleaned them and removed blockages, but when I run even the smallest amount of water it remains in the trap and backs up the sink. How can this be a blockage further down the pipes if after the trap those pipes are clear? Any advice please I am out of...
  43. S

    Concealed cistern

    I'm fitting a new bathroom, and the toilet will have a concealed cistern. I've built up a timber frame for the cistern to sit in and I'm trying to figure out the order to do things. The Plan: 1) Fit the toilet and make sure it works without leaks. 2) Remove toilet 3) Cut holes in tile...
  44. T

    Marketing Photo's from Manufacturers

    Hi, Does being a certified installed with any of the popular boiler manufacturers give you any special access to images for use on your website? I'm going to be ringing around the manufacturers next week to confirm who offers what but wondered if any of you on here had any experience of...
  45. G

    Boiler in Loft

    I know its sensible to have the loft boarded well lit and a have a good access ladder, but is there anything actually written down about having a boiler in a loft?
  46. O

    Roofspace crawl from Hell

    Just done the most horrible roof space crawl ever. Ancient stone cottage joined to an identical one with a valley between the two and a 3rd tacked on the end at 90 degrees. Only one loft trap. So, I'm into the trap, no room to stand, under a 2 foot cross beam, then a left turn, under two more...
  47. Kewat66

    Hidden stop cock

    Hi All, I have a request from a client to move a stop cock from its current position into a small loft directly above where it currently is. They want to plaster over the wall and put a radiator directly over it. My question is even though the stop cock is in a new position am i ok to put some...
  48. RoryD

    Gassafe Standards updates

    Perhaps it's me but it seems that if I want to download or get access to standards updates, I have to pay £75 / annum for the privelidge. Not content to milk £400 and odd quid for my initial card (was with a large company and was issued their card), I found that I have to pay £100 quid every...
  49. D

    The Plumbers Arms

    :50:The Plumbers Arms is now open. :party: The Plumbers Arms is an area that you're only allowed to view if you've been granted access (given the key to let yourself in, yes we're that friendly in this pub). To gain access you HAVE to be a professional plumber, or one going through their...
  50. S

    Uncoupling two steel water tanks

    I am attempting to remove two steel water tanks from my attic in a chalet bungalow. They are both about 2ft x 2ft x 3ft in size and are connected with a metal coupling as shown in the photos. The attic width/height is only a little bigger than the tanks so I only have access to the front of...